Kiss Me First

It wasn't what I exptected. It's unique, definitely.
It reminded me of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, probably because it's quite odd.
It's a bit confusing at times but certainly intriguing.
If it does get a second season I can't wait to see what they do with it.

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Not Cinderella's Type

I expected something completely different, something mediocre and cliché and to my surprise it was actually really good and dealt with very serious topics. I thought this would be more of a romcom and from the start it showed all the signs of it but by the middle it got more serious and I'm honestly shocked at how invested I was while watching.
It ended on a light note which was nice.

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The Golden Girls

An all time favourite. This show always puts me in a good mood.
Sophia is my spirit animal.

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A more original twist on the mermaid theme. It's refreshing. So far so good and hopefully it stays that way.

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Backstage: 1x01 The First Day

Eyy, they've got a knock off Shawn Mendes. Cool.

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Such a quiet and calm movie, in the best way.
The cinematography adds to that tranquility as well.
The ending was a bit anticlimactic. I think the story could have been a lot better. The visual aspect and the acting was good enough.
It reminded me a lot of the Delirium book series by Lauren Oliver, same thing there with love being a disease.

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Call Me by Your Name

The conversation towards the end between Elio and his father was such a nice one.
The last 10-15 minutes were so good and the general vibe/feeling throughout the entire movie is also quite relaxing and nice.

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Bad Moms

I thought it was gonna be bad but it was actually really funny.
Good soundtrack too.

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Burden of Truth: 1x02 The Ties That Bind

I really like it so far

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Tom at the Farm

This movie is special to me. There's just something about it, the general feeling/vibe it has. I don't really know, I just really like it.

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Be Somebody

This is like a bad version of Starstruck(2010).
It even has scenes that are pretty much the same.

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Gilmore Girls: 5x07 You Jump, I Jump, Jack

at 24:58 :
"I have to kill myself now, excuse me"
Best line

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It was entertaining and funny but it was also a bit weird and different but I guess that's what makes it likable.
I didn't pause/take a break from the movie which is unusual for me, so that's something.
It's strange but kind of interesting.

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American Vandal: 1x01 Hard Facts: Vandalism and Vulgarity

Unexpectedly kind of funny. A breath of fresh air

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Shadowhunters: 2x20 Beside Still Water

Malec is back....I can rest in peace.

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Ari Shaffir: Double Negative

The first half was not very good at all, the second half was better but still not all that great.

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To the Bone

I've never had an ED but I think it was a great movie. I don't think it glamorizes anything, which I know a lot of people were worried about when the trailer came out.
I really liked the soundtrack and the acting was also really good. Lily Collins did as excellent job, as well as Keanu Reeves.

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Crimson Peak

I liked it. I didn't know it was supposed to be a horror movie, I hadn't watched the trailer prior to watching the movie and I didn't really know much about it.
There wasn't any chemistry between Mia Wasikowska and Tom Hiddleston even though I think they're great actors individually. It wasn't a make it or break it thing for me but it was something I noticed. The acting was good apart from that though.

Visually, it's a beautiful film and the story is pretty decent. The CGI and the ghosts are very so-so and even laughable at times, however, I don't think that is pivotal, there are lots of great movies with shitty CGI or shitty looking monsters.
It wasn't scary, there's a few jump-scares but that's about it. It is certainly pretty weird and can cause you to feel uneasy at times but mainly it's just an interesting story. Don't go into it expecting tons of jump-scares and gore.
I think it's a good movie to watch on a rainy, bleak day.

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iZombie: 3x02 Zombie Knows Best

Shout by Devalabra
2017-07-05T01:22:14+08:00— updated 2017-07-13T21:58:26+08:00

Major was the best thing about this episode. Hilarious. The fact that the cast managed to keep a straight face, props.

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My Only Love Song: 1x16 Die by My Hand

That must have been a dream or a stunt of some sort.....

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Bang rak Soi 9/1: 1x10 Episode 10

The suspense in this episode....dear lord..... and oh that ending......leaving it on a cliffhanger,huh

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A Cure for Wellness
Before I Wake

It's no masterpiece but it's not bad either.
It's more interesting than it is scary (I personally don't mind that though).
I'm glad they didn't put in a bunch of cheap jumpscares everywhere like a lot of movies do.

The characters are a bit flat and I honestly didn't really care much about them and not once was I actually worried about any of them. That's not a good sign.

It has a pretty interesting concept but there was just something missing. I'd say the main problem is that I just didn't care much about the characters, which is a big problem because if a character dies, no matter how awful the death scene might be, I simply won't care anyway.

This movie was kind of meh...which is sad because it had potential. Too bad.

I will say though that the kid is a good actor. Props for that.

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Your Name.

Visually it's such a beautiful movie. God damn.

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Lights Out

It wasn't the best movie ever but it did keep me in suspense all throughout the movie so I'll give it props for that.
As a lot of other people have mentioned there's a lot missing. Why Diana is doing what she is doing is not really explained at all, which is a big problem.
The acting was pretty good though.
I did enjoy the original short film but the way it turned out as a full lengh movie did not quite reach my expectations.
By no means a bad movie though.

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The first 6/7 episodes has the most terrible acting,line delivery and the writing is so cliché.

After that though it got better, or maybe I got used to it, I don't know, either way, I like it better now,
but it still makes me cringe at least 5 times per episode(compared to every 20 seconds for the first few episodes).

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Shadowhunters: 1x01 The Mortal Cup

The writing,acting and line delivery is sooooo bad. God damn, I have probably never cringed more at a show.

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Santa Clarita Diet: 1x10 Baka, Bile and Baseball Bats

That was the most mediocre ending

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Riverdale: 1x02 Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil

that ending though, can't wait 'til next week!

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