YOU: 1x05 Living with the Enemy

Using suicide threats as a way to manipulate your friends, neat.
Sarcasm aside though it's probably the best episode of the season, especially with that cliffhanger. This episode really shows the dynamic and the similarities between Peach and Joe. Him criticising Peach for essentially the same things that he does.
Joes savior complex is just getting worse and worse.

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Deadly Class

I don't know how this show compares to the comics but on its own it's very good.
The acting is pretty good for the most part and the soundtrack is great.

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Deadly Class: 1x01 Reagan Youth

I wasn't expecting much but so far it's really fucking good
I was a bit surprised to see Lana Condor in this type of role but she's really is killing it(pun intended).

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Where Hands Touch
47 Meters Down

A lot of people are comparing it to The Shallows (2016) which is far enough as they have a lot of things in common.
I'm a big fan of movies set in one place throughout the whole thing so naturally I felt inclined to watch this. It was a while ago since I watched The Shallows so my memory of it might be a bit muddy but I think this one is actually better.
Without comparing it to any other movie it's still pretty good. I always try to judge a movie based on what it's trying to be and what it's trying to achieve. It was suspenseful and made me feel a bit claustrophobic, which in this case is a good thing, really adds to the panic of the situation. It took a few twists and turns that I didn't expect so props for that. It's not a masterpiece but for what it's trying to be it's really good.

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Gerald's Game

Very different from what I thought it was gonna be, I'm pleasantly surprised.
That scene where she rips her hand out of the handcuff was the grossest shit I've seen in a while, I could barely watch it.

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A Quiet Place

Shout by Devalabra
2019-01-01T05:36:50+01:00— updated 2019-01-02T13:49:18+01:00

It lacked something, I just don't know what. It also felt really short, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it felt like it ended as soon as it started. Kind of underwhelming.
Maybe it was because of the hype but I was a bit disappointed. It's not a bad movie by any means and it definitely has a certain atmosphere, that's for sure.

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Get Out

I don't know how it balances horror and comedy so well but it really does.

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The Orville: 1x01 Old Wounds

I didn't think I was gonna like this. I'm pleasantly surprised. Not really a huge fan of anything sci fi related normally.

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Nailed It! Holiday!: 1x06 3…2…1, Ya Done!

Fun to see Amanda back, such a lovely human

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YOU: 1x01 Pilot

Oh geez, what a creep. Really good first episode though.

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The Little Mermaid

It didn't make me feel anything. It is very much character driven but the problem is that I really couldn't care less about what happaned to any of them. I wouldn't say it's worth watching.

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Elite: 1x08 Assilah

Not a huge fan of Nano, he's not the best person but damn, he's no murderer.
Netflix, we're gonna need a season 2

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Shout by Devalabra
2018-10-09T20:27:58+02:00— updated 2018-12-02T19:59:31+01:00

Definitely a show made for binge-watching.
I agree with @paosv about it being a bit of a mix of Gossip Girl and How to get away with murder, it kind of has that vibe.
It's a bit cliché at times but I do think the characters are well rounded(most of them) .
I didn't figure out who killed Marina until the very beginning of episode 8, so it took me a while, but it wasn't who i would have suspected from the start.

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Bob's Burgers: 9x01 Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now

I really enjoyed the songs in this episode.
I've really missed this show, man.

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American Horror Story: 8x01 The End

Looks promising.
Also, really glad to to see Adina Porter back.

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Just Between Lovers

A lot more realistic than a lot of other dramas. It really pulls on your heartstrings, that's for sure.
I think I would even recommend it to people who normally don't like kdramas.

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Kiss Me First

It wasn't what I exptected. It's unique, definitely.
It reminded me of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, probably because it's quite odd.
It's a bit confusing at times but certainly intriguing.
If it does get a second season I can't wait to see what they do with it.

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Not Cinderella's Type

I expected something completely different, something mediocre and cliché and to my surprise it was actually really good and dealt with very serious topics. I thought this would be more of a romcom and from the start it showed all the signs of it but by the middle it got more serious and I'm honestly shocked at how invested I was while watching.
It ended on a light note which was nice.

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The Golden Girls

An all time favourite. This show always puts me in a good mood.
Sophia is my spirit animal.

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A more original twist on the mermaid theme. It's refreshing. So far so good and hopefully it stays that way.

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Backstage: 1x01 The First Day

Eyy, they've got a knock off Shawn Mendes. Cool.

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Such a quiet and calm movie, in the best way.
The cinematography adds to that tranquility as well.
The ending was a bit anticlimactic. I think the story could have been a lot better. The visual aspect and the acting was good enough.
It reminded me a lot of the Delirium book series by Lauren Oliver, same thing there with love being a disease.

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Call Me by Your Name

The conversation towards the end between Elio and his father was such a nice one.
The last 10-15 minutes were so good and the general vibe/feeling throughout the entire movie is also quite relaxing and nice.

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Bad Moms

I thought it was gonna be bad but it was actually really funny.
Good soundtrack too.

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Burden of Truth: 1x02 The Ties That Bind

I really like it so far

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Tom at the Farm

This movie is special to me. There's just something about it, the general feeling/vibe it has. I don't really know, I just really like it.

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