Perth, Western Australia

Blade Runner 2049

Words can't express how excited I am for this. Bring on October.

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The Newsroom

Absolutely loved this show and it is so sad to see it wrap up after only 3 Seasons. I am, however, glad that the episodes were lengthy and full of content (not just "filler") through the length of the series.

Unfortunately I am not one to follow current events as much as I should, however this gave me insight and a fresh perspective on what is (was) "going on" in the world.

Daniels had brilliant performances and I loved the complexity he brought to Will. Would love to see him in another strong role very soon.

Nice work Sorkin. Awesome work.

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Silicon Valley

A strong first season. I am really enjoying the ensemble... a well balanced cast with a hint of ridiculousness. The plot turns can be outlandish, but it sets it apart.

It's hard not to compare to Betas (interesting how they both started at similar times and both deal with competitive launch dates/apps) but I feel the craziness of Silicon Valley (particularly in Erlich, Peter Gregory and Jared) keeps me choosing this over that.

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This show is addictive and I simply can't get enough. Sure, it would probably be considered a guilty pleasure, but the acting is fantastic.

Asher Keddie is perfectly neurotic as Nina Proudman. Her depth, strength of character and the way she represents every awkward, insecure and clumsy woman on the planet, is beautiful. She dives into her character and it's seamless.

Unfortunately the network that airs this show ruins the plot before the episode airs (much too revealing advertisements!), but somehow Offspring still manages to lead me into emotional rollercoasters and fits of laughter.

I love this show. I hope you enjoy it's ridiculous moments too.

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We're the Millers

I enjoyed this much more than I was expecting. Sudekis is up there with my favourite SNL cast members and he didn't disappoint.

Jen was... just... wipes drool. She's great with comedy and I really enjoyed seeing her working with Jason (previously in Horrible Bosses together).

Easy and enjoyable to watch. Throw it on next time you're in the mood to laugh mindlessly.

ps - watch the outtakes... certainly worth it.

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Seasons 1-3 were brilliant. Season 4 wasn't the train wreck I was expecting. I felt it was a bit scattered at times but managed to find its way to something reasonably watchable. Season 5 had a good beginning, however it absolutely fell apart during the last 3-5 episodes. The saddest part was that I was literally crying with laughter Seasons 1-3, yet I didn't let out a peep during the final 3 episodes.

Ah well. I will remember it for what it truly was - awesome, funny and ridiculous.

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Such a shame as this show had quite a lot of potential. I'm a huge fan of Simon and I feel he is better than this. Got through 2 episodes and couldn't maintain.

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Office Space

Quite possibly my favourite comedy. I have seen this more than a dozen times and yet, it simply doesn't get old.

Mmmm yessss well... I'm going to need you to watch this ok? That'd be greeeat.

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Saving Mr. Banks

It's been quite some time since I have been so moved by a film and this has certainly swelled my heart into a big Mickey Mouse shaped balloon. I find it hard to put into words exactly how I feel, but I know I am full of joy, sorrow and wonder. Tom Hanks was perfectly cast and he brings his own magic to Walt's twinkling presence. Thompson's performance was nothing short of perfect in every single way. She moved me to tears, she filled me with laughter and she had me at attention the entire film.

I love this film and will return for the emotional ride again and again.

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I cannot believe I have only just gotten into this show. You can see this was an inspiration for many shows to follow. Love it and will drag out the episodes as long as I can.

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The Crazy Ones

Early in and I am enjoying the show. The support characters don't have much depth yet, but I'm patient. To me, it's a fun mix of Spin City, Ally McBeal and House of Lies, with the playful antics of Robin shimmying around, holding it all together. I don't see much of an ongoing plot forming, but I don't mind. I turn into a child watching Robin work and sometimes it's nice to switch the brain off and be entertained.

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The Bling Ring
Demolition Man

A guilty pleasure. I love Bullock in this naive role. Her fiery and curious nature is reminiscent of a teenager's need to rebel and explore.

Sly is adorably awkward and Snipes pulls off overalls like no other. 90's cheesy action films have a cult following and I am proud to be a member.

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My Neighbor Totoro

Such beautiful animation and heart warming story. I wish I had seen this earlier. Now I'm on the hunt for a big Totoro for my very own.

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My first introduction to MJ was this movie, over 20 years ago. A dodgy Beta recording off the TV was my parent's sure fire way to keep this toddler occupied for an hour and a half. Since then I have collected the DVD, Blu Ray, SEGA Megadrive Game, Novel and Album.

This movie is an invincible mash up of music video, kids adventure flick, sci-fi, animation and absolute feast for the eyes. Spine tingly, tear provoking moment with MJ as a child singing Ben on the Ed Sullivan Show, is no less than perfect.

Michael's music flows through my body, intertwined with my very being. His music and showmanship shaped my childhood and teenage years. He was my inspiration and will forever have an impact on my interest in music and dancing.

To say that I love this movie is an understatement. I very recently immortalised my passion for two gloved "M" entertainers in one incredible tattoo. I wear it loud and proud on my calf - just in time for the Australian leg of Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson.

If you've forgotten what it feels like to be a kid again and experience wonder or if you have simply forgotten the magic that made Michael a superstar, I would recommend you immerse yourself in this film.

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Saving Mr. Banks

I have never been more excited to see a film. Bringing Walt to life is a silver screen dream come true. Looking forward to seeing Hanks in this wonderful role.

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Friday Night Dinner

This is such a fantastic show, I am dragging out the episodes so I can enjoy each in its own glory.

Simon is wonderfully entertaining and adorable all at once. As usual, I want him all to myself.

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So lovely you thought of me :-)

I was very lucky to see this on the Silver Screen before Wreck It Ralph.

Simple, elegant and absolutely beautiful piece of art.

This, along with the husband/wife scene in Up, are my favourites.

Thank you for sharing this with me so I can enjoy it all over again :)

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This little gem reminds me of a mix between White Collar and House. Similar formula as a House episode - Issue, False-Solve, Conflict and finally Resolution laced with sarcasm and ego.... all with the suave and debonair style of White Collar. Highly entertaining.

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Strong cast, great premise and perfect setup for The Avengers. The SFX weren't what they could have been but it didn't take anything away from the film. Thoroughly entertaining.

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After just watching episode 1, I find this show raw, believable and beautifully charming. One of the few pilots I've seen that has piqued my interest enough to really want more. Looking forward to watching the rest of the series.

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Beautifully imperfect. Disney is evolving and the effects are simply wonderful. I love everything about Merida - from her rough, take no prisoners personality, to her desperately wild hair. A must see for children and adults alike.

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The Cabin in the Woods

Outstanding. Managed to see this on the Silverscreen - very lucky!

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Unknown had so much potential and big shoes to fill with a predecessor like Bourne, but sadly it fell short. Not Neeson's best role but he seemed to do what he could with what was created.

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Oliver & Company

Reminds me of when Alvin and the Chipmunks were a cartoon and not a 3D "creation".... Ah the 80's nostalgia. Can't say I'm the biggest fan of this film but I understand it had its place at the time.

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Star Trek: Voyager

Growing up, Paris was a favourite of mine. I enjoyed his youth, boyish charm and natural cheek. Now as a woman, I find myself quite taken with Chakotay. Rewatching Voyager feels like home. Love it.

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Absolutely loved this show but season 6-7 was such a disappointment. Cheap/cop out subplots and a complete sense of detachment has left me with little satisfaction.

A golden opportunity was created at the end of Season 6 to really develop Shane's personality and all the Dexter-esque delights that could unfold in Season 7. However sadly this little gem wasn't taken advantage of and the writers missed out on reclaiming its edgy nature.

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Bring It On

Dushku is smoking hot as always. Forever a favourite.

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The 41–Year–Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It

I wasn't expecting anything good from this film, and rightly so. Parodies are an art and it takes more than just a regurgitation of the script, costumes and sets to pull one off.
The only impressive element was the impersonation of Seth Rogan. The looks and mannerisms weren’t there but if I closed my eyes, I could swear it was Rogan speaking.
After 20 minutes of struggle and cringing, I happily switched the film off and deleted it off my hard drive. Weak, watery, pretentious sauce.

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