Ivanka Todorova


Sofia, Bulgaria

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 8x09 The Last Day

The scene in the elevator; Didnt Rosa already see Holt's tattoo earlier this season? She also looked as shocked as the others :D

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Ted Lasso: 1x09 All Apologies

The scene of Rebecca going downstairs after her conversation with Rupert is... brilliant. The music, the acting, the lines...

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Shazam! Fury of the Gods

If you look close enough, you might find a movie in this big ad for skittles, uber, toyota and many more.

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Snowpiercer: 3x09 A Beacon for Us All

My brain hurts... I wish it just ended.

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The Afterparty: 2x09 Isabel

IMO, that is the best episode of the season!

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Kate Winslet's potato peeling skills would have starved her back then.

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Below Her Mouth

A :star2::asterisk_symbol: for effort.

I haven't written any comments about movies I didn't enjoy before, mainly because movie taste is subjective and I know nothing about making movies.

However this movie is insufferable:asterisk_symbol: and I had to say it.

The plot - missing;
Acting - cringe;
Script / dialogs - filled with bland clichés (didn't even know this combo could exist);

If this movie was a food, it'd be porridge. For sure.

:asterisk_symbol: One star, out of hundred.
:asterisk_symbol::asterisk_symbol: Or maybe I missed something meaningful that happened between the first and 92nd minute

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Lady Bird

It is a just a normal movie... so normal, it's kind of special.

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