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Match Game

@sg0 This is an ABC show on your CBS list. It needs to be fixed :)

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Inhumans: The First Chapter

Link to the whole series https://trakt.tv/shows/inhumans-2017

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The Good Place: Season 1

@sg0 This is an ABC show on your CBS list.

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@sg0 this show is listed on your CBS list, but it is an ABC show.

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The Good Place

The best comedy that debuted this fall. Definitely not for average viewers though. It will be a critical darling, but unfortunately not a hit.

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The Good Wife: 6x14 Mind's Eye

I appreciate the show ability to be bold and explore other kinds of language and storytelling. Mind's Eyes is a great example. It gives room for the characters to breathe, and even though the story does not move foward, it help the audience to feel some of the feelings that the characters have been neglecting for so long (well, if the audience allows itself to understand the premise of the episode). This is not a easy episode to pull of, and the producers managed to make one of the best episodes of the season, the kind of episode that is self-contained and entertaining. It is definitely my favorite episode from the last two seasons and I really wish the public could see what most critics saw on it.

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The Beginning of Life: The Series

Shout by Gabriel W. Almeida
2016-12-24T15:39:43-02:00— updated 2017-01-04T22:39:27-02:00

Well, I was expecting a good product and I was delivered a GREAT one. The way the facts are presented and the stories are told is fascinating way, with balanced pace and emotion. The grade is too low in my opinion. It should not be 65%, it sould be at least at 80%. I deeply recommend this for everyone.

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