Phantom Thread

I'd comment this movie with only one sentence: is love a sickness or being sick is to love?

By the way, great movie. Great Lewis as always, I just love every way he behaves behind the camera... what an actor!

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Ricomincio da tre

I think he's one of the best italian actor and filmmaker of all time.
The thing that excites me the most is that this movie, made in 1981, is very contemporary in the way he tells the story and for all the topics that it talks about.
I would have liked to see him still alive :'(

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The Crown: 1x01 Wolferton Splash

Since this has been released on the day of my birthday I really hope this is going to be a great show.
I liked this first episode a lot and funny fact: every time the camera points to the king, it seems like he's going to die one second later.

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Black Mirror: 3x06 Hated in the Nation

It's more a movie than an episode due to its length and it's just awesome. I loved this episode and the whole show in general.
Black Mirror has this power, that relies in every detail, of showing off the raw human nature: its photography, the concept behind the plots, the actors that are very good to let us feel the obsession of the characters, even the soundtrack... everything take a huge part to the whole experience that the writers want us to feel.

Very good job!

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Black Mirror: 3x02 Playtest

Awesome shit... My god Black Mirror is back, everybody.

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The Sopranos: 5x11 The Test Dream

What a finale... "Is there light where you are yet?"

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The Sopranos: 4x13 Whitecaps

Don't know why precisely, but the ending scene and more in general this season finale have been something glorious! Wonderful

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Some people didn't like this movie because they expected something else, they wanted something like a funny, happy and joyful movie, I'm sure about this. But its greatness relies on the pain of the characters. It is full of concepts and problems and love and hate.
Loved it and unfortunately underrated.

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Sense8: 1x10 What is Human?

I've seen so many tv series and I want to say only one thing. The last long scene of this episode has been the best longest artistic and emotional moment of all the shows I watched.
Thank you for this.

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Sense8: 1x09 Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye

Shout by Giacomo
2016-04-26T16:32:51Z— updated 2016-08-15T16:39:46Z

So many feelings in this episode.
The first episode of the show was so bad, but now it's so deep and full of suffering and joy that you find yourself crying without a reason.

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In the Mouth of Madness

The way the horror movies should be done.

It seems that the film makers of these days have forgotten how to do good horror movies, infact I stopped watching them a lot of time ago. This movie, instead, is the wonderful example of the great things that can be done, it's not just blood, screams and scary moments, but there is a whole story that keeps you glued to the screen thanks also to Sam Neill.

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Monsters University

Awesome! It's incredible the strength that this movie has to send your mind back to the first time that these two little monsters appeared on the big screens. I was just a little kid when the first movie came out and watching this it's like being child again.
Leaving memories apart and judging the movie for what it is, I can say that it's never boring and very funny.

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