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Paris, France

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Season 2

Less consistent than season one but probably even better in its high points.

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Mr. Robot: Season 2

Saying it's a slow burner would be quite the understatement but when it burns, it really does. And it's so beautifully show and acted that you tend to forgive every mistake.

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Pete the Cat: Season 1

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2018-11-18T17:19:42-05:00— updated 2019-09-21T17:07:04-04:00

It's really cute and visually fascinating, plus the voiceover is quite good. Of course, being clearly targeted to children, it's really on the nose with its "messages", but it's still a nice watch. And my three-year-old daughter loves it.

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Hilda: Season 1

Visually great, incredibly cute and emotional, smart, well written and amazingly imaginative. My daughter adores it, after watching it we bought the comic book and it's a constant re-read.

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The Americans: Season 6

Talk about going out with a bang. This is an amazing season with one of the best finales ever. Wow.

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Big Mouth: Season 2

The surprise effect is gone, but this is still consistently good: funny, smart and quite deep, under the layer of crass stupidity.

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Halt and Catch Fire: Season 2

The decision to focus more on the female characters was incredibly wise: everybody and everything benefit from that. This is where it becomes a great show.

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iZombie: Season 4

This gets weirder and better and more fucked up and more entertaining and more ambitious and more [whatever] every single year. I honestly didn't think it was possible for this kind of production. I guess it is.

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iZombie: Season 3

I'm amazed at how this stays consistently good. The procedural part, the overall storyline, everything's really great. Plus, the will to reinvent everything and scramble the status quo every single year keeps it fresh. A great show.

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GLOW: Season 2

A couple of episodes to get the engines running and then simply one of the best seasons of television ever. Much better than the already great season 1. Netflix was finally able to make something comparable to Orange is the New Black.

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Arrow: Season 5

I honestly think that people is too harsh on Damien Dahrk, but his season clearly had issues, especially in the second half. Well, season 5 is a return to form and for the first time since season 2 Arrow doesn't have long slumps with fillers coming out of the fucking walls. The storylines are interesting, there's stuff to do for everybody and the villain is amazing. Also, the ending is great.

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Supergirl: Season 2

This is a nice improvement for an already good show. Season 2 starts slow but then hits its stride and shows it certainly doesn't lack in ambition regarding mature themes, sci-fi action and silly superhero stuff. It's not perfect by any means, but it's really good.

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The Flash: Season 3

This is a good season, quite fun, with many entertaining episodes, the lovely H.R character, some nice ideas and a thrilling final ride after the big reveal. The issues? The reveal itself (come on, it was immediately obvious, after a couple of clues were dropped much early in the season), the dark tone (it works at times and it makes sense but this series works better when it's a bit lighter... it's not Arrow) and fact that the villain was basically non existent for too long (I had the same issue with Ras in Arrow season 3). Anyway, I had fun. Probably, binge watching it helped.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Season 2

The more tongue in cheekey approach is quite welcome and makes everything else much more palatable. Plus, the villains are good and the season overall is quite fun. Probably it's the more consistently entertaining of the Arrowverse series.

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Vixen: Season 2

Is it just me or did this become even more crappy?

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GLOW: Season 1

The cast is great, writing is really good and the way it mixes the wrestling part with all the different stories that slowly come out is quite gripping. Plus, it's a lot of fun. Maybe it's a bit of a slow burner, but when it burns it's really great. And for once the eighties theme doesn't feel badly done.

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Halt and Catch Fire: Season 3

Here is where the focus really shifted from tech to people and the series flourished. Don't get me wrong: the tech part is fascinating and it's really cool to have it as a background, but the heart of the show is somewhere elese. And it's great.

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Halt and Catch Fire: Season 1

Lee Pace talking exactly like Don Draper is a bit annoying, but I guess it's compensated by the kind of Patrick Bateman vibe he gives off. Overall the cast is quite good and the series is really interesting, even though it takes a while to get there. I'm curious to see the second season jump in quality everybody talks about.

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The Good Fight: Season 2

Like it happened with The Good Wife, after a first season to warm up, this is getting better and better.

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The Good Fight: Season 1

All the good elements from The Good Wife are more or less here: intriguing storylines, interesting courtroom drama, strong characters, good actors. So, obviously, it's a really good show. But, I don't know, something's missing. Or maybe it's just that I can barely tolerate how bad of an actress Rose Leslie is.

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Atlanta: Season 1

I'm not sure I now know what it feels like to be black but at least I tried.

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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 5

The first half of the season is really, really good, then it tragically falls back in the usual "not enough stuff to fill 12 episodes" problem. There's still a bunch of good episodes and great moments, though, plus the finale is spot on.

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Legion: Season 1

Fun, surprising, fresh, visually striking, full of nice ideas... it's a different and interesting way to do the superhero thing.

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Aggretsuko: Season 1

This is brilliant, cute, funny and surprisingly deep in its themes. Plus, my two years old daughter loves it.

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Fargo: Season 3

Far from being as good as the two previous season, this still is great television and one of the best shows out there.

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You're the Worst: Season 4

Poor Boone and Olivia, they didn't know what they were getting themselves into.

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Love: Season 3

A lovely ending for a lovely series.

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Downton Abbey: Season 6

A good and fitting ending, I guess. I though it was a bit funnier than the previous one, but still it's far from the enjoyement of the first couple of series.

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Easy: Season 2

Like season one, with the added bonus of continuity.

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Downton Abbey: Season 5

It's still fun but yeah, it kinda lost its magic by now.

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