Andrea Maderna


Paris, France

London Spy

The first three episodes are amazing. Gripping, romantic, thrilling, deep, sexy... it trojan horses a spy story inside a drama/romance/thriller thing and it does it in a wonderful way. Episode four is where it collapses by letting the uninteresting sci-fi/spy element take control. Episode five doesn't particularly get better. Still, the amazing start and the great cast deserve a view.

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Horace and Pete

Great writing, great performances, gripping drama and a tiny hint of humour. Louis CK is one of the great contemporary authors.

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Santa Clarita Diet

The pilot is a mess, but then it gets better. The humour doesn't always work, but some moments are hilarious. Characters are nice and fun, even though I think Drew Barrymore is too much on the nose. Timothy Olyphant is adorable, though.

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Show Me a Hero

What a beautiful show. Tense, gripping, funny, moving. It shows the addictive side of politics and it's also great in its depiction of many different stories with a very realistic touch, never pushing too much on the melodrama. Also, is there a better actor than Oscar Isaac right now?

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