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Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Pokémon Detective Pikachu - Detective Deadpool

So Detective Pikachu I was to much hyped for movie, my bad.
First act is slow, world building but still interesting Detective Pikachu. Middle you could see that everything going odd places with story, characters become dumber and just sitting there and trying to think why they doing this or that. And this act is like weakest point of the movie all characters and motivations is like you trying to understand what's going but it’s just gibberish.

What was good, mainly all Pokemons are really good and feel real, world building is really good and feels alive and existing. Some of jokes at first act was good latter it get emotional and repetitive.

In conclusion, movie is good but if you trying to get some deep story it’s not for you. If you exited just see pokemons in real life cgi power it’s treat. And we all should go to cinema and watch it, that we would get more pokemon movies but now with better writing. This could be a great movie with good script.

5/10 + Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu = 6/10

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - is a masterpiece.

I love this movie, watched countless times, watched different languages and different cuts just to get something new out of it. I remember how i waiting this movie to come out after first time seeing trailer. New nothing about movie and still trailer alone hooked me on. Since then i watch this movie several times in the year still finding something new, some subtle Edgar Wright key movie making stuff. Music, actors, screenwriting and directing made fenomenal movie. This movie is my all time 10 no meter wat. Trying to get novels next and buy ps3 game do get full experience from Scott Piligrim Universe if i can call it like that. Strongly recommend to watch if you like clever movie with good sound track and timeless masterpiece at this point.


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