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The Simpsons: 28x01 Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus

Why is Fox still releasing new episodes? I wonder if they're even trying anymore. This episode started a few stories and didn't finished a single one. There were good ideas but neither of them went anywhere.
The city destroyed was a good beginning, perhaps could even have set a theme for the season, but it was easily forgotten after the Burns part came in and we never saw what happened or if it was rebuilt. Also we don't know what actually happened to the original statue and it didn't seem to matter.
The nuclear plant party was just a Wolf of Wall Street ripoff that was absolutely absurd and they tried to make Homer "responsible" without a cause... To finally don't do it.
This episode had the potential to be funny or set themes and didn't accomplished a single thing.

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The Big Bang Theory: 10x02 The Military Miniaturization

I don't get why there's so much hate with this show. Yes, it isn't as fresh as years ago but it isn't that bad either. At least is better than half of the crap that's premiering lately.
This episode was good, perhaps not sublime but good and funny. I thought the Wolowitz plot was going to be boring but it developed decently and could bring something interesting with the separation of the group. I feel bad for Raj though.
The pregnancy/Penny plot was out of place, I concede that. Too forced.

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Van Helsing: 1x02 Seen You

I liked this more than the first one but I think it still needs to find its pace. Most of the characters are unnecessary, all the military tough act was excessive and wasn't actually useful, I just don't see the point and the subplot with the Romanians feels just awful.
I have to say that I actually enjoyed the flashback with the kid and the day to day life and the actual realistic problems. That part felt like a different actually good show.
Not sure how long I'll be watching this.

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The Big Bang Theory: 10x01 The Conjugal Conjecture

This was by far the best season premiere this series has had in many years. It's true that it isn't as funny as it was in the first seasons but this made me believe it could get there again.
Penny's family was the best. Great actors of course but they were also funny. In particular her brother with that dumb but dangerous attitude. I hope they come back sometime.
Actually I would watch a spin-off of Penny's family!
Sadly the Howard subplot was boring and I hope they end it quickly.

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Van Helsing: 1x01 Help Me

The setup could be okay but the overall reactions and dialogues looked terrible. The people is strangelly comfortable with everything, they aren't actually terrified with the "vampires" and they didn't reacted like I thought they should. The main character looks good and interesting so I will give the series a try for a few episodes, but this was a weak beginning.

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How to Get Away with Murder: 3x01 We're Good People Now

Wow that ending!
My guess is Oliver is in that bag, and Frank is the one who set the house on fire but is not the one who killed him.
We'll see.

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