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A Monster Calls

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This film absolutely nailed that. Despite simple plot, characters, throughout the story telling it become something more and more.

It also very well done in term of presentation, when character is angry you felt that, when character is sad you felt that despite lacking in character progress or build up you still able to relate.

When the film end it left you with so much though and brilliantly it open to many interpretation. Brilliant movie but might no be for everyone.

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The Nice Guys

I was laughing my ass off throughout this movie. It wasn't dumb movie either. It was well written, the acting just superb especially Angourie Rice, she deserve an award for her performance.

I didn't expect Russel Crowe and Ryan Gosling to just click like that but the chemistry between this two just begging for more.

Overall fun and clever movie but don't expect much on mystery part. I don't think they try to do much about it either.

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Railroad Tigers

Last time I watched JK movie was Skiptrace and it was okay. This one though a bit better, totally makin fun of Japanese Army.

I was laughing way more that I expected and overall it was fun experience. Story and character is simple enough not too shine nor dull.

Fun movie, dumb but fun.

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Blade Runner

The world is gorgeous for its time, surely aged compared to today especially the product design. It would be interesting to see how the original movie made by inspiration of Apple III compared with the sequel when we have iMac.

Can't say much about the story though, it just boring. None of the character in anyway stand out. You watch this for the idea and the world not the story itself.

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