Raphaël Donier



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Waiting for the Barbarians

good movie, very good acting from all actors but too much some slow moment

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We Summon the Darkness

not bad just a horror & funny movie, don't expect something extra, but you can watch it with a good beer :) good acting from all's the actors

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this one is really boring. no sci-fi vibe. No dialogues. The actors are pretty bad. I do not recommend this movie, just go your way and don't waste time

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Above Suspicion

very good movie & good acting by all actor's I recommend this one don't miss it

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The Hunt

I love this one begin like a stupid horror movie with poor script & scenario but end like a firework .
You can't watch. it with pleasure & very well played by all actor's

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Blow the Man Down

A very good movie very well played by all actor's ... I recommend a little crime , a little fun , just for fun :)
have a nice watching it :). Morgan Saylor always fun & smart :) good acting :)

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The Burnt Orange Heresy

it's a good movie well played with four great's actors :)

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The Invisible Man

the first good movie of the year 2020
this movie is super great & this movie is 100% for the actress Elisabeth Moss who is really perfect in this role .
The music also is good make merde remember a little the movie Basic Instic in a part .

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I aam going to watch it a second time so very good movie
Extra-ordnarie very well done from actors , decoration set; scenario super original
you will not loose your time watching it enjoy :)

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A Fall from Grace

Well done Tyller Perry better & better each time :) a good Netflix movie

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a very very bad movie . nothing to understand don't loose your time watching it

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The Irishman

I needed to play four time the movie because I felt a sleep the first tree times .
Those 3 actors a God in the Business of playing big role & should be a atomic bomb to have them playing together one more time
but I think it's three times too much more to see them playing . De Niro is great again he is the only one who is holding the film.

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Secret Santa

this one look's & should be very fun for a horror movie; I will complet my comment at the end of. the movie. this is a comic movie
Totally Fake No. loose your time watching it .... No Fun No Spirit Nothing Fade a movie with out Pepper .... :)
Hay. Hay what a stupid movie it's to much weird .

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I See You

A very super movie Thriller,, No excuse my self I want to say : a super fantastic Thriller and Mystery and Something I will not tell the word for you to have the surprise like watching this movie Just few word's don't miss it

Must watch it a super suspens, one of a kind
Not Every day a so good Thriller and script , I will tell you more about it just a good suspens, ect....

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Jumanji: The Next Level

I couldn't watch it more than 15 minutes ... It's a shame how much money wasted for nothing
they should plant some million's tree around the world .....
( nothing to see with the movie ) just a philosophic thought : we are so intelligent ( atomic Bomb ) that we are going to loose our habitat our home : planet earth before time spend from Dinosaures
I think in few. thousand years' human will be erase from this planet :) ( nothing to see with the movie )

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Grand Isle
Trauma Center

it's not a pair of vicious cop but more two broken arm's like we said in French ( Deux Bras cassés )
Two super armed cops can't kill a injure woman ..... why Not ?
I think Bruce Willis need money to be in a such strange movie like Nicolas cage those two makes lately so bad movies ....
The girl is good and courageous :) and she is very pretty sexy. she is acting very well In this role.
I begin to like this movie with superwoman....
For a actorLike Bruce Willis is so important to have a good Movie director, if not it's a disaster ....

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Killing Michael Jackson

I am not a fan but I was & I am in admiration of his Magical Work, and for the allegation's I think in is innocence
you don't attack a died person like they had done in Leaving Nederland ( 100 % at charge ) .

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Ad Astra

I love sci fy. movies so this one will be maybe realistic in hundred years or thousand years
maybe reality will. be more that they show in this one
Will. be truth one day. for sure . The Human Race working together can really. have a futur in Space & far Planet's or moon's

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Message from the King

very good movie with the LA ambiance & mostly super acting from Chadwick Boseman; again.
he chooses his films very well & is south african accent is perfect in this movie. Good suspense.
Chadwick Boseman supports all the movie, I chose a 10 for this film for its acting
I like very much this actor he is sublime in each role is acting

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Semper Fi

this movie really rocked me and made me cry tears. Only heroes. Bravo gentlemen to make war for us

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21 Bridges

A must seen :)
Very good movie
I don’t know if in real life it’s like that ?
I am on both side :)
I think & I hope this will blow my mind
The trailers look so great I love it
Let’s watch it for real
Not enough speed like For exempl the movie line of duty
What a hard job to be a cop in front of drugs dealer
Thank you the NYPD for saving us from that garbage :)
The speed of the movie is beginning hard cool
Very good no extraordinary acting of Chadwick Bozeman and all the others too
Very good director

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The Courier

Could be much better sucks to short director to bad I have seen better with this actress from ukrenia Olga kurylenko and Gary oldman has no soul in this movie from a vampire super actor what a bad job just for the money I presume and the lack of the director
And now every wounded use adhesive urban in all most very violent Gun movies
This one is more a comic movie :) a 6 for the comic end

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Not Bad for a sci fy movie . Not Extraordinary script & details of what could be real but you can watch it & Think about what you'll do in you are the ....... Sudpens

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I Am Mother

Great sci fi movie not predictable new original more like from Netflix

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very good acting from Joaquín Cosio:) and from all other's actors :)
film in espagnol :)
a very good Mexican horror movie . For once you can believe in The devil :)

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This movie is 1h53 minutes
Just watching 5 minutes & this movie looks very very good
Let’s see :) this one is having something special with the original script first time since a long time
I haven’t see a so good movie well done a modern 2019 movie
The situation could be very realistic friendship is very important:)
Could be a 3. Hours movie With a very good director and some good actors
You have a 30 minutes understanding part badly done later gets better

So bad the director of the movie and the one who cut the movie are a little light
Coolidge be a so good movie
Look it’s a 3 years old child who made it to bad

But wait till the end getting better only 30 minutes badly done
The final is beautiful
It’s what I thought since the beginning are you a good or a bad one ??

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Flight 93

few heroes I am afraid of planes , what courage they had :)

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47 Meters Down: Uncaged

Why Not You can watch if you are afraid of shark's like myself.
It's pretty scary :)

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Line of Duty
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