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Johnny English Strikes Again

It s a good enough movie to waste time, entertaining enough to not be bored. But if you have something more important to do, go do it. It is a Rowan Atkinson movie too, those who like him will like the movie (like me, even if my score doesn t show it), those who don`t will do better to sit this one out if you are not curious or do mind wasting time on a okay movie.

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Underrated movie is underrated. Comment must be 5 words.

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The Flash

Season 4 is the best so far, it is funnier and looser, it doesn't take itself that seriously and they did try some different types of jokes (with the usual bad ones here and there). But overall is a great season compared with the other four. The first season was pretty introductory and Reverse Flash was just annoying since we don't really know what truly motivates him so worse villain so far. The second season's villain was zoom, he was more interesting and better structured and developed. Savitar was also interesting. DeVos, however, manages to take the cake of best flash villain from this so-so TV series, I'm a sucker for plots "corruption of the good intended".

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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

This is by far anything better than what we have from The CW DC series, not even Arrow Season 5 (which I admittedly found it pretty good with a villain that was in did stronger than the MC). I already know Thomas Wayne was Batman in the alternate timeline because of spoilers (this is an old movie) and wasn't that surprised by it. But the ending did surprise me quite a bit.

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Shaolin Soccer

Funny how the best soccer movie of all time is Chinese, its genre is Comedy and there is plenty of "Kung Fu" or the funny equivalent of it. It is unique and quite different from most western comedy movies and that makes for a pretty funny and nonsensical movie, especially since it doesn't take itself seriously.

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Arrow can be considered just another CW Series, and it really is, so if you want to watch it, keep in mind what you'll get. If you usually don't like CW type of series this show may not be the one for you.

Season 5, was so far, the best one, it still a CW series with plenty of cliches and still pretty cartoonish and sometimes pretty cringy with its puns worth of a Tim Burton's Batman movie. But at the same time, Stephen Amell's acting in some key moments was really great, character development was better, the moral ambiguity of the villain and the hero is a nice contrast, Adrian Chase lose only to Deathstroke as a villain (because Deathstroke is too iconic and overshadows Adrian Chase) and the change of cast was interesting.

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Avengers: Infinity War
Marvel's Luke Cage

Holy shit, Luke Cage went from so-so to a really great TV Series. The first season was nice, but it was kind of a mess. It still felt like a Netflix/Marvel TV Series but it lack more structure and a better pace. Season two didn't fix that too much, but it did make it up by developing some characters even more and presenting with a new villain with power. There much to say about season 2, but the main thing that really did like was how it depicted a real relationship (the closest I have seen from TV) how fights can happen, how can one see things differently from different points of view, and how one can lose their temper when your loved one can't understand your point of view (I'm with Clair on this one). Another thing that I loved was how it depicted Luke's fall from grace by trying to make him mad with power.

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Kiss Me First

This show is a nice surprise, there is a nice "original" plot. The only criticism is the fact that the protagonist has a sudden "grow of balls" and starts acting more confident really suddenly, if you disregard it (and some other annoyances) this Series can be quite entertaining. The villain is quite interesting too, and makes you feel angry and hate him (it is not Jack The Handsome, but he is a "fueling rage" type of villain). The "victims" and their relations to each other and the villain make you tune too. There are some nice scenes in CGI (in the game). It is interesting and should make you less bored in an "I have nothing better to do" time.

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You Me Her

This show is the perfect example - together with The 100 - of how a show can come from mediocre to really good just taking risks and experimenting. From Ep 1-8 more or less, the show is pretty flat and horrible, it is a generic cop drama with a little twist, it is the same as Blindspot, Lucifer (and don't get me wrong, I still like it) and any other crime-solving show with a hint of conspiracy in the main plot. From Ep 9 and so on, they start slowly changing their tactics and experimenting with the show, they purposely twist cliches to try surprising the viewer. While the show in its end is still far from a masterpiece or any real great tv series, it is still a way better series than when it started.

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Tom and Jerry

This is the what one would call the Golden Age of Cartoons, I would call it more like the roots, the beginning, the Cartoon: Origins. Tom and Jerry are and always is on the same Top 10 Cartoons of all time for me, together with the other classics like Looney Tunes and Woody Woodpecker. But I still haven't decided if I would show this for my kids or any other kid because some episodes are kind outdated and need some explaining so kids understand that things were different during the 40s-60s and what we consider wrong today weren't consider in those days.

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The Leftovers

I understood nothing of this show, I like some of the conversations, I do not agree with the assumption that no way can get better and even if the show comes down on religious extremism they end up doing the opposite in the third season.

Considering that the show starts with the trope of "a part of the population goes missing" and it develops from there, I can't really say after watching all 3 seasons that I don't know how they go missing, why they go missing and even if they are dead. The third season was the weirder of them all to me. And besides the ending, all characters end up a fuck up and by that I mean they don't get better at all.

The conversations and talks about grief got me interested, the character development is nice, and acting is really good. Especially Matt who made such a poor job with as a Doctor Who protagonist and the main villain of Thor 2.

And the religious aspect of the show got really confusing because I can't say if it is all real, if they are hallucinating it all or that whatever.

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Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty manage to be an original piece while being based on Back to the Future. In an age where most TV shows manage to struggle to keep it generically entertaining, Rick and Morty give us what could be the equivalent of Absurd Comedy mixed with Dark Humor and a hint of gratuitous violence and it became one of the most successful cartoons for adults of the 2010s. Its humor is bold, gruesome at times, hilarious fart jokes at medium and some deep questions that make your skin crawl at best. This is the type of show where the viewer chooses what kind of they want themselves to be, if you wish to watch the show just for the absurdism of their adventure, that is great, watching just for the fart jokes and references? also great! One can even watch Rick and Morty paying attention to its philosophical equivalent theories of what they debate on each episode.

In the end, Rick and Morty is the go-to cartoon for grown-ups.

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Samurai Jack

Amazing. This is the epitome of great cartoon. I also found it to be better than the originals but only because the originals stretch the story too much and some times it gets boring. But this is also expected of a children's cartoon. I also loved the fact this one is a little more mature. Aishi is also interesting and has a similar charisma to Jack's, though Jack is still the protagonist. This is beyond fantastic. This is what Cartoon Network gets for trusting basically the same team as that of the original.

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Tin Man

While I like Zoey Deschanel and Alan Cumming, this is really bad. I mean, is not shitty but is not good either. Zoey's acting style (basically her being her own character) feels that she doesn't belong to this fantastical setting. She fits like a glove in her own TV Series New Girl, but here it makes her character looks like an outsider since she acts differently than those around her. It is like she acts in a more relaxed, "real lifey" way and the rest of the cast acts more like the generical type of a fantastical tale with seriousness in their lines.

The plot is entertaining enough, but boring most of the times. The villain is also weirdly boring. She is evil because she is evil. There is more complexity than the original story, but for a so short that complexity doesn't fit right. The ending is also cliched, but it is a bad cliche.

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Whose Line is it Anyway?: 5x02 Kathy Griffin

Wayne got some moves. Really funny. "Holy... Kidnapping, Batman!"

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Whose Line is it Anyway?: 5x01 Whoopi Goldberg

Laugh so loud my neighbors complained. Whoopi is the best! Seriously, the surprise face I was making was enough for anyone to laugh.

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Whose Line is it Anyway?: 4x31 Greg Proops

These guys manage to be really funny, sometimes funnier than comedy TV Series, but I'm together with Ryan, the "Hoedown" is really bad, and additionally, I don't like some of the games that use songs, though I do like it sometimes.

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Whose Line is it Anyway?: 4x30 Greg Proops

Come on, more heavy jokes! No "ooohhhhhhh", give them motivation for more!

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Whose Line is it Anyway?: 4x29 Kathy Greenwood

I keep thinking on how Ryan looks a little like my cousin and his father, my uncle.

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Whose Line is it Anyway?: 4x28 Brad Sherwood

Drew Carrey is the host so obviously does nothing.

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Whose Line is it Anyway?: 4x27 Brad Sherwood

What is funny is that if this episode were made today, the problem would be Cosby instead of Hitler.

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Whose Line is it Anyway?: 4x26 Greg Proops

You really laugh out loud by watching this show.

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The Alienist

I suppose this series is entertaining enough for a second season. While I wouldn't doubt if they decided, either way, making season 2 or canceling it, since better shows have been canceled, I doubt TNT will cancel this one. TNT doesn't have the best list of TV series out there, so this is a nice addition.

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Whose Line is it Anyway?: 4x25 Chip Esten

Ryan shoes and tallness, Collin baldness and shirt.

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