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Despite being a cliche movie, I liked it. During the entire movie, I never felt bored or misguided, It was simple yet beautiful. I had some great laughs during the movie. 7/10

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Game of Thrones: 8x06 The Iron Throne
Raising Kratos

An absolute delight.- A perfect documentary to give you insights about what actually happens inside a studio while creating a game, the hardships, pressure and sacrifice developers and artist put into building a game. It is full of emotions and believe me you will love every second of it.
A Masterpiece

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Game of Thrones: 8x03 The Long Night

Shout by Jatin Srivastava
Spoilers2019-05-06T13:10:06Z— updated 2019-05-20T07:45:14Z

This is the most disappointing season of the entire series. First two episodes were a complete failure followed by the worst of all episodes that I have ever watched in the series so far. S08E03 was supposed to be something that can give an insight about The Night King's intention but he didn't speak a single word, and I have no idea what Bran is doing in the story if he has nothing to offer.

Even Hodor's death in season six explained about his past. That episode alone was way more emotional and intense than this entire disgusting season.

The worst part of all is the death of Night King, I expected something more meaningful form his departure after all he was the centre point of the entire series since the first episode of the series.

This YouTube video makes E04 more interesting and delivers true justice to Night King https://youtu.be/k7m6HP95EDM

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Avengers: Endgame

Enjoyed every single moment of this movie.
This is the holy grill of MCU.

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An Insignificant Man

Beautifuly shot, perfectly made. A must watch for everyone, period.

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The Fault in Our Stars

It did justice to the book.

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Hacksaw Ridge

Truly sensational, I can't describe how brilliant the screenplay and writing was. May God give peace to your soul Doss. Amen!

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The Haunting

I have never experienced a horror based show that look so surreal, that it can make me chop my nails off. 10/10

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