Rick and Morty: 6x09 A Rick in King Mortur's Mort

I swear that one guy looks like Samwell from Game of Thrones lol

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Bodies Bodies Bodies

More like Boring Boring Boring

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I kept waiting for it to get interesting but it never did. Good idea but really poorly executed.

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The Office: 6x12 Secret Santa

I love how much thought went into Dwight's gift. He had the joy of something he would use and love with the added bonus of putting it together himself. Such a great gift that fit the character so well.

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South Park the Streaming Wars Part 2

This didn't need to be two movies

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Jackass Forever

Unfunny garbage. So the same as every other Jackass movie.

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Dexter: 2x11 Left Turn Ahead

Anyone else find it weird that Dexter, someone who is super careful about what evidence he leaves behind, left the cabin location in his GPS?

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Free Guy

Not a bad movie per se but you can't go 10 minutes without some YouTuber or logo for a real world product being flashed in your face. I'm also convinced the producers have no idea how a video game or servers work.

That said, the acting was pretty good and there were a few humorous moments.

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American Horror Story: 10x06 Winter Kills

Still not sure why the feral vampires are all wearing the same coats

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Resident Alien: 1x04 Birds of a Feather

It's probably just me but damn that kid is annoying

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The 1st season was so good but it fell to pieces in the 2nd. Now after watching the 3rd season I've lost all interest in the show. It's a damn shame.

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It's got a good mix of humor and action wrapped around an interesting story and likeable characters. The art style and animation is pretty good too. Definitely give this a shot if you're looking for something new to watch.

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House: 7x15 Bombshells

Stunning episode. The wonderfully unexpected "Get Happy" cover during the episode was absolutely fantastic and beautifully choreographed. Hugh and Lisa both have great singing voices.

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The Call of the Wild

It's cute. The story jumps around a bit and there's a few emotional rollercoasters but overall it was pretty good.

The CGI animation of Buck was surprisingly well done. Good movie, would recommend.

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The first two episodes were excellent. The third was so frustratingly horrible that I regret watching it at all.

Save yourself a whole lot of trouble and skip the third episode.

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Shout by Kain
BlockedParent2019-07-05T03:23:49Z— updated 2020-01-30T17:19:50Z

As a huge fan of the original TV cartoon, Titans has left me feeling super frustrated.

In my eyes they've ruined the characters personalities, looks and backstories. There's some hardcore action, violence, brutality and fantastic fight scenes but the story is absolutely dreadful.

The whole show is a huge attempt at being dark and gloomy, throwing in weird splashes of romance and overused cliches.
What a damn letdown.

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Game of Thrones: 8x05 The Bells

The supposedly great battle of King's Landing lasted an entirety of 13 minutes, In which Daenerys destroyed the Iron Fleet (Dubbed the biggest fleet in the iron islands), Destroyed every single scorpion on the wall, breached the gates and the enemy surrendered in 13 minutes. What a god damn joke.

Rushing the ending of Game of Thrones was stupidest choice I've seen since Tumblr banned porn.

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