The Tick


Ridiculously silly, so random and very funny. Exactly as I remember it from the cartoon.

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Love, Death & Robots
The Strain

Although this show is a few years old now, I had it on my to watch list bc it sounded worth checking out. I am not even halfway the pilot episode, and this show is already getting on my nerves. Looked like someone was challenged to get every cliché possible crammed into a single episode. And if I have to believe the comments, this is supposed to be one of the BETTER episodes of the first season? xD Hard pass.

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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

This was one of the most incoherent movies I watched in a while. I got lost so many times, that I cannot blame just myself for that anymore. Not even the best visuals would have saved this movie.

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Above & Beyond: Giving Up the Day Job

Amazing for the beautiful music, as a documentary however it is not so great. Treat it as a live-coverage of the concert with background stories and 'behind the scenes' material.

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Black Mirror

I recommend this show, if you can withstand some a lot of cynicism.

Quality varies heavily per episode, some are written poorly and just do not feel 'finished', while others manage to get original, thought-provoking and almost feel like a full movie. The view on the future is sometimes/often so pessimistic (especially with the amount of bad endings) it can break immersion. Acting and cinematography is (usually) above average. They managed to create an enticing universe through seemingly unconnected stories, and all things considered it is definitely a unique world they try and often manage to create.

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World War II In HD Colour

I agree with JorisA. It focusses on the main politics at the start and ending of the war, but it is mostly about the events that happened during the war itself, and how it unfolded. They sacrificed chronology and jumped back and forth in time between episodes to focus on 1 front at a time.
It used some images multiple times, maybe because it is unclear when they were shot, but this distracted only slightly. The images are impressive and depict an impressive view of the war. At some point I started to get overwhelmed by all the gun fire, but the fact I binged this might have something to do with it. It makes you imagine the horrors the soldiers went through a bit better though.

I would say this is a must-see for those interested in (modern) history, but I would recommend it to the more casual viewer too because of the good job they did in presenting the images and sounds.

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The Circle
War for the Planet of the Apes

I don't know what happened here in the editing room, but some people need to get their salary retracted xD

Poorly written and edited, shots i completely did not understand or add anything to a scene, incredibly pale musical score, nonsensical situations, anticlimactic, badly paced, a lot of slow action scenes, rushed storyline, strange tone shifts that didn't give the decent acting by Serkis and Harrelson any payoff, no real character development except for the 'bad' guy (kinda?) Yes, what is that about? xD. And I tried to avoid a rant here and just sum up my complaints, because I didn't really hate it that much (just 5/10.)

The worst is the movie is actually not even bad enough to be remembered for it being actually bad. And that is probably the worst thing you can achieve as a movie.

Ok ok ok, they got a point for CGI.

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Power Rangers

I wish it had a better score, because those 10 seconds of 'go go' just wasn't enough for me. For the rest, it has the same cringeworthy bad storylines (what story?) as the 90s series, the same dumb line delivery and stupid writing and the same bad acting. If I had to rate this movie based as a standalone, it would have scored much lower than the 5 it gets now. Because you do not make a good and realistic Power Rangers movie that has high standards. That would just be stupid.

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There is a reason why I don't write movies, it is because it would result in movies like this.

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The Fundamentals of Caring

Not a bad movie, but not very original either nor does it really challenge the viewer. Even though it has an original source material, you always have the feeling you've seen this one before. It doesn't help either it is so closely comparable to Intouchables (which is a way better film imho and not as predictable.)
Decent acting, decent script, decent camera work, decent story. Everything is just a little bit too run of the mill and average for it to really get to shine. But then again, it isn't a waste of time either.

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Captain Fantastic
Kill Command

Bad script, great special effects!
Considering this movie had a tiny budget of only 1.4 million dollars it is way more value for it's money than you'd normally expect. Even the acting is not something to complain over, if only it had a more interesting script and it probably would've been in my top list of 2016.

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The 5th Wave

Even if this movie was twice as good, its ending ruined it and is just plain lazy.
It is easily better than the Maze Runner series (which doesn't say that much) and it has its high points. But it simply doesn't dare to be unique enough. I hoped for a more ' Skyline' or 'Super 8' kind of approach, which weren't amazingly good movies but are very memorable because of some very strong selling points. Unfortunately it is more like an upgraded version of 'Red Dawn'/'Tomorrow When The War Begins', but with this time the invading party is alien.

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Scrubs: 3x14 My Screw Up

One of the best Scrubs episodes

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Steve Jobs

Terrible screenplay where the same setup is repeated in every act, without really changing anything. Dialogue is good, even though it is more a couple of long conversations with time jums mashed together, but it becomes boring pretty fast if you aren't interested in the history of tech companies and/or Jobs. Thank god for Fassbender, Daniels and Rogen's great performances, otherwise it would have been even more of a pain to watch.

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The Program

A very bland story that could have been way more interesting if they dared to add some depth to the story. It never shows us something new (and I am sceptical about the few details I didn't know) and doesn't have the courage to make it a sports movie, a drama or a controversy. It looks more like a dramatised documentary made by the USADA. A stage in the beginning of the tour de france where nothing happens but a sprinters final at the end is more interesting.

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The Jungle Book

A below average movie with some interesting stuff mixed in which will disappoint in the end.
I am not sure I can say it is worth the watch, maybe only for the last few minutes and Ana de Armas. I was so distracted (and maybe lulled to sleep) by the predictive and incoherent initial storyline that the ending completely surprised me. It had me go: "haha oh sh*t, how did I not see that one coming?." Because the last twist wasn't that surprising if you think of it. Since the movie didn't really trigger the viewer to think for himself, nor does it have a very coherent storyline (it rather jumped from one scene to the other) there wasn't much to think of, therefore surprising me in the end haha.
How something bad can hide something obvious and make you think it is good :P You could say that's art in itself, but it isn't.

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The Huntsman: Winter's War

With a very weak first and second act and many errors this cannot be called an excellent movie. However, the third act makes more than up for the blandness. The ending makes the movie, in combination with a good atmosphere and nice visuals, into a movie worth watching.
Sheridan Smith (and Nick Frost in a lesser degree) take care of the (few) good laughs while Theron and especially Blunt are the most intriguing characters. I wish Emily's character had a bit more kick in her powers, especially in the final act, but then again It would've made Chris Hemsworth and Jessica Chastain's characters completely irrelevant if that was the case.
It is actually surprising that with such a great cast this movie isn't better than it is. The writing just isn't good enough to get it to that next level. A pity really.

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Look Who's Back

Not as funny as I hoped it would be. The ending was a (good) slap in the face though, nicely done.

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Daddy's Home

If you expect a film like 'The Other Guys' you will be quite disappointed. Even though the main characters are played by the same actors, the script is more focussed on bad jokes and a really bad script in stead of clever crazy jokes (with a basic script) the cop film had. The jokes are mainly just bad language with kids and competitive humiliation, something that is not even that absurd in such a situation (they took it too far though, and not in a funny way.) And there are no decent side characters to back them up, just a few passive ones to fill up the screen and character sheet. Even the chemistry between Mark and Will is a bit forced.
And no desk-pops!

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The Shannara Chronicles: 1x01 Chosen (1)

I've been waiting a long long time for this one.

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The Transporter Refueled

The worst in the movie series. Even surpassed by the first season of the TV show. too bad.

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Hitman: Agent 47

The first film was the ultimate example of a failed film adaptation, this one is the opposite. I had very low expectations, so I was quite surprised that the result of Hitman: Agent 47 was actually a very good sit-through. Of course it won't make any arthouse fan fall in love with it nor will it rake in loads of Oscars, but it sets up a decent action movie that could even be watched more than once. It lacks some depth on the drama part, but that is something Hitman will never achieve due to the character itself. It does not achieve greatness like 'John Wick' or 'The Punisher' could do last year, but it keeps you entertained for a good and fun evening. I would rate this a solid "watch it? oh well, why the hell not" 6/10

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Pawn Sacrifice

What an amazing movie. This movie lacks a lot of media attention probably because of its subject. Chess doesn't get a lot of attention these days because a lot of people find it boring. Calling this movie boring would be the biggest lie of 2015 though.
It is one of the best performances, if not the best, from Tobey Maguire I have seen so far. And he has a phenomenal adversary in Liev Schreiber. The movie did not get very creative in its story, but chose a more literal setup from the actual events. This makes for a straight on drama movie without any melodramatic or emotional depth exaggerating the facts, but that is certainly for the best.

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
Supergirl: 1x01 Pilot

I am fairly disappointed by this pilot episode. It had a lot of bad dialogue, even worse script writing and the acting was just horribly overdone at some points. And I am not even talking about it being rushed or the completely out of character Jimmy Olsen. But since it is superhero themed, I will of course be following it anyway xD
At least it wasn't as bad as the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (first part of) season 1.

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Mulholland Drive