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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 7x01 Image in the Sand
Star Trek: Voyager: 5x08 Nothing Human
Star Trek: Voyager: 5x06 Timeless

Pretty fun stuff, mostly due to the surprises along the way. Garret Wang does a good job of portraying and older version of Harry who has quite a different personality (and unsurprisingly, Chakotay hasn't changed one bit). I also loved seeing a Galaxy-class starship again, and the unexpected appearance of Geordi. Time travel stories tend to click with me, I think because I enjoy the often creative storytelling opportunities they open up. There's also the potential for a large amount of clichés to appear, but this handled things pretty well. The crash landing sequence was quite spectacular.

Of course, the episode does raise the question of why Voyager doesn't just make several short slipstream jumps to get home. The drive appears to work fine for short periods of time. Tom is acting very out of character in the early scenes and it feels more like a role that B'Elanna should have had. Speaking of her, she appears to completely have gotten over her intense depression from a couple of episodes ago - how nice for her.

I also am really noticing that Janeway pronounces Harry's name as, "Hairy", and it won't go away now.

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Star Trek: Voyager: 5x05 Once Upon a Time

Almost unwatchable. I watch children's TV with my nephews and it's nowhere near as painful as what is portrayed here. On the plus side, the show managed to grab a decent child actress for Naomi and there was really nice Tuvok moment.

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Star Trek: Voyager: 5x04 In the Flesh
Star Trek: Voyager: 5x03 Extreme Risk
Star Trek: Voyager: 5x02 Drone

I was initially worried that this would be a rehash of the TNG episode 'I, Borg', but it goes in a different direction and has its own identity. The crew of Voyager have a very different relationship to the Borg than the crew of the Enterprise, and there's far less hate involved. Again we are given a showcase for Jeri Ryan's talents and proves that she really has become essential to this show, and has improved it considerably.

It's mostly a low-key affair that explores Seven's ability to become a parent (more or less) and her acceptance of her own emotions. The Borg, One, manages to become quite charming as the story progresses. But it's the ending which really makes the episode something special. There's a genuine sense of loss, despite the fact that we all knew One wasn't going to be hanging around. Jeri Ryan really sells the pain and fear of her loss.

I have to admit, I half expected the Doctor to come over to Seven and say, "if it's any consolation, at least we can retrieve my mobile emitter now."

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Star Trek: Voyager: 5x01 Night

Well, at least Janeway is finally acknowledging her selfish and impulsive behaviour - a nice continuation of her character from the finale of season 4. I also quite liked that the crew actually do feel like a bunch of friends at long last, despite the lack of evidence the show has given along the way.

The Captain Proton/Flash Gordon rip off worked quite well, and that surprised me! But still, we have the ship desperately trying to conserve power in the Void and people using the holodeck constantly. I'd imagine it's pretty essential for morale, but at least attempt to make this situation realistic.

Quite a nice chat between Chakotay and Tuvok. The Malon are yet another weak and uninteresting alien, though.

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Lost in Space: 1x04 The Robinsons Were Here

This definitely has some, shall we say, annoying writing. Specifically between Maureen and John. John says not to tell anyone about the robot, Maureen says that secrets eventually come out. That's clearly exactly what's going to happen, so this seems like nothing more than an attempt to build up some tension. It doesn't work. Just tell people, seriously.

I still really am enjoying the kids, though, and the robot is great. Hiding him in a cave seemed like a stupid idea, however. I'm disappointed to see the return of the chicken guy, and Doctor Smith doesn't seem to be doing anything sensible.

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The Americans: 6x10 START
Lost in Space: 1x03 Infestation

Nice to see the family working cohesively as a unit. The episode took a while to find its feet, but got pretty exciting. I still think the kids in this show are outshining the adults as actors. Some good tension built up with the eel monsters.

I'm just not all that motivated about continuing. Hmm.

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The Americans: 6x09 Jennings, Elizabeth

I'm disappointed they've decided to leave everything we've been waiting for until the very last episode. Hopefully it's a satisfying conclusion, but it definitely didn't need to take this long to get there.

I am impressed that I really don't know how it's all going to go down, nor who I'm rooting for most.

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The Americans: 6x01 Dead Hand

I'm glad we've had a time jump, the characters and story were at such a dead end and this is a good method to inject some new directions. I admit, though, I was lost through much of the episode until some things were clarified at the end.

Things sure would go smoother if Elizabeth and Philip would just talk! It's been a big problem for them for quite a long while and evidently still is.

I'm kind of surprised to see Paige becoming part of this life. She still doesn't understand what it's really about and it's quite sad. Elizabeth is hard to sympathise with.

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Star Trek: Voyager: 4x26 Hope and Fear

Guest star Ray Wise makes this episode special, but even without him it would have been one of Voyager's stronger outings. I wish it had been more like this up to this point. The episode builds upon the relationships and experiences of the crew up to the point and takes what they've gone through into consideration. It also directly addresses Janeway's tendency to make selfish decisions without thinking the consequences through. However, I get the feeling that she won't particularly learn from this experience...

The Dauntless is a fascinating ship before it's revealed to be a lie. It's clear something is up early on - not only because we know that any opportunity for the crew to get home is going to fall through, but because the fancy new technology hasn't been developed or mentioned over on DS9.

Great scenes between Janeway and Seven, and a nice entry in the ongoing story. It's mostly unknown territory from this point forward for me, so this episode gives me hope that the quality may improve from here on.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 6x25 The Sound of Her Voice
Star Wars: Forces of Destiny: 2x16 Triplecross

It's hard not to like Hondo. Although, that didn't really sound like Emilia Clarke.

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Star Wars: Forces of Destiny: 2x14 Traps and Tribulations

Nice to see that more elements from the old Expanded Universe are being brought into official canon.

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Star Wars: Forces of Destiny: 2x12 Porgs!

I freakin' love the Porgs.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 6x24 Time's Orphan
Westworld: 2x03 Virtù e Fortuna

Oh, I hope this season starts to get better soon. While there is entertainment to be had in the mayhem, none of the quality writing from season 1 is present here anymore. I continue to be despondent that Sizemore the scriptwriter guy is still in the show. Dolores is some kind of evil genius Terminator now (although the scene with her father was absolutely gorgeous). The less said about all the Delos suits/army guys the better.

I did quite enjoy the opening in the Indian tiger-hunting park.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 6x23 Profit and Lace
Star Trek: Voyager: 4x24 Demon
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 6x22 Valiant
Star Trek: Voyager: 4x23 Living Witness

Pretty enjoyable, but then again it's always a fun time to see regular characters acting so different. Echoes of a Mirror Universe episode as it begins. But, is it just me, or does Janeway not actually seem all that different from her usual self...?

Robert Picardo does a stellar job as usual. I'm kind of surprised that the EMH backup has never been mentioned before. But then again, this is Voyager where each episode just does its own thing, so I guess I shouldn't be that surprised.

The ending wraps things up a bit quick. I think the episode spends too long going through the early parts without the Doctor, when the episode would have benefited more from spending time with him and what he can do to help these people see the truth.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 6x21 The Reckoning

Bajoran mysticism, Prophets, Pah-Wraiths and the loving bonds between the characters. Yep, this is why I love DS9 the most.
Kai Winn consistently manages to surprise, and yet we all still hate her!

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Star Trek: Voyager: 4x22 Unforgettable

Yep, I've forgotten this one already.

It's kind of insulting that the show, often derided for its use of the reset button and lack of consequences, makes an episode in which the characters literally forget it ever happens. I also find it ridiculous that Voyager doesn't have any kind of basic security cameras or way of verifying that Kellin was ever on board. I get that there's a virus to destroy all traces of her presence, but it's a massive oversight.

Also, I thought we were told that transporter technology won't work on her species? Whatever. I wasn't paying that much attention - there was paint drying on the wall next to me.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 6x20 His Way
Star Trek: Voyager: 4x21 The Omega Directive
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 6x19 In the Pale Moonlight
Westworld: 2x02 Reunion

It's engaging stuff, but I'm becoming more and more worried as to what the endgame of this all is. More random complications, past revelations, etc. are being introduced and hopefully this isn't going to become like Lost...

At any rate, this was a good change of pace compared to the previous episode, and I really enjoyed the stuff with young Logan/William here. And the meeting between Maeve and Dolores was as electric as I had hoped.

I'm assuming that Anthony Hopkins has been recruited for voice over work, otherwise that was somebody doing a damn good impression.

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