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Star Trek: Voyager: 6x18 Ashes to Ashes
Star Trek: Voyager: 6x17 Spirit Folk

What. The. Hell?
Lazy, unoriginal, dull, ridiculous. Was this script left over from season 1 of The Next Generation?

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Star Trek: Voyager: 6x16 Collective

This show is really going out of its way to make the Borg a non-threatening enemy. They used to be scary, now they're pathetic. Voyager just doesn't have that much trouble against them and we continue to encounter Borg who are reclaiming their individuality; this really takes the edge out of them.

Furthermore, the ones we find here are all kids. Those twins weren't even allowed to speak. So the scary factor is now in the negative numbers. I was intrigued that they actually joined the Voyager crew at the end, but is this going to be just like the crew of the USS Equinox who came on board and were never heard from again? If they stick around then that could be some good material for Seven.

I guess the writers had run out of games for Starfleet to play, so they recycled poker?

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Star Trek: Voyager: 6x12 Blink of an Eye

The whole time-dilation thing has become a common trope in sci-fi, but this episode does it fairly well from a storytelling point of view. Science-wise, it doesn't make the slightest bit of sense and it changes the ratio of the time difference constantly, but that's okay. This turns out to be quite a sweet and emotional story by the end.

I was a bit let down at how lazy much of the writing was, though. The "alien" society are about as human as you can get, going as far as to mimic our history, social structure, beliefs, cultures, etc. Voyager seems very afraid of presenting anything truly different at times.

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Future Man: 1x05 Justice Desserts

The show is finding its rhythm now, that was great. Funny, and I'm starting to care about the characters. Wolf pretty much stole the episode with his culinary skills.

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Maniac: 1x03 Having a Day

I'm still not sure about the story, but I adore the aesthetic. It's a real throwback to the early '80s. Even the end credits have a telecine wobble, what a nice attention to little details.

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Maniac: 1x01 The Chosen One!

I didn't follow this very well, and yet I feel like I'm super into it.

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Star Trek: Voyager: 6x11 Fair Haven
Star Trek: Voyager: 6x10 Pathfinder
Future Man: 1x01 Pilot

Almost a year after the US premiere, Future Man finally comes to the UK! And SyFy UK are showing it uncut, unlike other imports.

Would be a lot better without the low-brow humour (Seth Rogen's influence on the script is extremely apparent), but I really quite enjoyed this. It's silly and funny with a great cast, and I love the geeky premise. I'll stick with it for now, hopefully it's going to become a bit more refined in both dialogue and storytelling.

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Star Trek: Voyager: 6x09 The Voyager Conspiracy

After a really promising set up it all got a bit silly, but I still found it quite enjoyable. The final scene on the shuttle with Janeway and Seven was quite lovely and heartfelt, although I would put that far more down to the performances rather than the script.

This episode may contain the first example in television history of two character resolving a serious misunderstanding based on false information by just having a quick conversation. Seriously, in most stories the Janeway/Chakotay standoff would have been the entire crux of an episode because fictional characters are usually incapable of talking to each other.

Did we ever get an explanation for the strange tractor beam in the image?

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Star Trek: Voyager: 6x08 One Small Step

It's probably because I've just finished reading it, but I couldn't help but notice several little details that were shared between this episode and The Martian. This episode has some pretty cool concepts and I got wrapped up in it easily enough. It's yet another voyage of discovery for Seven which continues to be interesting but certainly gets repetitive. Chakotay almost had something to do in this one, and his interest in the history of early space exploration is one of the first character developments he's had in... well, maybe ever. Still, I did enjoy the stern reprimand that Seven gave him after he endangered the shuttle.

However, I think overall that the script just wasn't very good. It's all a bit dry, and I didn't entirely buy Seven's emotional responses towards the end. I really got taken out of the episode when the Delta Flyer took technology from the 350-year-old NASA ship to replace their own because "it's basically the same"? No chance, and pretty stupid.

The flashbacks to the Earth astronaut were kind of cheesy and it all got a bit too patriotic for my tastes.

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Lost in Space: Season 1
Star Trek: Voyager: 6x07 Dragon's Teeth
Star Trek: Voyager: 6x06 Riddles
Star Trek: Voyager: 6x05 Alice

And it was all going so well.
This barely kept my attention and I ended up browsing Reddit while it was on. Really low effort Star Trek that fell back on the most obvious tropes it could. My main comment would be that Claire Rankin (Alice) is very good at doing crazy eyes.

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Lost in Space: 1x07 Pressurized

I want to enjoy this so much more than I am. It's just one disaster after another with no sense of genuine danger, and the character writing is really weak. It's a shame, because there's potential here for something much better.

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Disenchantment: Season 1
Star Trek: Voyager: 6x04 Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy
Star Trek: Voyager: 6x03 Barge of the Dead

Nice to see some proper Klingon stuff on this show, and a decent character-focused story for B'Elanna. It's feels like it needed to be a bit more ambitious than it was, and making Klingon hell just be the set of Voyager reeked of budget-saving and took me right out of the episode. The hallucination sequences were done pretty well.

Much like the previous episode, it feels like there was decent attention paid to character development here. There were certainly much worse ways the Ron Moore could have ended his Star Trek writing career. It's a shame that this isn't all that memorable, but it does its job.

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Star Trek: Voyager: 6x02 Survival Instinct
Disenchantment: 1x01 A Princess, an Elf, and a Demon Walk Into a Bar
Star Trek: Voyager: 6x01 Equinox (2)
Star Trek: Voyager: 5x24 Relativity
Star Trek: Voyager: 5x23 11:59

Well, that was awful. As a pure character-building exercise for Janeway it mostly fails, because the character it focuses on isn't even her. Sure, it's nice for Star Trek to sometimes do something different, but when it does it usually ties in to something important. This doesn't. This is the equivalent of a daydream with no bearing on anything.

It's like the writers wished they were making a completely different show. It could have worked if the story it told was original or interesting. The episode was meant to include Q and Guinan which would have improved it immeasurably.

There wasn't the slightest hint of chemistry between Shannon and Henry.

And again, Tom Paris' original character set up continues to be destroyed by making him an obscure history buff whose knowledge now expands to all Earth history, not just cars of the 1950s.

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Star Trek: Voyager: 5x22 Someone to Watch Over Me

Shout by LeftHandedGuitarist
2018-08-01T19:20:01+02:00— updated 2018-08-15T14:21:41+02:00

Whoa, whoa, hold up - was that image of the sperm fertilising an egg taken from Look Who's Talking?!?

While I'm fairly sure that the ambassador storyline here is a copy of something very similar from a TNG episode, the name of which escapes me, the rest of this is sweet and charming as hell. I could get behind Seven and The Doctor being together. Star Trek is fun when it's riffing on Shakespeare.

The 'You Are My Sunshine' scene was particularly lovely. A massive improvement over a similar singing scene over in the DS9 episode 'Chrysalis' from the same year.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 7x26 What You Leave Behind (2)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 7x23 Extreme Measures
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 7x22 Tacking Into the Wind

This episode is a work of art.
I'm trying to find an emoji that represents my facial expression during THAT Kira/Damar scene. "Yeah, Damar. What kind of people?"
No luck so far.

If I ever have another pet I'm naming it Nerys. Or maybe my next guitar.

Garak was gold during this whole thing. And then, after a quite excellent scene with Ezri dropping some political wisdom, we get Worf killing a character we've been watching since TNG. Wow. My only complaint is that the fight is over a bit too quickly.

Julian and Miles' plan to lure a Section 31 agent to the station doesn't sound as smart to me as the two of them seem to think.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: 7x21 When it Rains...

A fantastic juggling act of both separate and intersecting storylines, with intrigue and twists galore. This is mostly set up rather than anything really explosive, but it's all so gripping. Great to see Gowron back and as laughably egotistical as usual. I like that Bashir is given a lot to do as I find I tend to really enjoy his stories now.

Nana Visitor looks particularly great in a Starfleet uniform.

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