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John Smallberries


Beverly Jills, CA

Escape Room

Well, SOMEONE"S seen Fermat's Room...

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Backdraft 2

Oh lord, I could hear the pitch for this dog: "It's Backdraft crossed with Silence of the Lambs!"

It's like the writers had a "movie cliche" set of cards and would just draw a random hand each scene.

And don't get me started on Joe Anderson's performance...

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Cain Hill

I would love to know who gave this dog the 80% vote.

Do not believe that lie...

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Crimson Peak

Man, I didn't think they made gothic horror anymore. This was great.

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Making It

I loved the idea of a non-nasty reality competition hosted by these two, but, dang, it takes sophoric to a new level. Makes Antiques Roadshow feel like Battle Royale.

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This movie was much cooler when I wast 18.

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What an aggressively stupid movie...

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"Fallon is the champion!: clapclapclapclapclap

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The Price Is Right

Because sometimes you just want to put your brain in power-saving mode.

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The Price Is Right: 47x26 Tue, Oct 23, 2018

Man, that guy Jeffery was creepy when other contestants won before him.


And how did I know he was an aspiring actor?

Seriously, asking for a spot on Survivor instead of saying "hi" to friends and family.


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Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist
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Shout by John Smallberries
2018-10-26T05:33:38Z— updated 2018-10-30T04:56:27Z

In case anyone is wondering, this is the better one.

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