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Movies, shows, seasons, and episodes I plan to watch sometime in the near or distant future.


TV shows and movies I recommend you watch.


Movies featuring vampires... I sucking love them, who doesn't?


The 33rd edition of Imagine took place from 12 to 22 April 2017. The theme of the 2017 edition was Fantastic Fashion. In a wide ranging and varied theme program, the festival focused on the role costumes and styling play in creating a fantastic illusion. Besides an extensive film program, there was a large fringe program with domestic and foreign guests.

Films featured as part of the theme "Fantastic Fashion"
[1] Girl Asleep - Rosemary Myers (AU 2015)
[2] The Girl With All The Gifts - Colm McCarthy (UK 2016)
[3] Guardians - Sarik Andreasyan (RU 2017)
[4] Molly - Thijs Meuwese & Colinda Bongers (CA 2017)
[5] Opera - Dario Argento (IT 1987)
[6] Samurai Rauni - Mika Rättö (FI 2016)
[7] Skins - Eduardo Casanova (ES 2017)
[8] Slash - Clay Liford (US 2016)
[9] Suspiria - Dario Argento (IT 1977)

Special programming
Filth and Loathing in Amsterdam - A double bill with the films The Greasy Strangler and Kuso.
Imagine Fright Night - For one night only, Imagine deserts the stylish EYE and moves to Pathé de Munt for a horror night full of audience participation. Screening the surprising zombie film The Girl With All The Gifts, the Australian outback horror sensation Killing Ground and the both gory and psychedelic Red Christmas. The line-up of four films was completed by Maniac, a horror classic selected by the audience beforehand via social media.


With its theme programme Building Dreams and Nightmares, Imagine puts the focus this year on the prominent role of architecture and design in fantastic film. In many cases, an entire new world is designed and built from scratch. From Metropolis to The Shining and from Inception to The Grand Budapest Hotel, architecture and design continue to play a vital part in creating a new or altered reality.

Films featured as part of the theme "Building Dreams and Nightmares"
[1] Creative Control - Benjamin Dickinson (US 2015)
[2] Creature Designers - Gilles Penso & Alexandre Ponset (FR 2015)
[3] Embers - Claire Carré (US 2015)
[4] Escape From New York - John Carpenter (US 1981)
[5] Gattaca - Andrew Niccol (US 1997)
[6] Ghost In The Shell - The New Movie - Kazuchika Kise & Kazuya Nomura (JP 2015)
[7] High-Rise - Ben Wheatley (UK 2015)
[8] The Lure - Agnieszka Smoczynska (PL 2015)
[9] Midnight Special - Jeff Nichols (US 2016)
[10] Project-M - Eric Piccoli (CA 2014)
[11] Synchronicity - Jacob Gentry (US 2015)

Special programming:
[50] Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari - 95 years after its initial release, this expressionist masterpiece draws the audience under its spell all over again. With a live score by Monomyth from The Hague.
[4-5] Cinema Egzotik: The Not So Distant Future Night - Special Imagine double bill edition with Escape From New York and Gattaca.
[57-60] Nieuw Nederlands Peil - The Dutch film programme for short films, featuring Unforgettable, Bovenkamer, Peer and Baardmos.
[49][19][31][35] Night of Terror - Die-hard horror fans, armed with M&M’s, beer and well-oiled vocal chords, will go looking for a good seat for the Night of Terror, in order to provide their very own commentary to a night of horror. Subtlety is best left at home. Bunny the Killer Thing, Pandemic, The Devil’s Candy and The Mind’s Eye are being shown.
[61-68] Shorts 1: Dreams & Nightmares - No shortage of dreams or nightmares in this selection of short films. Featuring Maxiplace (FR), You will fall again (HK), Dissonance (DE), The Guests (AU), Golden Shot (TR), Saint Frankenstein (US), Solo Finale (DE) and Portal to Hell!!! (CA)
[67-74] Shorts 2: Love Stories - Love can express itself in the strangest ways, as becomes apparent in this darkly romantic programme. Featuring Apolo 81 (ES), The Sunken Convent (DA), Elle (FR), A Love Story (NZ), Graffiti (ES) and Iris (US).

Shorts shown before feature films:
[51] Dans ton regard (FR), before Embers
[52] Oscillation (ES), before Lace Crater
[53] Worm (US), before Der Nachtmahr
[54] Phantom City (CA), before Nowhere Girl
[55] L’Œil du cyclone (FR, JP), before The Tag-Along
[56] The Procedure (US), before What We Become


Non-English shows that caught my attention. Any and all genres.

Maybe some English products (non-US) thrown in there as a honourable mention ;-)

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