María Sánchez


Maracaibo, Venezuela

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Once Upon a Time in Venezuela

Once upon a time in Venezuela, it shows the reality of the country. Divided by politics, short of resources, looking for a way to survive, some remain, others leave to the point that several of their areas become ghost places. What was once a gold mine is now simply a memory.

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The Haunting of Bly Manor: 1x09 The Beast in the Jungle

I was expecting another horror or ghost story and found a love story that I really loved. (This episode actually made me cry)
The characters, the story, the true love, it was just amazing.
I really hope there are more seasons of this show, it doesn't disappoint at all.

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Doom Patrol: 2x05 Finger Patrol

Baby Doll can't be dead.
Larry's son is an asshole.

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Black Is King

This film was a beautiful way to express a story through good music and performances.
Beyoncé continues to show us the beauty of black men and women, that we can do everything we propose, but that is also important to show love and support for others.

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Fleabag: 1x06 Episode 6

OMG! I loved this episode.
It was so intense and he just wanted Fleabag to kick his godmother's butt. She is quite annoying.
Claire is crazy if she thinks Hank is innocent, I know she doesn't believe him, she's just afraid to do the right thing.
Why is Fleabag's father so afraid of his wife? Is just rare and what happened to Boo was so sad.
I can't wait to see the other season.

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Will & Grace: 11x18 It's Time

Oh man... That's it? I wanted more episodes of Will & Grace.
I was hoping for another ending, like more emotional, that we got the chance to see them with their kids, new house and more but I guess this is it.
I loved this show, it was something else.
Thanks for the memories!

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Insecure: 4x10 Lowkey Lost

This season was the best of all.
So many emotions, so many situations.
I'm glad Molly and Issa had a moment to talk, real talk, hopefully the can figure it out. I thought this was the end for them but hey... there's still hope.
Not so much for Molly and Andrew I guess? I think he got a good point, he was doing everything to please Molly and they should a balance relationship for the good of both of them and not just for Molly. She's crearly dealing with a lot, but if she doesn't start to work on it she my lose all.
Man... I knew something was going to happen to Tiffany, it was a feeling that she started to have at the end of last season that she wasn't feeling include or happy anymore. I really hope they show more about this on the next season.
Lawrence... Man, he came with a lot of drama for Issa in this season and that news... Wow.. It's a lot for all of them.
So many questions that we have to wait till the new season... I can't wait.

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Insecure: 4x09 Lowkey Trying

Wow ... I felt bad for Issa.
She was trying so hard and Molly didn't.
I wish they were in a better place, but nothing seems to work for them ... At least not now.
Let's hope Issa has a chance to think what's best for her after all the drama she went through recently.
Just one episode and everything is getting more intense.

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OMG! I loved Niecy Nash so much in this movie!
She was amazing! She broke me when her character passed away.
I'm glad that Elijah and his father had a better relationship, it was always what Sylvia wanted.
It was a good movie, I think most situations should have gone a little better, sometimes I felt like they were forcibly cut off.

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Fuller House: 5x18 Our Very Last Show, Again

This was one of my favorite shows.
It was simply beautiful the family they became.
We saw them grow up and have all kind of experiences.
It is so good to see them with their happy endings.
Thanks for all the laughs, hugs and memories.

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It's good to be black on the moon.. Loved it!

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 4x16 Moo Moo

This episode makes me love this show even more than I did before.
It was NEEDED!!
Well done!

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Fuller House: 5x17 Something Borrowed

Are you kidding me?
This episode make so emotional and it wasn't the final one... Oh boy... This is going to hard to say goodbye... Again.

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Insecure: 4x08 Lowkey Happy

I remember I used to think Lawrence was the happy ending for Issa, but now I'm not sure anymore.
I'm glad they have this time to clarify everything, but I'm also glad that Issa is giving herself the opportunity to look for what really makes her happy.
It shows that she's growing.
Lawrence needs to find out who he wants to be with, whether it's Issa or Condola, but he shouldn't be messing with them.
This season has to do with feelings.

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Insecure: 4x07 Lowkey Trippin'

Wow ... Molly is also dealing with a lot right now.
It is good that she approaches Dr. Rhonda.
I really hope she find a way to solve her problems and help her get in touch with Issa.
They need better communication,both of them have a lot in their place, but not talking it's not the solution. It is clear that all this situation affects the other.

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Insecure: 4x06 Lowkey Done

I sincerely enjoyed this episode focusing on Issa, how she felt after the block party, and the incident with Molly.
It showed her that she actually did something good, but that she was also hurt by her best friend's reaction.
I broke when she cried on her mother's arm, poor Issa.
I hope that she and Molly can find a way to solve this problem.

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I love the performance of Wagner Moura, I think he's and amazing actor.
He makes me connect to the character.
I enjoyed the movie, but I was expecting a little more attention maybe. Sometimes the flashbacks confused me a little and I didn't know if was the present, a dream or another flashback.

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How to Get Away with Murder: 6x15 Stay
Insecure: 4x05 Lowkey Movin' On

Why couldn't they speak?
Why wait until everything was more difficult?
I don't know if they will make it after this.

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How to Get Away with Murder: 6x14 Annalise Keating Is Dead

Okay ... Let me process this ...
I doubt Frank has killed Hannah, she was the key to Annalize's case and he will do his best to help her, so no, I don't think he did.
Christopher is so big! I was like Oliver, he wanted to see how adorable he looked. Hahaha
Connor needs to make a better deal for himself, Laurel and Michaela did it right.
Laurel came like a wrecking ball, she made the guys look bad in front of the jury.
I really liked Michaela in this episode, she was ready for battle, but Annalize didn't make it easy for her.
I can't believe there's only one episode left ... Man, I'm going to miss this show.

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Westworld: 3x08 Crisis Theory

Damn Dolores, you were always right.
This episode was more emotional than I expected to see in the season finale.
It was really difficult to see how all the memories of Dolores were erased. That woman has been through a lot in her different lives.
I'm glad Maeve is alive and helping to "save" the new world.
Halle is fucking crazy, she turned into a monster, that I actually I'm excited to see in the new season.
This episode gave us a closure and the opportunity for new adventures.
Until next time...

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How to Get Away with Murder: 6x13 What If Sam Wasn't the Bad Guy This Whole Time?

WTF? I don't know what to say...
Really? Frank is Sam and Hannah's son?
This is creepy as hell!
Oh Connor... What did you do now?
Why this show play with my mind all the time.
I still can't get over the fact that Sam and Hannah slept together and Frank is their son. I can't.. Bye.

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Westworld: 3x07 Passed Pawn

Dolores vs Maeve.
We waited so long, that idea that they were going to form a team never crossed my mind.
They both want full control and think the other is the real problem here.
I think it will be one or the other, but I hope I am wrong and they can be a team, because those two can be indestructible. But now I think about how much Halle wants to kill Dolores and that's another problem to add to her list.
One episode left to see how this will progress or end.

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How to Get Away with Murder: 6x12 Let's Hurt Him

I really love Tegan, I laughed a lot with the GOT referece. LOL
What the hell did Nate do? Even Frank didn't want to kill Xavier, they needed him.
I just hope this doesn't bring more mess to Annalise's case.
I don't bealive in Solomon, he seems fake. I really can't wait for the next episode it seems like its going to be real good.

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How to Get Away with Murder: 6x11 The Reckoning

I didn't see that coming.
I always thought one of them was Asher's killer.
Are we ever going to see Laurel again? And what about Wes? Is he actually alive?
The conversation between Annalise and Ms. Ophelia about Eve got meall in my feelings.
I loved when she said Nate was a SOB, LOL
These last episodes are really good.

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Money Heist: 2x16 The Paris Plan

Fucking Alicia Sierra...
I should hate her but I really like her.
She's a bitch but the best in that position.

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Money Heist: 2x15 Strike the Tent

Let me cry a river...
The funeral part was incredible sad...
I still can't believe or accept it.

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Money Heist: 2x14 TKO

Nairobi NO !!! WHY??
This is so unfair !! She was the best!
My heart is broken ...

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How to Get Away with Murder: 6x10 We're Not Getting Away With It

I am so happy that this show is back! Even if it's only for the last 6 episodes.
I honestly have no idea who killed Asher.
He was so obsessed with finding something against the boys that he became a target.
Let's enjoy until we can.

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Mr. Joaquin, you are THE BEST!
This was an amazing performance!
I loved Arthur, but then I was afraid of him too.
So many injustices to create his path of happiness.
So far, this is my favorite movie of DC Comics.
Well done... And remember to Put on a happy face.

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