stop cooper lawrence 2k17 please

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The Mummy

Everything Tom Cruise touches, turnes to shit

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The Bye Bye Man

why they can't make good horror movies anymore?

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Song to Song

I've hated this. No sense. I've put a lot of hope in this movie...I'm not at all a Malick fan, he's too slow for my taste, but still I had hype. I should have known better, but still here I am disappointed. Great cast but wasted. I can't find sense in this movie, honestly. Everything TOO FUCKING slow. I'm sorry for Rooney Mara because she's HUGE, but this dialogues, with that tone of voice..I really wanted to burn this movie. I still can't see how Fassbender is a great actor...nice thing you have an handsome face, I can't see nothing more.
Kinda envious because Rooney makes out with Fassbender and Gosling.
Listen to me: 2 hours wasted, you can watch something better.
This is all.

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