District 9
Johnny English Strikes Again
Ocean's Eight
Spider-Man 3
Green Lantern
Spider-Man 2
Ocean's Thirteen
The Thing
Ocean's Twelve
Spider-Man: Far from Home
Two Night Stand
I Am Legend
The Lion King
The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride
The Lion King
Fantastic Four
Stranger Things: 2x08 Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer

Best. TV. Episode. I. Have. Ever. Seen. All those emotions, all that excitement all that superb acting. This, ladies and gentlemen, is quality TV!

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Me Before You

The Good:

  • A warm and lovely little romantic movie, with truly lovable leads in Game of Thrones-star Emilia Clarke and Hunger Games-actor Sam Claflin.
  • Great chemistry between Clarke and Claflin, even if Clarke does feel somewhat awkward in her overly hipster clothing.
  • Overall, a very faithful adaptation of Jojo Moye's novel.
  • Genuinely funny and touching, with a touch of old school romance somewhere.
  • It never forgets its focus: the story of Lou and Will and the doomed relationship.
  • All actors are great and Matthew Lewis is surprisingly good even when he is not Neville Longbottom.

The Bad:

  • The story progression and the central themes of the movie are hardly anything new or revolutionary.
  • There is little reason to watch this again, as the emotional impact isn't as strong on subsequent viewings.

A faithful adaptation of a best-selling novel in all its warmth and fuzziness, but still just another rom-com for the masses.

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Thelma & Louise

The Good:

  • A true feminist classic, still featuring the greatest female duo ever in a film.
  • Flawless performances from Susan Sarandon and Geena Davies, who support each other impeccably and have great chemistry.
  • Great visual direction from Ridley Scott. It's not quite Alien or Blade Runner, but it comes close.
  • Beautiful cinematography.
  • It's the ultimate buddy-movie-gone-rogue script by Callie Khouri.
  • Several memorable scenes: the confrontation with the state trooper, the rape sequence, THAT ending...
  • A small, yet important and annoyingly memorable performance from a young Brad Pitt.
  • Sharp humour and great dialogue.
  • Altogether great performances from the largely male-dominated supporting characters who, deservedly, are portrayed as incompetent swines.

The Bad:

  • It does feel somewhat stretched and repetitive at times.
  • While still a great road movie and feminist feature, some of the things featured in the film feel slightly dated by today's standards.

One of the iconic buddy films of the 20th century, Thelma & Louise is a visually stunning feminist feature with great characters and an addicting plot.

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Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

In one of the strongest historical TV shows ever made, Chernobyl paints a terrifying, realistic and emotional picture of what went wrong with the Chernobyl disaster and why.

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Made of Honor

The Good:

  • Genuinely warm and lovely, Made of Honor is a feel-good film that succeeds mostly thanks to Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan.
  • Dempsey proves he has great comedic timing and his chemistry with Monaghan sparkles in every scene.
  • Funny to see Dempsey's Grey's Anatomy co-star Kevin McKidd compete for the same woman.
  • The warm atmosphere makes you happy and relaxed.
  • All performances are great, even if most of them outside of the main trio never reach full bloom.
  • Great soundtrack.
  • The humour is subtle and clever, making me laugh several times.

The Bad:

  • Despite being Scottish, McKidd makes for a very awkward Scot.
  • The script is tried and tested and the twists predictable - there are thirteen in a dozen rom-coms like this one.
  • Some of the jokes are a bit too childish and focus on making fun of everything non-American.
  • The characterizations are somewhat one-sided and stereotypical.

Patrick Dempsey's comedic timing helps raise this generic rom-com to newer heights, strengthening the altogether warm and enjoyable atmosphere.

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Miss Congeniality
Ocean's Eleven
Murder Mystery
Taxi Driver
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse