The Walking Dead: 6x12 Not Tomorrow Yet

Epic episode! The breaking-in scene was amazing and exciting!!
I hope nothing happens to Carol though.. she's one of the best.

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The Walking Dead: 6x08 Start to Finish

Ron, you fucking bitch... :) and Morgan is such an idiot!!! now is not the time for your bullshit! All life is precious, okay, but that asshole is a vicious murderer, how stupid are you??? if you don't want to kill him just step aside, you don't have to force your Aikido stuff on other people!

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The Walking Dead: 6x02 JSS

Carol's new name should be Major ass-kicker XD
God, I wish we get to see her kicking ass like this in every episode!

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The Walking Dead: 5x14 Spend

WHAT THE FUCK, Priest Kanye West???? How ungrateful! After they've saved your fucking life and helped you?

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: 1x07 Kimmy Goes to a Party!

The "You can't leave!" scene cracked me up so hard

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The Walking Dead: 5x08 Coda

Daryl's face when he was carrying Beth broke my heart...

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The Walking Dead: 5x01 No Sanctuary

This episode is THE BEST one so far!! So intense and satisfying!

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The Walking Dead: 4x14 The Grove

oh man...
I admired Lizzie's toughness but she really is messed up and I wish she wasn't.

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The Walking Dead: 4x09 After

I never get bored of watching Michonne swinging her sword. Magnificent.

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The Walking Dead: 4x08 Too Far Gone

MY GOD! YES! FINALLY!!! The last 2 episodes were boring as hell and annoying because I'm too sick of the governor!
Love that little badass girl, Carol raised her well XD I hope she gets back soon though..

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The Walking Dead: 4x05 Internment

They should've killed those zombies before to prevent them from destroying the fence. I mean, they had to kill them all anyway, right? Also, I love those moments when Rick looks at Carl like "That's my son", you can see in it his eyes that he's proud of him.. so beautiful.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 4x04 The Night Shift (1)

I thought I would like the B99 version of the crossover better.. we didn't see Jess with Gina and Holt. I also wish Jess had a scene with Rosa, I think that would be awesome. This episode was a drag.

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The Walking Dead: 3x16 Welcome to the Tombs

NO NO NO NOOOOOOO!!! The Governor isn't dead, WHY!!! I expected him to end along with this season, WHY
and Andrea's dead wtf?? she had the pliers and she's good at defending herself, could've killed him easily without getting hurt, how the hell did he bite her first?

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The Walking Dead: 3x14 Prey

Andrea was stupid to not kill him in bed when she had the chance.
He's a sick fuck, I know, but really why doesn't he want people to leave Woodbury and kills those who leave?

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 4x03 Coral Palms (3)

Finally this nightmare is over. Glad to see the nine-nine back together again!
Gina is the best as always XD When Jake said she looks like a fresh wizard, I thought the same thing! lol looks like she's a character from Adventure Time XD

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The Walking Dead: 3x10 Home


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The Walking Dead: 3x09 The Suicide King

What's happening to Rick ):

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New Girl: 6x04 Homecoming (2)

Not bad but I still like it 'cause I love both shows! Jess in the deli was a great scene lol

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The Walking Dead: 3x08 Made to Suffer

Will Andrea ever stop being stupid and stubborn?
Other than that, great episode, so intense!

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The Walking Dead: 3x02 Sick

Thank god that bastard didn't stay for long. We don't need another Shane.. I got so furious when he tried to kill Rick.

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The Walking Dead: 3x01 Seed

Holy shit indeed!! This was a good season premiere. But why is Rick mad at Lori? Wasn't she the one that's mad? And Carl is mad at her as well?

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The Walking Dead: 2x13 Beside the Dying Fire

What is up with Lori and Carol's stupid reactions?? Keeping that secret from them isn't that big of a deal really. And Killing Shane, isn't that what Lori wanted him to do a few episodes ago??? wtf is wrong with her

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The Walking Dead: 2x12 Better Angels

FINALLY!!!!! That scene was incredibly satisfying

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The Walking Dead: 2x11 Judge, Jury, Executioner

"He needs blood. We gotta operate now." SAY WHAT???????? Getting scratched by a zombie infects you, but being freaking gutted by one doesn't???? Are you people stupid or what? This is just as stupid as that time when they found that gross zombie rotting in the well and they didn't shoot it right away because, according to them, the water might not actually be contaminated yet and shooting it would contaminate it????

I like this show but these people can be so stupid sometimes..

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The Walking Dead: 2x10 18 Miles Out

SERIOUSLY??? What's the point in saving him and wasting medical supplies on him if you're gonna throw him back to fend for himself against dozens of walkers??
And Rick.. oh Rick.. he really should have just left Shane behind. HE TRIED TO KILL YOU FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! Somebody please kill this arrogant fuckhead already..

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The Walking Dead: 2x05 Chupacabra

Shane and Andrea are both assholes. So stupid and annoying.

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The Walking Dead: 2x04 Cherokee Rose

god just how sweet is Daryl? ): I love him..

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New Girl: 5x19 Dress

"Have you seen a girl wandering around? Looks like a drawing of a best friend that an 8 year-old would make."

This is incredibly accurate!! XD such an adorable way to describe her

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The Walking Dead: 2x03 Save the Last One

Ohmygod.. and here I was beginning to feel sorry for him.. that was brutal

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New Girl: 5x18 A Chill Day In
  • You know, I still technically have a boyfriend, right?
  • Oh, it's cool. I'm married.
  • What?
  • Oh, don't worry. It was a prank.
  • WHAT?!

LMAO great episode! High Jess and "Mama bear" ! XD <3

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