New Girl: 5x15 Jeff Day

"- Shut up, Billy! You have a little boy's name.
- You are so mean!"

laughed so hard x'D

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New Girl: 5x12 D-Day

LOL Schmidt's shocked reaction startled me at first but I then I couldn't stop laughing

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 3x22 Bureau

Rosa and her yoga, Bob and Captain Holt, and Gina's "Watch me walk away". Great episode! Love the plot twist!

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New Girl: 5x07 Wig

when Reagan said "No" to Camilla then immediately changed her mind after she looked at Winston and saw the expression he showed.. how hurt and betrayed he looked.. that really got to me ):

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New Girl: 5x06 Reagan

Great episode! Megan Fox is an excellent choice for Reagan's character.

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Doctor Who: 5x10 Vincent and the Doctor

Oh my god.. the scene of Vincent in the Musee D'Orsay was so beautiful and heart-touching ):

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 3x13 The Cruise

"I smiled at you. FOR WHAT?!"

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Visually stunning. That's what I love most about Sin City.
Eva Green's scenes were utterly breathtaking! Her beauty was a great addition to this sequel.

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The Mist

what a waste of time

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 2x04 Halloween II

I laughed so hard at "Make urines in de toilet".

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 1x20 Fancy Brudgom

Rosa's scenes are the best thing in this whole episode XD

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Gotham: 2x21 Wrath of the Villains: A Legion of Horribles

Shout by Nimazaki
2016-07-04T04:40:12Z— updated 2016-07-07T07:38:46Z

"I said, my name is Fish Mooney, bitch." though I don't really like her, that scene was great XD

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Seinfeld: 2x04 The Phone Message

This episode was so good! The best one so far.

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The Big Bang Theory: 9x22 The Fermentation Bifurcation

Wow, that was really sweet of Sheldon! All the things he said while playing DND was intended to make her feel good because she can't have them while she's pregnant.

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The Big Bang Theory: 9x21 The Viewing Party Combustion

thank god I finished the 4th season of GOT a few days ago.. lol

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Game of Thrones: 4x10 The Children

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT???? Tywin is DEAD?? I came across so many spoilers but I'm surprised I never read or heard anything about Tywin getting killed!

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Game of Thrones: 4x08 The Mountain and the Viper

The ending shocked the living hell out of me. I don't remember the last time my heart was pounding that hard while watching a tv show!

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Game of Thrones: 4x07 Mockingbird

YESSS! I'm really glad that nut job is dead.

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2 Broke Girls

I never thought I would watch this show because I thought it was stupid, but I actually enjoyed it at first even though it was ok. I like Max and Caroline as characters but the plot is average and sometimes really dumb. There were some good moments though but I still think the story is weak. Despite that, I had no problem watching it to pass time. AND THEN, Sophie came along.. seriously I only watched 2 episodes after her appearance and I already can't watch this anymore. She's stupid, annoying and really just too gross..
I would have watched it anyway if she was just a guest but she's not, so I'm dropping it.

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New Girl: 2x25 Elaine's Big Day

Winston is my favourite thing about this episode XD

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Great performance though the story itself is disturbing and I didn't quite understand it, yet I really enjoyed it

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Let's Kill Ward's Wife

There's nothing special about it but I enjoyed it actually. It's like dumb, but fun dumb, you know? lol

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New Girl: 2x22 Bachelorette Party

"If it run, I catch it." X'DDDD

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Alien Abduction

Terrible. I fell asleep watching it.

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Melissa & Joey: 4x12 You Say You Want An Ovulation

Ryder's finally back!! I missed him so much

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Bye Bye Birdie

I only watched it out of curiosity because I came across the title several times, and it turned out to be a movie about fangirls??? Seriously dude..
I did like Janet and Ann though; they were such a delight to watch. But other than that, the movie was quite boring and mostly annoying because of the fangirls, which is something that I personally find irritating.

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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

I liked it but it was actually disappointing a little. Not much happened. The beginning was good and interesting but then a little later everything went meh.
But I also think this "meh" part of the series is also necessary for the completion of the story; much like the calm before the storm, where everything seems dull and nothing is really going on until the storm hits with action and thrill.
Can't wait for the third movie!

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New Girl: 2x15 Cooler

Oh my god!!! This has got to be the best kiss scene I've ever seen!! So hot! TvT

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New Girl: 2x07 Menzies
  • Weren't you here the other day?
  • Weren't YOU here the other day?


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New Girl: 2x06 Halloween

Jess makes a beautiful zombie! I liked her costume so much. Nick and the haunted house though.. that was hilarious XD

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