The Walking Dead: 5x01 No Sanctuary

This episode is THE BEST one so far!! So intense and satisfying!

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Bob's Burgers: 5x20 Hawk & Chick

As far as I can remember, this is the first Bob's Burgers episode to make me so emotional and actually cry. Especially the scene where Louise seemed so heartbroken and perplexed by the notion that some people grow up to become distant individuals and completely different from what they once were..

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The Blacklist: 2x22 Tom Connolly

Cooper and his badass scene with the doctor, and finally finding out that he's not sick.. what a relief!
Red revealing everything to the journalists, and Lizzy finally remembered!!
I love her moments with Red in the end of most episodes but this one was not like any other.. "You're my sin eater" THE FEELS!!! ):

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 2x04 Halloween II

I laughed so hard at "Make urines in de toilet".

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Turbo Kid

"It's like a museum of coolness in here!" Loved the retro vibes! The costumes and the music!
Apple makes an adorable version of Harley Quinn! Same eccentric vibe but not as crazy and twice as adorable!

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Bob's Burgers: 6x03 Hauntening

I kind of expected that twist but it still was freaking brilliant nonetheless!

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Stranger Things: 2x05 Chapter Five: Dig Dug

What an intense episode! Noah Schnapp's acting is really something!
Poor El and Terry, though.. that was so heartbreaking

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iZombie: 2x18 Deadbeat

OMG! Finally!!! I kind of sensed that Liv's going to finally tell Babineaux when Major didn't get his choco-brains. AWESOME EPISODE!

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Doctor Who: 5x10 Vincent and the Doctor

Oh my god.. the scene of Vincent in the Musee D'Orsay was so beautiful and heart-touching ):

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Game of Thrones: 4x07 Mockingbird

YESSS! I'm really glad that nut job is dead.

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Game of Thrones: 4x10 The Children

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT???? Tywin is DEAD?? I came across so many spoilers but I'm surprised I never read or heard anything about Tywin getting killed!

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The Walking Dead: 2x13 Beside the Dying Fire

What is up with Lori and Carol's stupid reactions?? Keeping that secret from them isn't that big of a deal really. And Killing Shane, isn't that what Lori wanted him to do a few episodes ago??? wtf is wrong with her

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 3x22 Bureau

Rosa and her yoga, Bob and Captain Holt, and Gina's "Watch me walk away". Great episode! Love the plot twist!

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The Walking Dead: 3x08 Made to Suffer

Will Andrea ever stop being stupid and stubborn?
Other than that, great episode, so intense!

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Gotham: 2x21 Wrath of the Villains: A Legion of Horribles

Shout by Nimazaki
2016-07-04T04:40:12Z— updated 2016-07-07T07:38:46Z

"I said, my name is Fish Mooney, bitch." though I don't really like her, that scene was great XD

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Community: 1x07 Introduction to Statistics

Hilarious episode; Abed as Batman was awesome! XD and as much as Pierce usually annoys me, he was exceptionally funny in this episode

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The Walking Dead: 6x13 The Same Boat

Maggie is so strong, she fights viciously! Love her!
And Carol, even in her situation she's still a badass. For a second there I thought she wouldn't shoot and get killed instead but I was so relieved that she did.. I'm still worried about her though :(

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The Walking Dead: 6x12 Not Tomorrow Yet

Epic episode! The breaking-in scene was amazing and exciting!!
I hope nothing happens to Carol though.. she's one of the best.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 4x03 Coral Palms (3)

Finally this nightmare is over. Glad to see the nine-nine back together again!
Gina is the best as always XD When Jake said she looks like a fresh wizard, I thought the same thing! lol looks like she's a character from Adventure Time XD

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: 1x13 Leviathan

SO INTENSE! The robot fight was frigging awesome and Jax's reactions are the best!! XD
Really enjoyed Snart and his new bestie's scenes XD I really like her! I hope we get to see more of her later
Would've been a perfect episode if not for Kendra's selfishness and stupidity!

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Arrow: 4x15 Taken

Awesome episode and great fights!
The one where Thea was on the bike then leaned back and shot an arrow at one of the bikers and caused them both to crash was brilliant!!!
It was also great to see Vixen. I wasn't planning on watching the animation series but after seeing how badass and awesome she is I'm excited to watch it!
AND, they finally took away Dahrk's magic!
The only thing I didn't like is that they made Felicity leave Oliver.. and it just so happens that she was finally able to walk again right before literally walking away from him and out of the door. I really love Felicity but that was just stupid and out of character. She was so understanding after Samantha talked to her and all of a sudden she decides to leave?

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The 100: 4x10 Die All, Die Merrily

Octavia did GREAT!!! It was a great episode, really, so intense.
During this episode I was thinking "wow, finally some action in this dull season!" but Clarke had to be a bitch again and RUINED EVERYTHING just like she did at Mount Weather when Jasper was about to kill Cage and she killed everyone instead.
She speaks of peace and goodwill and suddenly flips and acts like a selfish bitch. I don't understand her anymore.

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New Girl: 5x18 A Chill Day In
  • You know, I still technically have a boyfriend, right?
  • Oh, it's cool. I'm married.
  • What?
  • Oh, don't worry. It was a prank.
  • WHAT?!

LMAO great episode! High Jess and "Mama bear" ! XD <3

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Game of Thrones: 4x08 The Mountain and the Viper

The ending shocked the living hell out of me. I don't remember the last time my heart was pounding that hard while watching a tv show!

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Orange Is the New Black: 2x13 We Have Manners. We're Polite.


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Melissa & Joey: 3x17 A Decent Proposal

Lennos was amazing in this episode XD

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The Carrie Diaries: 1x09 The Great Unknown

I never thought I'd say this, but I liked Donna in this episode! If she would just quit the bitchy attitude she would be really cool.

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The 100: 5x13 Damocles (2)

It was actually a great ending even though the whole season SUCKED! But for some reason this episode had earlier seasons vibes? I liked that.
So sad about Monty and Harper though ): Monty was fucking brilliant and kind hearted, he will be greatly missed.

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That '70s Show: 1x18 Career Day

Jackie and Red were amazing! XD

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 4x07 Mr. Santiago

Shout by Nimazaki
2016-12-02T14:38:42Z— updated 2016-12-03T15:00:39Z

This episode was good! Reminded me of the first two seasons.
Jimmy Smits "Miguel" from Dexter was in this episode, and Boyle said "I feel like Dexter!" .. XD

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