Game of Thrones: 4x07 Mockingbird

YESSS! I'm really glad that nut job is dead.

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The 100: 5x13 Damocles (2)

It was actually a great ending even though the whole season SUCKED! But for some reason this episode had earlier seasons vibes? I liked that.
So sad about Monty and Harper though ): Monty was fucking brilliant and kind hearted, he will be greatly missed.

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Game of Thrones: 4x10 The Children

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT???? Tywin is DEAD?? I came across so many spoilers but I'm surprised I never read or heard anything about Tywin getting killed!

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The Walking Dead: 2x13 Beside the Dying Fire

What is up with Lori and Carol's stupid reactions?? Keeping that secret from them isn't that big of a deal really. And Killing Shane, isn't that what Lori wanted him to do a few episodes ago??? wtf is wrong with her

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 3x22 Bureau

Rosa and her yoga, Bob and Captain Holt, and Gina's "Watch me walk away". Great episode! Love the plot twist!

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New Girl: 6x13 Cece's Boys

Am I the only one that actually likes Reagan? She's smart, confident, and beautiful. Why do people hate her? Because she's dating Nick?
I love her character. She's awesome, man!

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The Walking Dead: 4x09 After

I never get bored of watching Michonne swinging her sword. Magnificent.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 3x13 The Cruise

"I smiled at you. FOR WHAT?!"

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That '70s Show: 1x18 Career Day

Jackie and Red were amazing! XD

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 4x07 Mr. Santiago

Shout by Nimazaki
2016-12-02T09:38:42-05:00— updated 2016-12-03T10:00:39-05:00

This episode was good! Reminded me of the first two seasons.
Jimmy Smits "Miguel" from Dexter was in this episode, and Boyle said "I feel like Dexter!" .. XD

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Silicon Valley: 1x07 Proof of Concept

"You're gay for my code, you're code gay" I love Gilfoyle!!! XD

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The Walking Dead: 6x02 JSS

Carol's new name should be Major ass-kicker XD
God, I wish we get to see her kicking ass like this in every episode!

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The Walking Dead: 5x01 No Sanctuary

This episode is THE BEST one so far!! So intense and satisfying!

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The Walking Dead: 4x08 Too Far Gone

MY GOD! YES! FINALLY!!! The last 2 episodes were boring as hell and annoying because I'm too sick of the governor!
Love that little badass girl, Carol raised her well XD I hope she gets back soon though..

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The Walking Dead: 3x16 Welcome to the Tombs

NO NO NO NOOOOOOO!!! The Governor isn't dead, WHY!!! I expected him to end along with this season, WHY
and Andrea's dead wtf?? she had the pliers and she's good at defending herself, could've killed him easily without getting hurt, how the hell did he bite her first?

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The Walking Dead: 3x10 Home


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The Walking Dead: 3x08 Made to Suffer

Will Andrea ever stop being stupid and stubborn?
Other than that, great episode, so intense!

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The Walking Dead: 2x11 Judge, Jury, Executioner

"He needs blood. We gotta operate now." SAY WHAT???????? Getting scratched by a zombie infects you, but being freaking gutted by one doesn't???? Are you people stupid or what? This is just as stupid as that time when they found that gross zombie rotting in the well and they didn't shoot it right away because, according to them, the water might not actually be contaminated yet and shooting it would contaminate it????

I like this show but these people can be so stupid sometimes..

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The Walking Dead: 2x10 18 Miles Out

SERIOUSLY??? What's the point in saving him and wasting medical supplies on him if you're gonna throw him back to fend for himself against dozens of walkers??
And Rick.. oh Rick.. he really should have just left Shane behind. HE TRIED TO KILL YOU FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! Somebody please kill this arrogant fuckhead already..

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New Girl: 1x06 Thanksgiving

"Oh my god, there's two of them." XD

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Dexter: 4x01 Living the Dream

After Dexter whispered to Harrison that he's a killer, he got an ear infection. Ironic, lol

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Orange Is the New Black: 3x10 A Tittin' and a Hairin'

Pennsatucky and that guy started off adorable but now it's getting creepy.. poor thing.

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That '70s Show: 2x11 Laurie Moves Out

Red: Maybe I have been kind of a...
Kitty: A dumb-ass.
Red: I was gonna say unreasonable.
Kitty: Fine. Fine. You're an unreasonable dumb-ass.

Kitty kills me! man, she's too hilarious x'DDD

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Workin' Moms

Entertaining, fresh and quite touching at times. I loved every minute of it! I hope it gets renewed for a 4th season; I can't wait!

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Black Mirror: 1x02 15 Million Merits

I feel weird saying this while most people seem pretty hyped up about the show; I get the idea. This is a good episode regarding the concept. But did it really have to be this lengthy and tedious? I got bored out of my mind halfway through the episode, same as the first one. Except, well, the first episode was simply disturbing and traumatic.

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Suits: 3x02 I Want You to Want Me

Poor Louis ): I felt so bad for him. The look on his face was painful..
I've been feeling bad for him a lot actually ever since he turned his back on Hardman, but this one was too much..
He really is a good person, he just does stupid stuff sometimes.

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I tried to enjoy it as much as I could but it just wasn't that good; only a few episodes were truly funny but the rest is just blah and too hard to sit through. I just don't see what the hype is all about and I thought I was the only one but apparently there are others that think Seinfeld is overrated, it really is. I just watched the final episode of the third season and finally decided to drop it.

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The Blacklist: 3x07 Zal Bin Hasaan


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The Walking Dead: 5x14 Spend

WHAT THE FUCK, Priest Kanye West???? How ungrateful! After they've saved your fucking life and helped you?

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The Walking Dead: 3x14 Prey

Andrea was stupid to not kill him in bed when she had the chance.
He's a sick fuck, I know, but really why doesn't he want people to leave Woodbury and kills those who leave?

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