Supergirl: 1x17 Manhunter

Ugh Siobhan is SuperAnnoying, we don't want her having superpowers now!

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: 1x13 Leviathan

SO INTENSE! The robot fight was frigging awesome and Jax's reactions are the best!! XD
Really enjoyed Snart and his new bestie's scenes XD I really like her! I hope we get to see more of her later
Would've been a perfect episode if not for Kendra's selfishness and stupidity!

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: 1x07 Marooned

This episode feels like it's straight out of Doctor Who. LOVE Snart btw!

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Arrow: 4x15 Taken

Awesome episode and great fights!
The one where Thea was on the bike then leaned back and shot an arrow at one of the bikers and caused them both to crash was brilliant!!!
It was also great to see Vixen. I wasn't planning on watching the animation series but after seeing how badass and awesome she is I'm excited to watch it!
AND, they finally took away Dahrk's magic!
The only thing I didn't like is that they made Felicity leave Oliver.. and it just so happens that she was finally able to walk again right before literally walking away from him and out of the door. I really love Felicity but that was just stupid and out of character. She was so understanding after Samantha talked to her and all of a sudden she decides to leave?

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Archer: 4x01 Fugue and Riffs


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The Big Bang Theory: 11x10 The Confidence Erosion

Raj didn't totally suck for once. That was nice to finally witness.

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The Big Bang Theory: 11x03 The Relaxation Integration

Never though I'd need more than one Sheldon but now I know I do! Sheldon's sections were really funny in this episode and the only good thing about it.

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Broad City: 4x04 Mushrooms

"Isn't it nuts that pickles were cucumbers? They're the trans people of the vegetable community."

This was awesome! A little dizzying for me, though. But quite enjoyable nonetheless!

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American Horror Story: 5x06 Room 33

Alex is such a fucking bitch???? Yeah, sure, neglect your daughter, lie to your husband and convince him and everyone that he's crazy and focus all your attention on Holden. Stupid selfish bitch

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American Horror Story: 5x05 Room Service

Can I just say I fucking love Denis O'Hare as Liz Taylor? His roles in previous seasons were kinda meh but in Hotel he's freaking brilliant!

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American Horror Story: 5x03 Mommy

"I don't get on my knees for no man." QUEEN

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American Horror Story: 3x12 Go to Hell

"Get up, Hollywood!" LOL Best line from the best character, Misty

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The 100: 5x13 Damocles (2)

It was actually a great ending even though the whole season SUCKED! But for some reason this episode had earlier seasons vibes? I liked that.
So sad about Monty and Harper though ): Monty was fucking brilliant and kind hearted, he will be greatly missed.

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Bob's Burgers: 6x03 Hauntening

I kind of expected that twist but it still was freaking brilliant nonetheless!

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Bob's Burgers: 5x20 Hawk & Chick

As far as I can remember, this is the first Bob's Burgers episode to make me so emotional and actually cry. Especially the scene where Louise seemed so heartbroken and perplexed by the notion that some people grow up to become distant individuals and completely different from what they once were..

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Misfits: 3x08 Episode Eight

I'm actually really glad Alisha died, about damn time, dude. She's fucking annoying and useless and her first power was fucking stupid and disgusting and of no help at all. I wonder why they kept her alive until now, just to break Simon out of his shell? They could've done that without her. I'm only sad that Simon is leaving the show.. he's the only reason I considered watching it in the first place.

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Arrow: 3x13 Canaries

Everyone is in the loop, finally!!!
Thea's reaction when Oliver showed her was so fucking heartwarming.. I cried ):
Diggle thought she would flip and hate Ollie because that's the way he felt when he found out, he thought Oliver's nothing but a killer, but not Thea.. just like her mother, they saw him for the hero he is ):

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Arrow: 2x22 Streets of Fire

I love how well Laurel handled finding out that Oliver and Sara are the vigilantes! The way she looked at them and hugged them was so heartwarming ):
So understanding and supportive, she looked at them and she didn't see a killer, she saw through their pain, she saw the burden they carry around, the burden of how the island changed them, the burden of having to hide their identity and other secrets from the people they love and having to push them away, the burden of having to save lives and having to kill in order to do so..

I honestly didn't expect her to act like this especially after the way she acted after Tommy died.. I'M SO GLAD she wasn't like "YOu'Re A mUrDeRer! Blah blah blah" like Tommy and everyone else when they first found out.

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Doctor Who: 8x08 Mummy on the Orient Express

I think this is my favorite episode of the season so far.
I haven't gotten used to the Twelfth yet but he was great in this episode.

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Black Mirror: 1x03 The Entire History of You

Way better than the first two episodes! A little slow paced but not as slow as them too

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Black Mirror: 1x02 15 Million Merits

I feel weird saying this while most people seem pretty hyped up about the show; I get the idea. This is a good episode regarding the concept. But did it really have to be this lengthy and tedious? I got bored out of my mind halfway through the episode, same as the first one. Except, well, the first episode was simply disturbing and traumatic.

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Stranger Things: 2x05 Chapter Five: Dig Dug

What an intense episode! Noah Schnapp's acting is really something!
Poor El and Terry, though.. that was so heartbreaking

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iZombie: 2x18 Deadbeat

OMG! Finally!!! I kind of sensed that Liv's going to finally tell Babineaux when Major didn't get his choco-brains. AWESOME EPISODE!

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Broad City: 1x10 The Last Supper

Those two are so extra XD

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Baby Daddy: 6x11 Daddy's Girl

I wish we got to see more of Ben and Elle ):
I'll truly miss this show.

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The 100: 4x11 The Other Side

"You can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved."
And Jasper already died in 2x16. I'm sorry, Monty..

Also, IS JAHA EVER GOING TO DIE???? Why the hell is he still acting like he's in charge and why the fuck is Clarke listening to him? Jasper was right when he told her "When Jaha's looking reasonable, it's time to reassess". Even poor crazy Jasper realized that why can't YOU see it, Clarke?

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The 100: 4x10 Die All, Die Merrily

Octavia did GREAT!!! It was a great episode, really, so intense.
During this episode I was thinking "wow, finally some action in this dull season!" but Clarke had to be a bitch again and RUINED EVERYTHING just like she did at Mount Weather when Jasper was about to kill Cage and she killed everyone instead.
She speaks of peace and goodwill and suddenly flips and acts like a selfish bitch. I don't understand her anymore.

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The 100: 3x07 Thirteen


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The 100: 2x10 Survival of the Fittest

"Camp you is that way" lol

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The 100: 2x08 Spacewalker

I'd say Clarke did a hell of a job there. They took what they wanted but she finished the job her own way. Sucks for Raven, though, he was her everything... I felt really bad for her.
But hey, at least he died in a less painful way, and in Clarke's arms, knowing that she loved him.

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