The Emoji Movie

I don't understand why all the hate? I mean, it's a movie about emojis, how did you expect it to turn out?
I would describe this movie as quirky; I don't think it was meant to be hilarious and maybe that's what people were expecting?
I for one thought it was quite amusing. Loved the puns and the visually stunning world inside the phone, that little trick with the Instagram photos in particular was brilliant.

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Turbo Kid

"It's like a museum of coolness in here!" Loved the retro vibes! The costumes and the music!
Apple makes an adorable version of Harley Quinn! Same eccentric vibe but not as crazy and twice as adorable!

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Table 19

I truly do love and enjoy such light, heart-touching slice of life kinda movies.
Though I came here only for Ann Kendrick, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Loved the other cast members too.

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Truth or Dare

The idea of a possessed game seemed quite interesting but it was poorly executed. To top it all off, the characters were dumb and the ending was ridiculous and infuriating.

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Pitch Perfect 3

It's got Anna Kendrick, great music, entertainment and funny moments, what's not to like? ALSO, I FREAKING LOVE THE RIFF-OFFS! Even the rivals were likable!
I enjoyed and liked this better than the first two, I have to say

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Bad Moms

I thought it would be fun to watch, and it was but it's actually more than that.. Moms are so great and we're so ungrateful ):
Great movie and great cast. The credits scene with the actresses and their moms was such a brilliant addition!
I also noticed and loved that each actress took after her mom, lots of girls do I guess, but I find it kind of heartwarming for some reason.

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It's good! I'm a sucker for game-themed movies. It's entertaining and thrilling.
Really liked the general mood and atmosphere, the neon lights and stuff. Though there might be room for some improvement in the story, they still did a decent job. Plus I love Emma and Dave, so.

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The Apartment

"I guess that's the way it crumbles, cookie-wise."

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Visually stunning. That's what I love most about Sin City.
Eva Green's scenes were utterly breathtaking! Her beauty was a great addition to this sequel.

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The Mist

what a waste of time

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Great performance though the story itself is disturbing and I didn't quite understand it, yet I really enjoyed it

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Let's Kill Ward's Wife

There's nothing special about it but I enjoyed it actually. It's like dumb, but fun dumb, you know? lol

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Alien Abduction

Terrible. I fell asleep watching it.

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Bye Bye Birdie

I only watched it out of curiosity because I came across the title several times, and it turned out to be a movie about fangirls??? Seriously dude..
I did like Janet and Ann though; they were such a delight to watch. But other than that, the movie was quite boring and mostly annoying because of the fangirls, which is something that I personally find irritating.

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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

I liked it but it was actually disappointing a little. Not much happened. The beginning was good and interesting but then a little later everything went meh.
But I also think this "meh" part of the series is also necessary for the completion of the story; much like the calm before the storm, where everything seems dull and nothing is really going on until the storm hits with action and thrill.
Can't wait for the third movie!

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Scary Movie 5

It's silly but still I liked and enjoyed it better than the prequels cuz they were too obscene and disgusting

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Shout by Nimazaki
Spoilers2016-03-05T13:29:51-03:00— updated 2016-11-18T05:23:13-02:00

Wow, that was.. disturbing. I already think kids are monstrous and savages, this made it even worse lol
The burning scene was quite satisfying though, and Patriot's death scene too, ugh that felt amazing. Anyway, I kinda didn't like the ending? I was expecting something after the burning scene, so I thought that was weird..

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Freaks of Nature

"- Why are we still watching?
- I don't know."

Exactly! lol.
Some parts were enjoyable, but in general, the movie was boring, expect for the ending, I liked the moment when the alien appeared XD and Ed Westwick as a vampire, I think that was a good choice XD

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The Interview

This was unexpectedly fun!
I only watched it because of James Franco and I didn't expect to enjoy it, but it turned out to be hilarious.

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Why the hell was he trying to kill them anyway? It's frustrating.

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The Darkest Hour

I liked it. Sure, I wish there was more to the story, but it's actually really good.

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The Wedding Ringer

Really good. I liked the friendship concept.
And I laughed a lot! Especially when the grandmother caught on fire I laughed so hard I almost threw up

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Gosh, Jonah Hill is so annoying! The actor, and the character! He's yelling at everything all the time like a fucking baby!
I only watched this because of Michael Cera and Emma Stone, and it was a complete waste of time.

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Movie 43

This movie makes absolutely no sense at all, but that's what makes it hilarious! XD
Honestly, it's disgusting. Oddly enough, that didn't stop me from enjoying it. Yet, some segments were 99% pure disgust and stupidity, and 1% funny.
Chloë's segment was the best one of all! XD

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Another Me

I like the idea!
The plot was really interesting but it suddenly ended; it felt like they just wanted to get it over with and quickly finish it.
It would have been really great if it was around 2 hours long with more events. The ending was really, really stupid though.

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Easy A

Even though the story isn't really special but the movie was great, pretty entertaining! Emma Stone is gorgeous.

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Closed Circuit

Really interesting but the ending was kind of.. dull and weird

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Sleeping Beauty

Talk about poor acting! It was really terrible I couldn't bring myself to finish it.

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Let's Be Cops

Not even one dull moment; I liked it! It was hilarious! And the story is actually good.

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