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Loki: 2x06 Glorious Purpose

The best growth of any character in the entire story, period. Amazing. As sad as it is he was destined to be alone, he always did have glorious purpose.

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The Walking Dead: 10x21 Diverged

Ever watched your grandma chase a rat around the house and think I should write a tv episode about this? No? Me either.

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Black Mirror: 6x05 Demon 79

Imagine being a writer for a moment, one people love and praise, but being trapped in a box that the people who love your work create. Imagine in the beginning you thriving in that box, people loving you more and more, but eventually you've explored everything in the box. Now suddenly people drag you down, "why is he telling stories outside the box?" This is why season 6 took 4 years, because none of these episodes were bad, but because 3 of the 5 weren't inside the box all this hate gets written. Time to move on people, something is indeed better than nothing, and the more you complain about the theme, the closer you get to black mirror straight out ending and red mirror taking it's place, because all good writers eventually learn how to silence the haters and write with their heart, not with a gun to their head.

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Star Trek: Picard: 3x10 The Last Generation
Westworld: 3x08 Crisis Theory
Star Trek: Picard: 3x09 Võx

How could you not have melted inside the moment you saw that old bird one last time? It was only natural that in the end this would boil down to the borg but I think almost everyone had them as their number one suspect for weeks. What a victory this episode was for any of us with varying degrees of grey in our hair eh? Oh how I look forward to next week, with tissues in hand and a lump in my throat, we're at the end my friends. Buckle up, it's going to be the ride of our lives.

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The Walking Dead: 10x22 Here's Negan

What took them soooooo long to make an episode like this? This is really the only episode in this extended season 10 that you can call "good". As good as the episode was, it's also annoying though that they wasted the other 5 episodes telling origin stories of dogs and literally chasing rats. I hope they end this series with Negan actually saving everyone, and Maggie killing him anyway, because even if he is the ONLY interesting character left, the show and his story should end. Daryl and Carol and their little spin off series interests me as much as watching a 45 inning baseball game, their time came and went and they passed the point where anyone cares, but they can at least end this on a high note with Negan redeeming himself while still getting what should've come to him a few seasons ago.

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: 1x01 New World Order
Secret Invasion: 1x02 Promises

How is Rhodey so consistently on the wrong side about everything after everything he's seen?

Or is he really Rhodey...?

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Dexter: New Blood: 1x09 The Family Business

This rebirth of Dexter is solidly better than the original series from the way it's shot to the story to even details as silly as the credits. Last week I thought this series may have peaked, now this episode dropped and I feel like it was better than the last one, so I'm solidly on board at this point and can't wait to see how this season ends next week.

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Hawkeye: 1x06 So This Is Christmas?

All I wanted for Christmas was for Hawkeye to make it home.

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Star Trek: Picard: 3x08 Surrender

If you didnt cry for Data, even if you saw what he was doing coming, then screw you bruh! The gang is back together for one final round, and if you don't get why that's awesome, get the fuck outa here!

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The Walking Dead: 10x20 Splinter

Well... It seemed like the episodes were getting slightly better, and then we got this. A modest attempt to make us care about 'Princess' however it's really late in the game to make us try to care about a new character. It's also REALLY obvious where the episode is going, so it's really just spinning the wheels. Then when the episode is about to end you think you're gonna get some substance but nope, that's too much to ask for. One of the most unnecessary episodes of any show I've ever seen, which says a lot given how many unnecessary episodes this show has already produced.

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Your Honor: 1x10 Part Ten

Shout by Paul Vincent

Am I the only one who yelled out "good" when that damn kid was the one who got shot? He redefined arrogant stupidity in every way.

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The Walking Dead: Season 10
You: 2x08 Fear and Loathing in Beverly Hills

Awesome episode, the trip is very well done and Forty finally developed into more then just an idiot. I'm sure people who never tried drugs won't like it one bit but it felt very realistic to a night where you're blown out of your mind and just can't connect the dots and really turned this season around in a great way.

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Secret Invasion: 1x04 Beloved

I can't believe that's the end of Talos. Even if it makes sense writing wise, it just feels like a waste.

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Star Trek: Picard

I completely disagree with almost everyone else here who think this show is no good. I thought season 1 of Picard was a fantastic series, honestly the best telling of star trek I've seen in a long long time. It wasn't perfect but it definitely wasn't as bad as half of you are making it sound. I keep seeing consistent comments saying "I watched x amount of episodes and that's all I needed to see." Yeah that's the problem, if I only watched 15 minutes of a movie I wouldn't be qualified to give my opinion on it either.

The real problem here is that people aren't satisfied with anything these days unless it's exactly how they remember it, and times have changed. Star Trek was always good about staying relevant and to act like the Federation would stay perfect forever is just naive. Thankfully Star Trek has evolved and changed with the times, even if half of it's viewers are stuck in the 80's and 90's.

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Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan: 4x06 Proof of Concept

I know the popular thing to do on Trakt, and in all reviews, is whine whine whine, complain oh how stupid and awful, cry about how something ended so stupid, so this won't get as many likes, because I personally think this show ended pretty bad ass, Jack nailed a killer speech, and I'm glad they went with 6 episodes instead of trying to stretch it into 8 by adding some dumb subplots that didn't need to be there. Great job showrunners, this was as good as this show could've ended!

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The Walking Dead: 11x22 Faith

Imagine the suspense you could've felt if you didn't already know Negan was going to live.

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Loki: 2x04 Heart of the TVA

It was very weird to be eating spaghetti while watching this episode. But wow, mindblown.

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Star Trek: Picard: 3x04 No Win Scenario

By far, the most beautiful episode this show has created to date. The moment those space creatures were born, the talks in ten four, the talk between riker and picard, the catapulting of the asteroid, nothing here wasn't solid gold. Ignore the hater reviewers calling this filler, star trek's heart has always been in it's substance, not in it's flash.

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Loki: 1x06 For All Time. Always.

Marvel Trolls 2 months ago: "Why does it always end in a big dramatic fight? So formulatic unhhhh..."

Marvel Trolls today: "unhhhhhhh so boring so much talking no fight geez this is so boring. Multiple timelines soooo stupid."

But mark my words, you'll see all of them still posting about every show and movie for the next few decades.

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Secret Invasion: 1x06 Home

While the ending made me smile at points, and in the end, and while it was cool watching that battle and seeing the powers from heroes being used, I still feel slightly... Empty? Like we sacrificed a lot in this show to get to so little resolution. We don't even know how long Rhody was a skrull, just that apparently he's having trouble walking again like after Civil War. So was fake Rhody mourning Tony when he died or not??? Add in another unlikable president to the mix. I dunno... It wasnt terrible, I mean shit some of the last few marvel shows really showed how low it can go, but I guess I just expected a lot more here.

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The Walking Dead: 11x21 Outpost 22
The Tomorrow War
Westworld: 3x06 Decoherence
The Walking Dead: 10x19 One More

It was better than the last two. That being said this went from being an edge of your seat show to being a show where you don't even pause if you need to take a piss. It's time for the swan song, and somewhat nauseating realizing it'll still continue in some form even after it "ends". All good stories have endings, and this show's lack of one turned it from great to mediocre.

Gabriel does a whole speech making you care about him, finally, then by the end of the episode reminds you he's still a piece of shit. Time to die in the water tower and wrap this up!

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Westworld: Season 3

This will be remembered as the season the show tripped and fell into the void. Season 1 was obviously the best but Season 3 has really stunk up the joint.

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