Paraskevas Dinakis


Bonn, Germany

Game of Thrones: 8x05 The Bells

The Soprano's season finale doesn't seem that bad all of a sudden anymore. I'd rather leave it my imagination than to witness this poorly written conclusion to an epic saga. Can't wait to dive into Martin's final book.

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The Twilight Zone: 1x06 Six Degrees of Freedom

At this point, I'm not even mad anymore. The quality of the episodes remains consistently poor. Really fascinating that not even one could stand out positively.

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This is a perfect example where a movie should only be consumed as background noise. Just utter nonsense.

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Ready Player One

If you are like me and read the book, you'll be mostly disappointed. Except for some parts of its ending and the main story arc, this story is completely different from the book. It's enjoyable nonetheless and many will like it; I just had all these images from the book already in my head...
There were also alot of plot holes. Everything felt kinda out of place and patched together. I'd recommend to wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray release or if it's available on Amazon or Netflix.

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