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Doctor Who: Season 12

Season 11 was bad. But season 12's first three episodes made me stop watching the show altogether. That's all that needs to be said.

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Doctor Who: 11x01 The Woman Who Fell to Earth
Star Trek: Discovery: 1x14 The War Without, the War Within

Now, they've lost it completely.

There's a sentenced mutineer on the bridge of the Discovery which was reinstated by an imposter from the Terran Empire!

The admiral, instead of commandeering the Discovery herself, lets the former Empress of the Terran Empire commandeer one of the last Federation ships, by the way the most powerful ship to be built by the Federation so far, because she's got detailed intelligence from a Kronos from another universe from some 10 years ago.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, sure, but THIS is just stupid.

Last Scene of Season 1:
You're speaking with Empress Georgiou! Prepare to receive instructions!

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The Grand Tour: 1x09 Berks to the Future

These guys could do a show about counting sheep on New Zealand and it would be hilarious!
Great perception of German politics by the way ;-)

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Doctor Who: Special 154 Twice Upon a Time
Star Trek Continues: 1x11 To Boldly Go: Part II

I am so much impressed, I can't describe it.
This goes straight to my Top 10 list of any Star Trek episode ever produced.

The story is absoletly impressing. And they've solved quite a few continuity problems without it looking forced.
Some of these solvings are very sad though...
There's not a single second in this episode that I have any criticism for.

This episode turned the whole of Star Trek up to 11!

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Star Trek: Horizon

The only Star Trek story on a ship named Discovery I like!

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Star Trek: Discovery: 1x06 Lethe

Yeah, I've seen this coming. Sometimes, the Captain seems to be a nice-one, sometimes he sends his admiral and friend to death so he can continue being Captain.
Oh my god, the story is sooo deep! Nah, he's just an ass.

And what incredible things has Discovery done so far in the war? They've saved a colony and an ambassador who was supposed to die. Good, but no fate turning action.

They should've stayed on the Jupiter station and test their drive there...

And Michael is, of course, an INCREDIBLE officer because she accidently happened to have a mental connection to a pessenger on a ship in distress. Furtunate, but no achievement.

If military worked like this, that Jamaican girl from season 1 of "The Last Ship" would've become bridge officer too because she happened to be immune against the Red Flu...

Surely a reason to get a promotion!

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It's the kind of movie you know what's gonna happen. I knew from minute 18 what the guy was up to.

I skipped an hour and missed literally NOTHING except absolutely predictable interaction between the guy and the girl.

The "human" part of he story was as predictable as the story of the movies my grandma used to watch.

The "sciency" part wasn't better. No emergency crew wakeup protocol? No active backup computers? Why are the backups stored in a closet when nobody should be awake to use them?

Plot holes, plot holes, plot holes...

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The Man in the High Castle
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I didn't like it as I liked the original series

The authors thought they had to recycle the characters of the original series.

So Mac's nephew (or another kind of relative) works in his original MacGyver's old working place and anybody there has the name of one of Mac's old mates and colleagues? Sure...
I'm absolutely fine with a female boss, but DON'T call her Patricia Thornton! That's just silly. And calling an Ex-Marine Jack Dalton is even more silly.

The characters themselves are... ok. But "Team MacGyver" doesn't work out just like "Team Knight Rider" didn't.

Besides that, I sometimes have the feeling the new Mac just ocssionally builds stuff so you may call him Mac.

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Star Trek: Discovery: 1x03 Context Is for Kings
The Orville
The Orville: 1x04 If the Stars Should Appear


Humour and serious story are balanced VERY well. Even better than in episode 3. The jokes aren't inappropriate at all. The main story was surprising and interesting.
The subplot was fine and it was a good way to get some fun into the episode when the situation inside the big ship got serious.

Just keep on going Seth, you're doing everything right!

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Star Trek: Discovery

Shout by schornstephan
2017-09-27T01:21:07Z— updated 2018-01-23T03:00:07Z

It feels like the producers want to annoy the Trekkie as much as they can with Voyager-era beeping sounds, trials without a lawyer (Starfleet ISN'T military!!!), a completely different Sarek...

Besides from the canon errors, which I have finally been able to overlook since episode two, the main character herself isn't one that "fits" into Star Trek. I only talk about the role, not the actress.
I just don't like Michael. She is self-righteous, calls daddy when her ship is in danger, she isn't loyal... In short, she misses any part of personality a Starfleet officer should have.
She's got a problem with herself and it is absolutely unrealistic she would be an officer anywhere.

Update time!
The text above was from Oct 17.
Now it's Jan 23.
Aaaand: I was right: She wasn't welcomed on the Discovery because she's a great Officer, she just accidentally happened to be this universe's counterpart of someone Mirror Lorca needed to become Emperor.

So it's official: We've got Star Trek with an incapable main character.

Oh yeah, as presumed, she's messed up like 97% of her tasks in the meantime.

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Star Trek: Discovery: 1x01 The Vulcan Hello

I liked Abrams movies.
They were not the typical Trek, but they called it reboot and so I was fine with it. New approach, why not.

But calling this prime universe annoys me hard.
I was so distracted by the timeline errors, I wasn't able to follow the story. Had to watch it three times to get it.

Star Trek is a story spanning 3 (or more, depending on how you count) centuries. And Discovery doesn't fit in.

Without Sarek, the beeping sounds, the Klingon language, and the insignia, I wouldn't have guessed this is supposed to be Star Trek.

I'm highly prejudiced because of the design errors. Maybe that's the reason why I immediatly lost interest in the characters. Or they just are boring, I don't know.

I saw the cliffhanger, but I didn't watch episode two. I just didn't care.

If CBS had admitted it's a reboot or they just hadn't called it Trek, maybe I would've liked it.

Seems like I'll stick to the remaining STC episodes and the Orville ;-)

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