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Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Nun

I adore the Conjuring films. Thought the Annabelle films were lame. This was gonna be my tiebreaker... will this Universe these folk are building continue along the lines of lameness or greatness. Greatness it is!

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The Haunting of Hill House: 1x01 Steven Sees a Ghost

Yeesh. One episode and I am out. I got better things to do than sit through this.

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Doctor Who: 11x10 The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

Was okay, but the Doc’s rambling and constant technobabble hit an all time annoyingly high this episode. Which they’d tone it down a bit and just do not explain every detail.

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Doctor Who: 11x09 It Takes You Away

I’ve loved every episode this season, until now. This was their first big miss, utterly unoriginal and a snoozefest. Hope it’s a one and done and we can get back to greatness next week.

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Doctor Who: 11x07 Kerblam!

Like an episode of Black Mirror. She needs to keep her sonic screwdriver in her pocket more. The whole show was her waving it to solve everything.

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Black Mirror: Special 1 White Christmas

Have loved all the episodes up to this point. Needlessly long, some interesting concepts, but overall too much of a bore. I’ll revisit any of the season one and two episodes... but never this special again.

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10 Cloverfield Lane

What the? I HATED Cloverfield, but this movie was awesome! Why even link yourself to that garbage first movie? It kept me away from watching this for... well until now. Terrible marketing decision in my opinion but oh well, the next movie came out on Netflix which kicked me into watching this series. Glad I did. Cool flick.

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Since this seems to be a franchise that never goes away, I decided to try to get thru this as I’ve heard the other films are not handycam Shot. Well, I hated this film. I can’t stand hand held cameras. Then again, I’d never have attempted even a watch if I hadn’t been told the other films are not shot using hand held cameras. My completest nature forced me to get thru this one first. I don’t get how people can watch this crap. Then again, I don’t get how people can watch movie on their phones either #grumpyoldman.

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My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman: 1x02 George Clooney

Clooney’s nowhere near as compelling a character as Obama so this one was a little draggy, and less interesting. Nice to see he is a decent seeming guy though. Learned a little but it’s gotta be a tough deal being sandwiched between Nobel Prize winners. Still, that’s a great reflection on the quality of this show.

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Altered Carbon

Boring, mystery dreck disguised as sci-fi to try to lure Blade Runner fans. #ABANDONSHOW #ONEEPISODEISENOUGH

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Van Helsing

Made it through the fu\irst handful of this show until I had to turn it off.. standard, cheap, flat looking Canadian Sci-fi aesthetic that I hate. Could easily have been called Forever Knight 2.0 if they weren’t trying to tie this to the comic book boom. Kind of embarrassing Canadian TV has progressed so little visually since that old Toronto fang show.

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Gamera: Guardian of the Universe

Yeah, accidentally watched Gamera 2 before this one, after seeing this I now get some more of that story. This flick rocked. Gamera is awesome. Giant flying turtle monster fights for Tokyo vs giant man eating bird monsters. Lots of destruction, bullet trains, Tokyo Dome, and neat stuff.

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Battle Royale

This film was recommended to me long ago during my video store running days by a customer of mine that shared the same tastes in flicks. I never got around to it though, so many movies, so little time. This past year I found myself at Ai-Kon and there was a ‘Battle Royale’ panel which, due to that long ago reccomendation I attended. After asking many questions, I decided I needed to read the book first and try this out. Just finished the book today and watched this film. The book, was probably petty original until Hunger Games stole its momentum (and questionably plagiarized this), felt a little young adultish, with some gore added. This movie was more adult with even more gore and lots of fun. An enjoyable ride... though I think without the book’s background on the characters this could be a bit of a mess as it jumps everywhere. Luckily the book readers can fill in the blanks. Glad I did it in this order!

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Deadman Wonderland

Some decent stuff in here, but the fucking lame emo cry baby lead ruined this. Did they break a record for a characters self pity parties?

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Gappa, the Triphibian Monster

Enjoyable kaiju film with big giant blue birds as the monsters. Annoyingly family friendly but that’s usually the case with many of these older monsters flicks. I’d like to see a subtitled copy as the dub is grating.

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The X from Outer Space

This movie was terrible. I think the giant lizard chicken monster Guilala may be the silliest monster I have ever seen. And I love the giant turtle monster Gamera! I cant believe there is a sequel. Watch only if you need to be able to say you’ve seen ever kaiju film... like me. Still need a poster of this stupid monster though. Guilala is so stupid looking a poster would be awesome.

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The Body Snatcher

Its like Doctor Frankenstein if he created no monster. I watched thus for three reasons. Val Lewton, Boris Karloff, and Bela Lugosi. I enjoyed Karloffs performance but it ended there.

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Howling II: Stirba - Werewolf Bitch

The soundtrack I just could not get past. Ugh.

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Doctor Strange

This decade's version of Hugh Grant, is now a star in the Marvel universe. Jude Law wants his roles back. First act is interesting enough, act two devolves into a poor man's Last Samurai, actually had me wishing this was a Cruise movie, then Act 3 is a CGI Transformers mess without the hot actress running around in heels. Yeesh. Cumberbatch is so over exposed these days I guarantee he'll be Rey's dad in Star Wars. Hugh had his romantic comedies, Jude had everything else. Cumberbatch has unfortunately plagued us with genre film and show performances. He even has McAdams from the Notebook! Maybe he will take over Hugh's spot eventually. Uninspired dreck.

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Insidious: Chapter 3

I have just recently gone through the Insidious trilogy since part 3 was nominated for a Saturn Award in horror. I have really, really enjoyed them. This specific entry reminded me of the terror I had as a kid when I first saw Dreamscape (and to a lesser extent Nightmare on Elm Street 3). Lin Shaye plays the Dennis Quaid role incredibly in this film. Jumping in to save a young girl from the monsters, not too unlike Dennis Quaid's jumping in to save a young boy in Dreamscape. Despite all the jump scares that really try their hardest to cheapen this film, it eventually succeeds if you stick through it for the first several. I will head to the theatre if there is a next instalment to see this.

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I think I stood breathless watching the last half of this movie. What an intense piece of work! Adam Green is one of my fave modern directors. Incredible.

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Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver

Wow. These Gingerdead Man movies get better with every sequel. Odd but true.

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The Flash: 1x22 Rogue Air

Mind BLOWN! I can't believe how great this show is!

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The Flash: 1x18 All-Star Team-Up

I LOVE these team ups. Imagine a couple more DC shows and large crossover events!

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