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The Escort

The movie offers some good drama and comedy elements, but there is no real good balance between those two.
The missing balance between the actors is another issue. Fonseca did a great job, Doneger could only keep up in some scenes.

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The Girl on the Train

I really enjoyed how an actually simple murder plot got so exciting, just by the narrative structure. Good acting on top and I shall even forgive that the police actually should have managed to find the murderer at least after they found the corpse (and identified who couldn't be the dads).

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Doctor Thorne

Several excellent actors but an incredibly dull and uninspired plot, even by the standards of the genre.

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Poldark: 2x05 Episode 5

So predictable. So boringly over-dramatic.

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I really enjoyed the first 40 minutes, sadly the movie falls apart afterwards. No finesse, too predictable.

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The Last Witch Hunter

Rose Leslie is a the one and only highlight.

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Da Vinci's Demons

One of the greater disappointments. Added this to my watchlist because of all the favorable ratings and after four episodes I just can't stand it anymore.
I can accept that it is more fantasy than anything, yet this wouldn't require the plot to be so stupid and the characters so unlikable.

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Timeless: 1x02 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Yikes, are those dialogues dumb. Right now I'm surprised that the show didn't get canceled after S1. Hope it gets (a lot) better.

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The Best Offer

Geoffrey Rush is an outstanding actor and the movie begins quite interesting. But I have not the slightest idea why some are so excited about "the plot twist".
Besides the surprise part being no surprise, the plots also isn't very well balanced. It wastes times with story parts that don't really contribute much, while it also ignores or minimizes elements which could enrich the experience.
I expected a lot more, considering the high ratings.

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A Perfect Day

I was pleasantly surprised. Very good cast and the plot balances well between drama and comedy, often showing the absurd sides of war.

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My Sassy Girl

The final minutes managed to appease me, for the most parts of the movie I'd have given a rating of 5 or even 4/10. It's just too often too absurd, wasting time without providing much or anything.

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Hart of Dixie: 1x18 Bachelorettes & Bullets

I recently began to watch this series, rather forced than interested. Then I enjoyed it more than expected and now this episode ... was just awesome. It isn't too simple minded, the humor isn't over the top. It's perfect feel good content.

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The Accountant

I enjoyed the setup of the characters, though the rest of the plot wasn't that good. But the character "design" was really great, with many likable and yet so different characters and to each you can relate.

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Mr. Church

Oh, I discovered that I can produce manly tears too. And I did so for about an hour, during this movie. On a Father's Day.
Very recommended.

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Empire: 2x09 Sinned Against

Add Alicia Keys and you get the best performance on the show. <3

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A movie with some touching moments, but not really "8/10 great".

What makes it special for me though, is that the role of Claire Colburn offers the exact mixture of charm and emotional ride between sadness to joy, that is perfect for Kirsten Dunst.

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Midnight Special

A very weird movie. It makes no sense that those "other humans" forced the family on a travel, that would risk the family's lives and result in the exposure of those other beings.
And besides that making no sense, the movie offered quite a boring plot about this unnecessary travel.

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Mr Selfridge

I was looking for some Downton Abbey replacement and gave this show a chance. For 3 episodes. Too few likable characters, too generic plot. I was glad when I made the decision to quit.

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Little Evil

I probably laughed twice and never got scared, quite some sad result for a comedy / horror flick. An absolute waste of time.

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Westworld: 1x08 Trace Decay

Nothing about Maeve and especially those two clowns makes any sense. If that would be the only plot of this show, I'd have quit by now.

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Legion: 1x03 Chapter 3

This episode might have settled it, I enjoy Legion!

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Not a brilliant or always entertaining movie, but an interesting one which even manages to switch genres.

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Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India

It probably means more to Indians or if you are a fan of cricket, but for me this was by far the weakest movie I've seen with Aamir Khan. There is nothing special about it. Generic plot and characters.

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Madam Secretary

I've only seen season 1 so far. If I should keep watching, then only because of Téa Leoni. The plot is far too simple if you are somewhat interested in rl diplomacy and politics in general.

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Homeland: 6x12 America First

I can't believe how bad everything about this episode was.
First Carrie fails to connect the parts during her second phone call. Then she has the reassurance ... and doesn't call back, but instead travels all the way back.
That "the bomb warning" is to lure them out - nope.
Next: Only one bodyguard left and he pretty much decides to suicide without achieving anything. Only 2 "assassins" sent to check and finish them off. Carrie runs into another mess without an idea how to proceed, when she uses the elevator to return exactly there. Alternatives? Who'd waste any thoughts on alternatives?

I'll pass on all the remaining idiocy that follows, jump right to the aftermath: The right people are in jail with the exception of ... Brett O'Keefe. Nobody seems to mind at all. Despite all the evidence and witnesses they have against him. A fucking joke.

Great final: President Elizabeth Keane begins a witch hunt. Well, considering what she endured that would be somewhat believable.
The support she gets, the reasons (metadata!) they give: More fucking jokes.

I'm done with this show.

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Homeland: 6x11 R Is for Romeo

At the beginning of this season I really enjoyed the scenario they established. Meanwhile though it's just getting too silly in many little details, just to deliver a great showdown (within their 12 episodes). All those unrealistic flaws ruined one of the best scenarios for me.

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Eddie the Eagle

I was aware of the real Eddie the Eagle and I had a lot more respect for him before I had seen this film.
A complete snore fest, with too many purely fictional story elements, replacing real circumstances, which actually might have been interesting. What remains is nothing individual or creative, just the usual generic Hollywood product.

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Stranger Than Fiction

Shout by Silrog
2018-03-31T16:25:00-05:00— updated 2018-04-02T10:58:40-05:00

I somehow managed to never hear about that movie, which resulted in a very pleasant experience. The ending was a little let down, still enjoyed it a lot.

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Game of Thrones: 6x09 Battle of the Bastards

So let me sum up Sansa's decisions:

She met Littlefinger in secret, he offered her whatever she would require from him. And he had the troops of the Vale with him. She denies him.
She keeps pestering Jon for more troops. He confirms that they'd need more but that they tried all options.
Sansa obviously changed her mind and sent for Littlefinger, she doesn't tell Jon a single word about that option though, resulting in him trying a battle that almost gets them all killed.
She acts like she did great.

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The first half is a challenge, with all the details necessary to retell the story. The second half is much better (and more relevant), with a brilliant Cate Blanchett representing the struggles of journalism in our era.

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