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N'Delamiko Bey



Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

I have been re-watching the every season of Deep Space Nine in these binge batches, and my brother Jomo (RIP) was right: It is Star Trek’s darkest turn, and it’s most heart breaking.

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The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

I just finished watching “The Death and Life of Marsha P Johnson”... spent the last twenty minutes or so with tears running down my face. Unexpectedly, it was Sylvia Rivera’s story, woven into the larger tale that broke my heart. Islam Nettles story too, illustrates how little has changed for transgendered women since Marsha’s body was found.

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Sense8: 2x12 Amor Vincit Omnia

The sequencing of the club scene and the 'handover' that was more like a scramble, was one of the tightest of this entire show, with a single shot fired. I thought it was beautifully done.

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The Matrix

Still resonates after an almost mind boggling twenty years.

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RuPaul's Drag Race: 10x09 Breastworld

That double chanté! I thought I was about to lose a favourite and was literally shouting 'NOOOOOOO!" at the screen.

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The Expanse: 3x01 Fight or Flight

Trying to distract myself with a Game of Thrones rewatch while I wait on the premiere. Because, this is my shit right here.

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Outlander: 3x13 Eye of the Storm

I've just got around to watching the finale, and as a practitioner of the ATRS, it is incumbent upon to register my disappointment in the production team and @RonDMoore for producing this racist shit for television.

There are any number of ways they could have portrayed the African Traditional Religions, however they chose Hollywood's white washed view of MY religious traditions, instead of anything like historical accuracy, or for that matter anything congruent with truth.

There are any number of practitioners that could have advised them, but they chose to prey upon the traditional view of Europeans towards African religions instead of treating it with respect. I am so disappointed in their handling of this portion of the story, it's my lowest rated episode of this show, ever.

And after three seasons, I find myself questioning this show's integrity. Just to be clear: the kind of hodgepodge shit that you portrayed on screen borrowed from several traditions and did not portray any of them fairly or accurately.

disappointedasfuck in all of them. The ATRs are not some hodgepodge you can borrow from to colour your story without committing to accuracy. How could they get it so wrong in 2017?

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Battlestar Galactica

Mini Series - Part 1

Sharon just took off from Caprica with a load of refugees and that weepy fucker Gaius Baltar, leaving Helo behind.

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The Orville

This is such an interesting balance to Star Trek: Discovery... as though the ethos of these two shows have somehow been swapped. This is light and comedic and trots old territory in a fresh way, and Star Trek: Discovery has gone off boldly where Star Trek hasn't really gone before.

That said, I am enjoying this show's humor and the familiarity of it even though it is absolutely NOT Star Trek.

Forgive, but it is impossible not to make the comparison.

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Star Trek: Discovery: 1x02 Battle at the Binary Stars

Oh... yes! Where ever in space and time you are Jomo, this space battle is for you! #RIP (It's another Janeway!!! Kinda! You'd love her!!)

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Star Trek: Discovery: 1x01 The Vulcan Hello
Outlander: 2x07 Faith

Teaaarss!!!! Teaaarss!!!! I was so moved! Such a well written episode! One of the best of this season thus far.

Although the scenery moved backward and forward, the story was unbelievably coherent. Caitriona Balfe's performance in this episode, from first shot to last was exceptional. Her face was a complete mirror for Claire's inner world, and the drama was tautly written across every tremulous emotion Balfe put on display.

This character's ability to withstand turmoil is incredible, and her resilience and loyalty to be admired. Say what, she is clearly the soul of this show, and Balfe is perfectly cast.

At the end my last thought was, if Randall's been poked in the willie, then how is he supposed to father the lineage that leads to Frank? But the answer is obvious. Mary & Alex.

Ok! Back to Scotland! Hurrah!

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Ghost in the Shell

I first watched this movie with my brother back in 1997, at the beginning of an epic animé phase we both went through that lasted almost two years. It remains, in my opinion, the finest animated film in this genre to date. It's almost prescient in it's examination of philosophical humanity, and the rise of AI. Watching it again, it makes me realise it is the reason why I love robot Sci fi. The only sci fi I love better is Robots in Space.

My brother died last year, and this is the first time I've watched this film in a decade and it made me miss him a great deal. Miss him, and appreciate that this was our 'thing' back when we were young and foolish.

One note: I've watched both Japanese sub-titled and American dubbed versions over the years. While I appreciate the American dub, my favourite still remains the original Japanese language film.

BeKindToCylons #KeepEmClose

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Outlander: 2x04 La Dame Blanche

Oh I cracked up! This episode had so many funny moments... but now I am truly intrigued by the La Dame Blanche.

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The Ottoman Lieutenant

With a simple story, set against a revisionist history (as the previous commenter pointed out), this film manages to convey a wealth of feeling between the two leads, and a well stretched fabric of supporting performances by Kingsley and Hartnett. Kinda interesting to have Harnett play a bit of twat here, but you know... I get the need for a foil. Not a bad little film, with some gorgeous landscape shots, but the end seemed a tad too pat and predictable for my tastes. Will be watching Hilmar, as she did very well. Final note: The score was not overly emotional but a very constant support throughout the film.

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Me Before You

I didn't expect to be so moved by such a little movie, but with a captivating performance by Emilia Clarke, the witty laugh out loud funny writing, and a heartbreaking but not too clichéd ending, made this film a little overlooked gem.

Sam Claflin acquitted himself nicely, as did the entire supporting cast. Charles Dance and Janet McTeer as Will's parents, were a gelid and steely bonus no matter how secondary their characters were. I liked that they were never positioned in the story as obstacles to anything... Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter's Neville Longbottom) is again, chameleonic in the way he fits himself into characters, and Brendan Coyle (one of my favourites from Downton Abbey) were nicely cast.

However, it is truly Clarke and the screenplay that stand out here. I've never read the book, and probably never will, but I liked the story very much. I also like that it didn't play like a Hallmark movie, and the banter between Clarke and Claflin was well paced and they worked their chemistry very well, right up to the last letter in Paris.

This was a great little film... well worth the watch, just get some Kleenex.

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Game of Thrones: 7x06 Beyond the Wall

I screamed at several points... the tension was beautifully unbearable throughout. Well made, and pitch perfect.

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The Expanse: 1x08 Salvage
The OA: Season 1
The OA: 1x07 Empire of Light

This episode is a bridge. It cements the link between all six of the group, it creates a fundamental break between The OA and her parents, while at first seeming to forge it.

Brit Marling continues to be exceptional in her performance, and in the writing of the screenplay. Although we have no Dastardly Hap to hate, we find ourselves losing some sympathy for Nancy, and gaining immense respect for 'BBA', who not only goes to mat, she puts everything she has on the line for Steve.

Steves breakthrough, while at first seeming to be a betrayal, allows The OA to really shine.

I love seeing the team learn the five movements, and how naturally Steve learns the movements, similar to the way The OA and Homer form a strong understanding around the first two movements.

I am deeply impressed with this show. I understand there are some folks who apparently don't 'get' it. It's ok. Those of us that 'get it', 'get it'. It's just not for you. It's clearly for us.

Exceptional episode, that perfectly preps for the finale.

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The Expanse: 1x07 Windmills
The OA: 1x06 Forking Paths
The OA: 1x05 Paradise
The Expanse: 1x06 Rock Bottom
The OA: 1x02 New Colossus

Well ok! Now we're getting somewhere.

Although, one could not reasonably expect all the answers in episode two, the second episode rapidly advances the story and we finally start to get a sense of why The OA is so seemingly 'unhinged'.

At last, the 'villain' appears. I am also finding the growing byplay between the characters and their rough sketches interesting as well. We get only a little of that in this episode, but I am curious as to what their role is and why The OA needs them to be there. Brit Marling, who plays The OA, and produced, and mostly wrote, is doing an excellent job of conveying all of this character's many textures. While she appears unhinged, she also appears perfectly calm, resigned, aware and purposeful.

I am absorbed as her five listeners to her unfolding tale, and while there are no bells and whistles, this is a story being told in performance and writing, I am immensely curious as to why Hap's creepy serial killer like self is really about. As weirdness goes, this is not Twin-peakish, but it's certainly weird-as-all-out in a very human kind of way.

On to the next episode.

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The OA: 1x01 Homecoming

There I am, engrossed for nearly an hour in one of the strangest stories I've been told in a while, and THEN I see the open credits appear. That it came at a point in the story where the 'weird' turned up 'extra', I must admit, my jaw dropped for a moment. If for no other reason, I can say, I did not expect that.

For a first episode, this does very little in terms of telling us more than Prairie... my bad, The OA, is... well what is she? I don't think any of us could guess from this first episode. The basic premise as it stands is: Blind girl disappears. Girl reappears with sight. She's tapped into something we can't see, but maybe some people can 'feel'.

The way the narrative is built, the way it engages you in a subtle way... yes, let's watch on and see where this goes, but as of this writing, I cannot guess as to what is happening.

This show is oddly creepy, but at the same time, inspiring.... I'd invoke 'Twin Peaks' but maybe it's too soon for that.

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The Expanse: 1x05 Back to the Butcher
The Expanse: 1x04 CQB
The Expanse: 1x03 Remember the Cant
Travelers: 1x05 Room 101