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Horimiya: 1x04 Everybody Loves Somebody

This was the episode that melted me... I am now officially hooked.

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The Saint's Magic Power Is Omnipotent

This show’s cuteness can’t be denied, but it is heart warming. The animation is quite wonky, but the artwork in some scenes is stunning. The half drawn faces and slideshow scenes only detract a little from the story. It is engaging and the characters like able enough to want to keep going.

As it aired this year, it might come back with another cour, but who knows.

If you like iskei, and slice of life, this is a nice little treat.

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Tokyo Revengers: 1x07 Revive
Tokyo Revengers: 1x06 Regret

Mikey (Manjirou) Sano of Tokyo Manji is a lil badass. That is all.

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Snow White with the Red Hair: 1x05 This Path, the Crytallization of Premonition

Oh my gosh!

“Have a seat over here.”
“Close your eyes and count to sixty.”
“Huh? Is this a joke?”
“No it’s not. Close your eyes and don’t open them.”
“But what for?”
“Now! One...”
“Eyes are closed!”
“Twoooo... Threeeee...”


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Snow White with the Red Hair: 1x04 From the Small Hand, a Burgeoning Concerto Resonates

This story is simple, but very cute. The art is wonderful... just exquisite in places. The story is simple but somehow satisfying, like comfort food. This episode was the best yet. The story is definitely warming up.

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Cagaster of an Insect Cage

The animation is a lil weird, but the story is quite good, and well told.

Don’t mind the folks on the Internet streets who disparage it, it wasn’t a bad show and I got sucked in quickly and my attention held until the last shot.

Illie is cute. Kidou is ‘the bad boy’. There is a villainous empire, bureaucratic foolishment, political wrangling, back biting, great big insect monsters, plot twists, romance... stop complaining about the animation. There is more than enough meat here to make a meal.

I loved many of the side characters too, especially the orphans and Miss Mario. Miss Mario was my favourite never mind the hammy voice acting, I still loved the character, her impressive jaw and lovely bows.

Yes it’s weird in places, but there is some gorgeous art in there too, and the story is solid. Well worth watching.

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Attack on Titan: 1x13 Primal Desire: The Struggle for Trost, Part 9

Oooooh! Love me some Levi Ackerman. This show is so badass... I’m rewatching for the second time in a month. I. Love. Me. Some. Levi. Ackerman. What I say? What I SAY?

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Penguin Town: 1x06 TBA

Such pitched drama! I was almost in tears when Petal got lost!!

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Attack on Titan: 4x08 Assassin's Bullet

Golly... wild how the awful music this season has grown on me. Especially the closing theme.

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For All Mankind

I did not expect to like this show, and when I pulled it up and saw RDM, I blinked and said, Oh definitely.” And I wasn’t proved wrong. I’m pretty sure if RDM wants to do anything he will get the money to do it. His ability to find and pull the right people together to tell a specific story is phenomenal to me. He never disappoints. Long story short: This is great! It is very good. The season 2 closer was devastating. But of course, beautifully sets up Season 3. Do it. It’s a great watch.

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His Dark Materials: 1x01 Lyra's Jordan
Carnival Row

Shout by N'Delamiko Bey
2019-09-01T15:38:32Z— updated 2019-09-13T00:34:50Z

I thought it was a beautifully told if simple story... I’ve been reading critics reviews and am wondering why some people even bother if they’re going to compare everything to GoT, and then complain because the show isn’t a perfect season.

I think it’s as good a first season as anyone can expect from any show that’s not Battlestar Galactica.

The costume design was impeccable, the set design so wonderfully rich, which is impressive considering there is so much grey. Whoever was responsible for the lighting did an amazing job of giving it a complete personality in this narrative.

The performances were a little uneven here and there, but what first season has a perfect possession of every character? None, that’s how many.

All in all it’s a glorious entry, and I love the way The Fae are presented, and as gritty the allegories are with Nazism and the nascent authoritarianism and white nationalism on the loose in the U.S., I appreciate the tone and structure of the politics and how it’s played out from the top down.

I enjoyed this tremendously and am looking forward to more yarn for this story...

#CarnivalRow #FaeForever #FaeUnity #FaeOfTheWorldUnite

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Queen Sugar: 4x01 Pleasure is Black

As a writer who has used my life, named names, and unapologetically written about my experiences with my friends and family, quite frankly, I appreciate and understand why Nova has done what she's done.

But damn... I also know the cost. I know exactly what it cost me to do it. I don't have even a fraction of the closeness with my family that these characters do, so I know this will lead to one of two things:

Catharsis or Cut and Burn.

I see ALL the drama for this season laid out for us.


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Destination Wedding

Hilarious! How can you not get it. It's hilarious! I cackled.

The whole sequence when they crept away from the wedding, the mountain lion and the sex scene, was hilarious!

Also, his character, despite his dour protestations, is INCREDIBLY SWEET. From his first word to her to that annoying noise he was making just before she opened the door.

Just very funny... I liked it a lot.

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Downton Abbey: 3x05 Episode 5

I've watched the entire series multiple times, regardless of my Trakt count, and this is always one of the most heartbreaking. Everyone's grief is so palpable, and Sybill's character such a softening middle ground... the aftermath so very nearly sundering.

Alas... the sweetest sprite is gone.

One of this show's best episodes in terms of performance.

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Battlestar Galactica: 3x04 Exodus (2)

Ive watched this episode (indeed all the episodes of BSG) and this remains one of the finest hours of this show. I will never, ever not be awed by Galactica dropping out of the atmosphere, or the demise of the Pegasaus.

When I do my Best of BSG, this is always the number one episode... shit, when I do my best of TV, this episode is always right up there.

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Queen Sugar: 3x05 A Little Lower Than Angels

NOOOOOO! NO Charley! Don't do it! Don't DO IT!!! AGGGGGGHHHH! Girl, you go cry. SEEEEEEE! Ya crying! Look at you! Look at you!!! DON'T DO IT! DON'T DO IT!!! *** phew *** That was too close a call, and I just don't know what you doing girl. I just don't know what you doing...

: sideeye :

NOVA BORDELONE!!! I see you girl! I SEE YA!

P.S. I loved Charley's nails in this episode. LOVED them.

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Sense8: 1x12 I Can't Leave Her

Creepy fucking Whispers. The trap set over the last few episodes finally springs, and oh my goodness, no many how many times I see this episode (it numbers in the low teens now, never mind my Trakt count) it is still such a beautiful executed twisty bit of lush and balletic narrative. Lana just gets better. I can't believe they won't give her more money to make MORE CONTENT DAMNIT.

The gorgeous soundtrack and score, the wonderful build up and gloriousness of the last ten minutes or so. Wolfgang (my darling), and Kala's growing connection, the solidifying of Will and Riley's love that makes both Riley's sad tale, and Will's fucking unwavering determination just a wonderful watch. A tactile kind of visual storytelling and sharp editing makes this episode exceptional.

I love this show. It's right up there with BSG. My undoubted #2.

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Sense8: 1x11 Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes

Sun is an undoubted bad ass... and you can tell she LOVES to cut men's asses.

The urgency continues to build with this episode, and I can feel big bad Whispers just a breath away.

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Sense8: 1x08 We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts

In the build up to the final episode of the season, the story palpably and exquisitely begins to build.

The discovering sweetness of Will and RIley, the growing closeness between Wolfgang and Kala, the amazing editing and stunt coordination of Sun, Will, Nomi and Caupheus... this was a well done bridge episode. You can feel Whispers closing in, and you can feel the cluster... well 'clustering'.

This was one of the better episodes of Season 1.

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In a world that holds almost no space for the mental health of people of colour, and especially black women and children, this movie was a simple and beautiful story...

It didn't need to be complicated, but it was nice to see a story where the black boy isn't trying to be 'hard', but trying to find equilibrium. Anthony Anderson's performance is in many ways, the subtle glue here... the 'real man' and the bridge for August to find his way back into the world.

Simple and beautiful... it's a good watch, with a feel good ending.

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RuPaul's Drag Race: 11x13 Reunited

So catty!!! Rajah throwing the purple wig on the floor was soooo petty. This group of queens are spicy as hell. I agree with another commenter that they are some of the shadiest groups of all eleven seasons. I'm deadheated between Yvie and Silky to win. Yvie because I think she's so beautifully weird, and Silky, because I want to see a big girl win for once.

This season was entertaining, but the infighting was... catty. Just so catty. And transparent in almost every case.

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The Umbrella Academy
Game of Thrones: Season 8

It didn’t make me weep for the last twenty minutes like the second half of BSG’s “Daybreak”, in fact I only teared up when The Starks broke up on the dock. However, nothing compares to BSG for me... nothing.

The writing on this show started to deteriorate the further away it went from the source. I don’t think that’s the fault of the show, but George Martin. Even with him informing the major plot points, it’s clear that his nuances went missing almost as soon as they left his established world’s defining moments.

The show runners and writers did the best they could and it shows.

But as TV goes I’m fine with the way it all ended. It all seemed appropriate.

Reading responses to this entire season, and the finale, there is no way a good handful of people would have been satisfied with the way it ended... but it’s a good story told with a satisfying ending.


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Ever Night
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

I have been re-watching the every season of Deep Space Nine in these binge batches, and my brother Jomo (RIP) was right: It is Star Trek’s darkest turn, and it’s most heart breaking.

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The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

I just finished watching “The Death and Life of Marsha P Johnson”... spent the last twenty minutes or so with tears running down my face. Unexpectedly, it was Sylvia Rivera’s story, woven into the larger tale that broke my heart. Islam Nettles story too, illustrates how little has changed for transgendered women since Marsha’s body was found.

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Sense8: 2x12 Amor Vincit Omnia

The sequencing of the club scene and the 'handover' that was more like a scramble, was one of the tightest of this entire show, with a single shot fired. I thought it was beautifully done.

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The Matrix

Still resonates after an almost mind boggling twenty years.

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