Carnival Row

Much better than expected. Large in scope and ‘world size’, beautiful cinematography, and surprisingly good acting—very natural, not cloy or coarse.

And the romantic elements are actually reigned in at appropriate times (didn’t know Orlando Bloom had it in him), which keeps up the fast pace (well, so far; I am on Episode 3, though very tempted to keep binging.)

Yes, there are some very obvious allegorical plot devices and links to “current affairs” straight out of the gate, but they’re well balanced with the fantasy elements and only serve to better flesh out the alternate world. Also, we find out after a few episodes that there is a lot more going on than just “humans vs. fae.”

.. P.S. Amazon’s teaser for this wasn’t very good or striking, but the show has in fact turned out to be quite intriguing and compelling for me (with a good dose of mystery, which I didn’t glean from the trailer).

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Atlantis, 2003

This was one of the best shorts I have ever seen, especially as it just does not need to be longer, which is relatively rare. This film short is a bit both commentary on European "affairs" and on innocently dark human nature.

Had to write this because I keep remembering this work, seen a week ago. Anyone know why the director chose 2003? (Maybe to do with some real life story? If so, that would make this even more chilling.)

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