Wailuku, Hawaii

Funny Games

As someone who likes movies about serial killers, I highly enjoyed this movie. I found the two serial killers- especially Paul- fun to watch and play off of one another, and the irony in their mannerisms (e.g. how seemingly friendly and polite they were the entire time while tormenting the family) quite humorous. I also found it ingenious how they used the relationships between the families to line up consecutive victims with the same ruse, and liked how Paul looked/spoke to the camera a few times, as it gave me a feeling of being more engaged with the story.

I would have rated it higher if not for two things:
1) How much it dragged in the time between the two leaving after they killed Georgie and when they returned
2) The random rewind scene, which came out of nowhere and just didn't feel like it fit/made sense

Other than that, it was quite good, and was definitely one of the more fun to watch horror/thriller movies I've seen in a while.

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Young Adult

I found this movie interesting, and quite relatable in some aspects (e.g. being stuck in a rut, living with depression and loneliness, and wanting to relive the happy days of the past, but being unable to, as the requisite people and circumstances have changed). However, I found Mavis's character to be way too much of a bitch to relate to. Especially the way she treated Sandra.

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