Outlander: 4x02 Do No Harm

Truly heartbreaking to watch it knowing this happened in America for centuries. They're still almost a century behind the Civil War and they're in the region where the Charlottesville marches took place. It's horrifying to know it was seen as normal and even worse to realize that three centuries later there are still some people who would abide by this were it still the law.

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Big Little Lies: 1x07 You Get What You Need

I am so shook.
This episode is really a masterpiece. They really built up a momentum and created a lot of possible suspects and made us feel intrigued until the very last scene. That was so satisfying I can't even begin to describe it. The final scene is really memorable. The soundtrack and the resolution of the murder were divinely expressed. The last time I felt this was watching the Six Feet Under finale.

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The Fall: 3x01 Episode 1

It's so nice to see a recovery taking its proper time. In so many shows the characters gets shot and nearly dies, but suddenly he's running away from hospital and beating perfectly healthy people up. I'm very intrigued to see how the show will develop from such a from-now-on so limited range of possibilities. I'm not sure the show will deliver a Stella under Paul's power scene, but that's certainly been teased.

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How to Get Away with Murder: 3x01 We're Good People Now

I can't believe Viola Davis just invented acting. The soundtrack of this episode caught my attention. My guess is it's either Nathan, Wes or Annelise's momma (who could be paying a visit, idk).

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Chicago Fire: 4x10 The Beating Heart (1)

I guess they thought we cared about Herman enough to do a three-ways crossover.

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The Affair: 2x12 Episode 12

That was quite an episode. I felt really surprised by who killed Scotty. Noah's final scene showed a lot about his personality. Definitely the show surprised me.

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The Affair: 2x01 Episode 1
Wayward Pines: 1x10 Cycle

Unfortunately they messed up at the very ending. I know the message it passes, that we won't be able to ever live in perfect harmony and stuff, but please, THE SHOW GOT CANCELLED, just give it a proper and satisfying ending to make it al least not forgetable in 3 years.

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My Mad Fat Diary: 3x01 Who Is Stan Ford?

Shout by Gerson
2015-06-23T01:45:23Z— updated 2016-09-24T17:03:01Z

This episode is even better than the series 2 finale. It is so well-written, so perfectly acted and so genuinely truthful, I can't express how I feel about it in words. Rae finds a way to represent all of us - at one point - as teenagers. Her mixed up feelings, how a teenager's mind constantly changes and how at that age we see ourselves as mature adults is bravely constructed mostly based on small details. I just fucking love My Mad Fat Diary!

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