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Shadowhunters: 3x10 Erchomai

Best episode of the show to date. I loved it so much!

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Shadowhunters: 3x02 The Powers That Be

Absolutely loved this episode. It's for sure on my top 5 of the show. Needless to say, sneaky boyfriends was the funniest thing ever. Also I'm loving saia and I laughed so hard at the whole tattoo thing lol way to turn it even more awkward

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Shadowhunters: 3x01 On Infernal Ground

This season is gonna be lit! So happy it's finally back after 7 months.
Also I died with all the soft malec "I've always dreamed of meeting someone like you.”; “All I care about is how you feel.”; "I'm not going anywhere"

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Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Let's just say I cried a lot about Newt and I'm feeling very nostalgic about one of my favorite series coming to an end. That aside I feel this was a very good final chapter and I'm very proud of the cast and crew for pulling this off so amazingly after the complications they had. The wait was worth it. Last but definetly not least: I fucking love Dylan O'brien

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Stranger Things: Season 2

Oh man, I didn't think they could do better than Season 1 but surprise surprise! I loved it so much. If I'd comment on everything it would be really long so I'm gonna say what is impossible not to praise. These actors are insanelly good, I mean, Wynona is at her best here, David just always have the ability to make me cry and I simply love that they chose to introduce a dynamic with him and El. The kids are out of this world especially Millie, Finn and Noah and last but seriously not least I LOVE STEVE SO MUCH! A+ character development. He's become one of my favorites

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