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darkened theatre

Beat Bobby Flay: 2x03 Bring Home the Bacon

"Is the bandana going to cook this dish?"

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Star Wars Rebels: 3x18 Double Agent Droid

AP-5 Singing. Most excellent!

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Titans: 1x09 Hank and Dawn

The show runners of Titans needs to stop with the interruptions of the main storyline.

As much as I like Hank and Dawn, both their episodes have caused the Titans storyline to a complete screeching halt.

The two Hank and Dawn episodes along with the Doom Patrol and Jason Todd episodes feel like padding and filler for stretching out the season.

This episode as a stand alone episode was actually quite good. But, it is squeezed in as a filler episode that breaks the momentum that was built up in the last episode.

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Titans: 1x08 Donna Troy

This episode was much better, I enjoyed it a bunch. I liked that they finally started using the name "Starfire". The episode was lacking much in terms of action, but it was actually better because it. I liked the Dick and Donna scenes the best out of the episode. I am hoping the writers and producers keep up with putting out good episodes like this instead of bad ones like last week's.

“Wonder Woman was born to protect the innocent. Batman was created to punish the guilty.” -Donna Troy

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Titans: 1x07 Asylum

I had been liking Titans so far, but this episode was pretty bad. I am hoping it’s just a fluke.

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Star Trek: Discovery: 1x03 Context Is for Kings

“Universal law is for lackeys. Context is for kings.” Lorca.

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The Good Place: 2x10 Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent

Even demons can change. Great episode.

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The Good Place: 1x13 Michael's Gambit


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The Rookie: 1x02 Crash Course

I really like this show a lot. I like how they three TO's and Boots are bonding. The only thing the show needs is to cut back on the use of body and dashcams.

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The Rookie: 1x01 Pilot

A good Nathan Fillion delivery vehicle.

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FBI: 1x02 Green Birds

They need less of the fake technobabble that is cringe-worthy...

“Super resolution-based reconstruction algorithm.”

"An advanced algorithm that creates models of voices and their unique characteristics."

"An audio DNA, it's supposed to be faster than Google search."

And Jeremy Sisto's character Jubal Valentine needs to stop yelling all his lines.

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Lethal Weapon: 3x02 Need to Know

Murtaugh is pretty annoying and I hope the writers find a way of toning it down. It's unfortunate that Wayans is going over-the-top with his portrayal of Muraugh because I really like Seann William Scott and his character Cole. I would love to see them retired Murtaugh and promote Bailey to be Cole's partner.

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The twist was nice, but this film reallly felt like they took a 43 minute TV pilot and stretched it unsuccessfully into a 90 minute film.

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Star Wars Rebels: 2x08 The Future of the Force

Ahsoka Tano is so awesome.

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The Spy Who Dumped Me

The problem with The Spy Who Dumped Me is that it feels very disjoint -- it feels like two different films were shot and then they tried to edit them together without much success. There is a mediocre comedy that works some of the time and there is the mediocre action film that gets quite dark. Mixing these two mediocre elements together only dilutes each other.

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Star Wars Rebels: 2x05 Wings of the Master

Kevin Kliner’s music for when Hera test flies the B-wing was perfect. It was reminiscent of the Rocketeer theme.

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The Replacements

The Replacements is a guilty pleasure.

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Star Wars Rebels: 1x03 Rise of the Old Masters

“Does yours do that?” Ezra/Zeb

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Reverie: 1x06 Pas de Deux

I gave this show six episodes to convince me to stick around. But, the episodes, outside of one episode, keep getting worse or continue to stick to an unconvincing formula. The ending of this week’s episode was disingenuous at best, at worse it treated the viewers like we’re complete idiots. The sister all the sudden announcing she has MS and having that solve the “problem” of the episode was plain lazy writing. I am finished with this show, it is being removed from the DVR schedule.

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If I had to pick one word to describe this film, it would be "lazy". I understand we're deep into summer movie session at this point and Skyscraper is made to be a summer popcorn flick -- I love summer popcorn flicks. But, the film is just so lazy in everything it does that it is no fun. Not even Dwayne Johnson's charisma can save this one. At some point Johnson's character remarks, "This is stupid" and I couldn't agree more.

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The Glades

A little too clever for its own good.

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Reverie: 1x05 Altum Somnum

Just as quickly as the show found its footing last week, it slips backwards this week. The show is much more interesting when it deals with the happenings in the real world rather than the virtual world. The person-of the week format isn’t working very well because the show can’t connect that person with the audience in 43 minutes. It would be better if the show could switch to a format where a character gets a multi-episode story arc, letting the audience connect.

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Hollywood Weapons: 1x08 Terry vs. Gorn

What happens when you try to do a myth that was already done by the Mythbusters? You end up with one that fails hard, less entertaining and cringe worthy.

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Hollywood Weapons: 1x04 Dying Hard

Cringe worthy. It feels like they are trying too hard, the humor really doesn’t work.

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Life: 1x07 A Civil War

The computer related stuff is hilariously bad.

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Reverie: 1x04 Blue Is the Coldest Color

Much better than the previous three episodes, actually a lot better. The real world outside of the Reverie is so much more interesting than the short stories inside the Reverie. I hope the show runners and writers continue to explore the outside world.

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Need for Speed

Just bad enough to be good. I love the sound design in this film.

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Speed Racer: 1x26 The Car Hater

The dude on the horse needs to be thrown into jail for child abuse.

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Ocean's Eight

Fun and entertaining movie that left me with a smile. Anne Hathaway absolutely knocks it out of the park in the film and is the best thing in the film. This movie makes for a good addition to the Ocean's franchise.

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Reverie: 1x02 Bond. Jane Bond.

This week’s episode was better than the pilot, but that’s not saying much. I think the problem is that the person-of-the-week thing doesn’t fit well into a 43 minute show. This is especially since the shows format requires that the persons life be revealed slowly throughout the running time. There’s just not enough time for the audience to find anything to latch onto with the features character of the week.

This episode did start off with a fun vibe and then decended into a darker vibe. Which is unfortunate because I liked the first part of this episode.

I will give it a couple of more episodes because of Shahi. But, it’s not looking great at this point.

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