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Mushi-Shi: 2x17 Azure Waters

Where are the ninjas hiding in my room, cutting onions all the time? Damn them!

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Blade Runner 2049
Rick and Morty: 3x10 The Rickchurian Mortydate

A slight disappointment on my side for this season ending for an otherwise phenomenal season. It didn't feel as deep and "just" made fun (in a proper intellectual way though) of politics. The existentialist crisis of beth was great though and found a proper ending.

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The Deuce: 1x01 Pilot

Everything I wanted from a pilot and from this show. The next weeks will be great.

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Rick and Morty: 3x07 The Ricklantis Mixup

I wonder if the wishing well is a reference to Tarkovskys "Wishing Room" in Stalker. Because this episode deals mostly with all the themes discussed in the movie and gives it a more present and focused view. Great episode, more content in it than many seasons of other shows.

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Deeply underappreciated movie, even after the price in Cannes. (only 100 votes right now). Sometimes a little bit too constructed, but it never fails to deliver strong symbolism to it's themes. If you're a fan of good Drama movies, watch it. If you want to understand some things about India, watch it. Just watch it, do yourself the favor.

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The Leftovers: 3x04 G'Day Melbourne

The pinnacle of this TV show. How can they even top this amount of emotions? Only 4 to go..

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Fortitude: 2x09 Episode 9

Welp.. I puked a little. Worse than Theon in Game of Thrones, and this scene felt quite unnecessary to be honest. A little bit too much of gimmickry in my opinion in an already gorey season so far

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Outsiders: 2x13 Unbroken Chain

Hoping for another season in some years from now.. WGN has cancelled Outsiders for now, but hopefully they'll find a new channel who is interested for season 3. This show deserves a fitting ending.

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The Expanse: 2x08 Pyre

I didn't like the rebellion on tycho station. It felt way too rushed and unexplained, but maybe it was supposed to be that way (revolution based only on emotions? Way to risky, I guess)

Everything else: Top!

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The Expanse: 2x05 Home

What the.. ? This episode was beyond crazy at the end. We all could think of all the endings, but did anyone think of this?
How can someone call this awful? Imagine the possibilities for this story in the future. Venus inhabited by an Alien lifeform, Mars sees it as a thread, Earth maybe as a chance.. even more conflicts arising and more awesome storys to tell in this great universe.

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Black Mirror: 3x04 San Junipero

It is really frightening for me to see how many of the people here see this as a happy ending.
I guess technology and the hedonistic neoliberalism have found its way already into our minds.

Weren't you atleast concerned about the talk they had about people "doing everything to atleast feel something" in this sadomaso / groupsex facility? About 80-85% being already dead? About a huge technology company owning us even after our deaths? Just for the sake of hedonistic, fake emotions disguised as only what it is: binary codes?

This was, for me atleast, one of the darkest endings of any Black Mirror episode ever. It shows you exactly what the neoliberalistic idea has already done to us and will eventually still do in the future (and I thank the director and makers of Black Mirror so much for it! One of the best episodes of this show so far)

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Masters of Sex: Season 4

After a bit of a let down in season 3, I think this one is my favorite. So many good episodes and storylines twisted with actual meaningful world events. Great one! I hope for a fifth season.

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Fear the Walking Dead: 2x08 Grotesque

One of the best episodes of this show so far. Almost like a Let's Play episode of DayZ.

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The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

Holy f***, that ending.
Awesome documentary. Don't google about him, just watch it!

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