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Toronto, Ontario

Ozark: Season 2

The plot was spicier than season 1 but the writing wasn't as good nor was the finale.

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The Sinner: Season 1

The unravelling of the mystery was great, Bill Pullman was very good. Last episode messed me up.

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Dragon Ball Kai: Season 1

It is amazing in every way possible. Great story, characters, development, humour and action. Sure there are some inconsistencies and repeated events but this show also works on an emotional level which raises it up by a higher standard.

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Fargo: Season 2

Worse than season 1 in every way. Sci-fi aspects of this season are b.s. Bokeem Woodbine was easily the best part of this season.

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The plot itself is great, but the characters and sideplots are not very compelling. The crime aspect is also really interesting but often gets interrupted with mundane things like misbehaving children. Easily could be a 8/9 rating show for its content but doesnt quite reach its full potential because of its flaws in having compelling characters or side plots or even sometimes the twists. The direction and cinematography are great but the editing is just alright. Episodes 8-10 are probably the worst episodes of the 1st season but I will be following.

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The Deuce

The writing and characters are very good (lots of character development), however it would have benefited from taking place in LA much like the films Hardcore, Boogie Nights and 8mm. The setting of NYC isn't very interesting. The cast is good. Will be following the show.

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Twin Peaks: Season 3

Review from letterboxd: God, this is worse than the second half of season 2.

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American Crime Story: Season 1

Better than the espn documentary. Small inconsistencies here and there but one of the best shows I have ever seen.

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Mindhunter: Season 1

Very interesting, has likeable characters but is very inconsistent.

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Twin Peaks: Season 1

Very fun and interesting show with great characters and dialogue. The surrealism is boring but the plot and side-plots are great. Season 1 - 2 (episodes 1-13) really great.

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American Crime Story: Season 2

Amazing, lots of character development and very gruesome. Praying this comes out on bluray.

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Twin Peaks: Season 2

Really good until second half (13-22). Feels like filler, hate the character development and plot feels trivial.

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Fargo: Season 1

Good show but not enough character development (Martin Freeman has good character development tho).

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