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Black Lightning: 1x01 The Resurrection

I really liked Cress Williams, his deep voice and that he is very Idris-Elba-like. The setting as far as introduced seemed a bit uninspired. On the one hand it's good that a tv series incorporates social issues of POCs, but on the other hand it seems like the tv makers think "it's a black tv series, so it has to have black themes". I don't see Arrow or Flash dealing with such things, specially not in their pilot.
But this pilot was not bad. The themes as uninspired as they were, were very well executed. If they find their own spin on the whole thing it could get very good.
And, to repeat my self, I really liked Cress Williams acting. He is grumpy, but has room for witty comments.
Black Lightning could become the perfect series to replace Arrow as a serious CW superhero show. Because Arrow has jumped the shark a long time ago.

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The Flash: 4x06 When Harry Met Harry…

Screw Dibney!
Go Black Bison!

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Fargo: 3x01 The Law of Vacant Places

Thank god for Mary Elisabeth Winstead!
A good mix of the tried and trusted Fargo formula, multiple intertwined story lines, a police chief, bad and dumb people and death combined with new faces.
I've never been so relived seeing someone hit by a A/C-Unit
And I wonder if "Ehrmantraut" was a shout out to the other best TV-Show currently airing?

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Dimension 404: 1x04 Polybius

in the voice of a local news anchor
Might your Windows 95 screensaver be cursed? We tell you all about it later.
But first: Queerbaiting. How is this still a thing?

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Dimension 404: 1x02 Cinethrax

The best Doctor Who Episode of 2007

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The Flash: 3x17 Duet (2)

I missed Oliver performing Starcity as Flarrow Version of City of Stars

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Into the Badlands: 2x01 Tiger Pushes Mountain

The Master is the true Iron Fist!

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Better Call Billy
Goliath starts interesting but needs a firm cutting. There is too much unnecessary fluff. I love Billy Bob Thornton though. He really holds this series together, the other actors are fine but not more.

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Westworld: 1x08 Trace Decay
Designated Survivor

What i expected: This show is about a terrorist attack, that wipes out the entire US government. So it will be mainly about hunting the (muslim) terrorists, like in 24. And a President, who does everything to stay in power, like House of Cards.
What it's actually about: How terrorist attacks affect Muslim-Americans, how a right-wing, islamophobic governor tries to establish a police state. About a naive, but lovable president, who takes time for his family, while his wife is kick-ass lawyer. About a president, who tries to find the terrorists, but doesn't want to attack someone without being 100% sure.
It's not a dystopian vision of the USA after a devastating attack. It's an utopia!

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The Young Pope: Season 1

What if Frank Underwood would become Pope?
The Young Pope is one of the most remarkable series of 2016. Jude Law not only acts but lives the role of the egocentric, mystic and near maniac Pope Pius XIII. The camera uses every aspect of Vatican architecture to bring this series to life. The soundtrack underlines but also contradicts.
You need to give this series time. Like it's protagonist it doesn't like to tell you it's plan. It conveys the big enigma that is the roman catholic church like i've never seen before. Even if you are an atheist for a short time you need to buy into the narrative of catholic belief to feel the epicness of the story.

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The Crown: Season 1

Duke of Edinburgh, but sexy
The Crown is the most expensive series Netflix produced to date and i really looks like it is. It can definitely parallel Peter Morgan's earlier imagination of Queen Elisabeth in "The Queen". But for me the real star is Matt Smith as Prince Philip. Often times he is just standing or sitting in the backround of a scene, but in the most elegant and at the same time chilled way i ever saw.
The Crown is an ambitous project, set out for six seasons (and a movie?), and it could become an epic telling of Queen Elisabeth II.'s life.

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Mr. Robot: 2x06 eps2.4_m4ster-s1ave.aes
Rick and Morty: Special 8 State of Georgia Vs. Denver Fenton Allen

The most hilarious thing i've ever seen

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Mr. Robot: 2x05 eps2.3_logic-b0mb.hc

It feels like the season misses a general narrative. The single story lines are nice, but the feel disconnected not only from each other, but also from episode to episode. I don't see yet how they will bind those vignettes together

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Steven Universe: 3x19 Steven vs. Amethyst

"I get mad at my self and then it makes my suck at everything i do even more!"
I feel you Amethyst, i feel you.

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UnREAL: 2x09 Espionage

i think they bounced back very well from the plot mess that were the last couple episodes. I really hope they take Coleman down in a epic way. Shitgate was one of the moments, that are very UnReal-typical: You don't know if you want to laugh or cry, maybe both

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Steven Universe: 3x18 Crack the Whip
Steven Universe: 3x17 Gem Hunt
Steven Universe: 3x15 Alone at Sea
BrainDead: 1x05 Back to Work: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Congress and How It Gets Things Done (and Often Doesn't)

Oh my god! It's character actress Margot Martindale!
This episode had a very good way of toying with my expectations. in the end i really couldn't say if Tony was infected or not.

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Steven Universe: 3x14 Monster Reunion

I see strong parallels in Centis Crayon drawings and children drawings of war. I think this is not a coincidence. Centi was not only a fighter but is also a victim of war. Maybe her corruption is the gem version of PTSD. Very touching episode. I also liked it how Pearl ask Amethyst to stop, when she makes fun of Centi. Even if Pearl doesn't trust Centi and Amethyst doesn't want to be mean for Pearl it is important that nobody is made fun of for his/her/their appearance.

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Vice Principals: 1x02 A Trusty Steed

The roof, the roof is on fire!
After my reservations about the first episode i was amazed by this. Absolutely savage. Specially Walton Goggins shows his true talent. They could establish a common hate against Dr. Brown, wich made the protagonist more likeable. That is what i missed in the first episode. Now i am really excited for the rest.

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Mr. Robot: 2x03 eps2.1_k3rnel-pan1c.ksd

That speech on religion felt generic. Like some teenager read Marx and now thinks he is the great religion critic, but i don't think it was a real message they wanted to deliver, but instead show how mad Elliott has gone after the Advil and sleep deprivation.
What i really, really love in this episode, and also in the episodes before is how they show how the hack affects the people. Ray talks to his wife about an allowance, we see people searching the trash and an opera singer singing in the subway. Specially the opera singer i liked, because the actor is a real life singer at the metropolitan opera in NYC, so there is a whole story how nobody goes to the opera anymore, so they had to lay him off etc. (or, that is what i imagined.)
Angelas plotline is awesome because she has absolutely no empathy left, and you can see her transformation to a corporate overlord. I enjoyed seeing more of Dominique DiPierro, how she is as a person and overall i think this episode sets a lot of thinks nicely up. I want to see more

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UnREAL: 2x07 Ambush

I am sorry to all of you, who gave 10 hearts, but the first 26 minutes could be cut and i wouldn't miss them. UnReal set out to be a bitter, cynical satire of RealityTV but the first half of the episode was just mediocre romance blah. I could watch any other cable-tv-show and would find the same love triangle arc. What is this? Is the show (Everlasting) still important for the plot? I really liked the rivalry between Quinn and Rachel, i liked Chet as masculinity crazy nut, i liked coleman being the new boy wonder as someone Quinn and Rachel could oppose, i was even fine with grumpy ex-boyfriend, but this wasn't anything of it. I was so relieved, when things turned away from this arc back to the show in minute 26 (i know that because i wrote it down, because i was so happy). But the rest felt shorted, didn't had enough time to unfold. I really hope the new situation Rachel is in will help to reset the shows plotlines and take it a different direction.

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Dark Matter: 2x01 Welcome to Your New Home

That looked like the cheap version of Guardians of the Galaxy. Don't know where they want to go with it, will they go back to cruising around with the ship or will they break the routine from last season? I don't buy the ending with all the DNA Look-A-Like-Thing happening. Could be someone else.. One could be exhausted by all the run-of-the-mill exteriors but i dig that sci-fi-trash, so it's a plus for me.

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Steven Universe: 3x09 Too Short to Ride
Vice Principals: 1x01 The Principal
Steven Universe: 3x08 Mr. Greg

Pearl in a Tux!
Any other kids TV show would've gone for the cheap grab and made an episode about money corrupts people or something like that. But not so SU. If you follow the makers on twitter, you know that they were really excited for this episode and now i know why. This tension between Greg and Pearl finally resolved. And furthermore in a musical episode. I was moved to tears.

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Steven Universe: 3x07 Drop Beat Dad

For me this episode was substandard for Steven Universe. At first with have a classical villain, which is not often used in SU and overall the whole story was a bit to foreseeable. I liked how they causally introduced Steven's strength though. (or did they show it before?)
It felt like the whole episode was just a set up for following episodes, which is fine in a bomb, but still i was a bit underwhelmed.

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