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Movies, shows, seasons, and episodes I plan to watch.


TV shows and movies I recommend you watch.


Chronological order as the story develops, not by the movies' release dates.


Chronological order of PIXAR movies and shorts based on the Pixar Theory.

  • After First Monday was cancelled, Sheffield became a recurring character on JAG.
  • NCIS backdoor pilots are JAG 8x20 and 8x21.
  • NCIS LA pilots are NCIS 6x22 and 6x23.
  • The NCIS episode "Endgame" (7x07) continued on the events that had taken place in the NCIS: Los Angeles episode "Killshot" (1x05).
  • Abby guests on NCIS LA 1x09
  • Kensi from NCIS: Los Angeles also guests in Hawaii Five-O 2x06, they mention this in NCIS LA 3x06
  • A.J. Chegwidden is making guest appearance in NCIS 10x24
  • NCIS: LA and Hawaii Five-O cossover: HFO 2x21, NLA 3x21
  • NCIS: New Orleans pilots are NCIS 11x18 and 11x19
  • Hetty also guests in Scorpion 1x06
  • Gibbs helps out Pride in NCIS New Orleans 1x03
  • CGIS Agent Abigail Borin known from NCIS seasons pops up in NCIS NO 1x12
  • NCIS: Red pilots were NCIS LA: 4x18 and 4x19 but the concept was not taken up.
  • DiNozzo asks help from the LA team in NCIS LA 7x05
  • Sister City: Part 1 is the 12th episode of NCIS Season 13 and the second part, "Sister City, Part II" as part of NCIS: New Orleans Season 2.
  • The story plot loosely connected between MacGyver 1x15 and Hawaii Five-0 7x17
  • In MacGyver episode “Flashlight” (1x18), Mac and the team team up with Chin and Kono from the Five-0 task force. They mention this in Hawaii Five-0 7x19.
  • NCIS 14x15 and NCIS New Orleans 03x14 are a two part crossover, Pandora's Box .
  • A.J. Chegwidden pops up again several times in NCIS LA Season 8 (8x15, 8x21, 8x22)
  • Bud Robert Jr. from JAG guests in NCIS 14x1
  • Noelani Cunha from Hawaii Five-0 appears in Magnum PI (2018 ) pilot and 1x14 episodes
  • Kamekona from HF0 appears on Magnum PI several times (1x02, 1x13, 2x06, 2x12, 2x13, 2x14, 2x18)
  • Gibbs visits NCIS: New Orleans 5x01
  • Lead roles of JAG: Harmon Rabb and Sarah MacKenzie show up in NCIS LA 10x23 and 10x24
  • HFO 10x12 and Magnum 02x12 are a two part crossover
  • HFO 10x18: Rick from Magnum PI helps Five-0 with a case
  • MacGarret was mentioned in NCISLA 11x11
  • Sarah MacKenzie show up a couple of times in first and last episodes of NCIS LA Season 11
  • Adam Noshimuri pops up and Tani is mentioned in Magnum 2x20

rearranging under construction


Life of Kevin McCallister
- The 3rd and 5th movies are missing from here because those are with different families.
- And you can skip the 4th movie too if you like, but it has Kevin and his family again with different actors.
- "In some sort of error of continuity, Kevin is aged 9 in Home Alone 4, even though he was aged 10 in his last appearance, meaning he should at least of been 11 or 12 by the fourth film." (Heroes Wiki)
- "Another error of continuity is that Kevin is confirmed to be eight in the first film and ten in the second one, when it was specifically mentioned several times in Home Alone 2 that it takes place only one year after the first film." (Heroes Wiki)
- A grown up Kevin shows up in the first episode of Dryvrs and has a cameo in the fifth episode
- Bonus - Can't add as it's not a movie, but around Dryvrs Marv resurfaces too:

  • The movie series are about the adventures of inspector Chan Ka-Kui.
  • Project S is a spinoff of Police Story 3 and has only a cameo of Jackie Chan as inspector Chan Ka-Kui.
  • The exceptions are the last two movies as those are reboots and use another two different roles (New Police Story: Senior Inspector Chan Kwok-Wing, Police Story 2013: Detective Zhong Wen). I put those in the list because if we don't cling to the names we can treat them as adventures of the old inspector..

Shared universe timeline:
3.2 billion BC: Prometheus opening
Middle age: Dark Ages (fan film)
XVIII. c.: Predator: Celtic Days
1987: Predator
1997: Predator 2
2004: AvP 1-2 (contradictory)
2010: Predators
2019: Blade Runners
2022: Black Out
2035: Soldier
2036: Nexus Dawn
2048: Nowhere to Run
2049: Blade Runner 2
2090: Peter Weyland Files
2089-2094: Prometheus
2094: The Crossing / Last Supper
2104: Covenant
2105: Advent
2122: Alien
2179: Alien 2-3
2356-2381: Alien 4


in progress...

(maybe some of officially partial universe, but let's see if they actually beat each other)

  • Death Race 2 (2010) is prequel to the 2008 movie
  • Death Race Inferno (2013) is sequel to the second film and still prequel to the 2008 movie
  • Death Race (2008) is a prequel to the 1973 movie as stated Paul W. S. Anderson
  • Death Race Beyond Anarchy (2018) is a sequel to 2008 movie
  • Death Race 2000 (1973) is the original movie
  • Death Race 2050 (2017) is a sequel to the 1973 movie
  • In the third movie Arnie has played a character named Kalidor, but it is actually license problems. Dino de Laurentis has originally intended to make a Conan movie.

Movies in the "series" can not sum up flawlessly, because contradictions of scripts makes hard to fit them in one timeline. Skip this list if don't care timelines, and bare with errors if do.

Superman Returns officially a wannabe sequel of the first two movies, but if we place it there the other two makes no sense of Lois' family. If Returns comes after Superman IV it connects better the "20 years after" line, but Clark's mother misteriously alive again.

Supergirl was made after Superman III and intended to be in "Reeves" canon. Superman is on an intergalactic peacekeeping mission which seems to better follows the fourth movie's topic and sort of fit in before Returns.

So I choose this:
- Superman The Movie
- Superman II
- Superman III
- Superman IV
- Supergirl
- Superman Returns


The original trilogy
- Winners and Sinners
- My Lucky Stars
- Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars

Winners and Sinners (Chinese title Five Lucky Stars) is considered as a semi-prequel to My Lucky Stars with same concept, moslty same actors but different characters and background.


under construction

Star Trek: First Contact is somewhere halfway of Deep Space 9 season 5 and Voyager season 3
Star Trek: Insurrection is somewhere halfway of Deep Space 9 season 7 and Voyager season 5


Chronologycal order of movies and TV episodes which can view as or at least not interfere with canon.
- Bardock stories as the first has mentioned in the main series and the other as it's sequel
- Dragon Ball obviously
- Dead Zone as it has been referenced in Z
- Dragon Ball Z and Kai with mixed order followed up Caleus's list on reddit. Shortened events from Kai, but filler episodes from Z. Caleus heavily recommends stopping halfway through episode 95 of Z if you want to save the SSJ transformation for Kai. Though Kai has somewhat censored pictures. Episodes 170 and 171 of Z are takes place halfway through episode 85 of Kai, that I can not indicate with this list. If you want to skip the fillers just go along with Kai. If you choose to watch fillers with Z prepare for repeated events. I am watching with Z episodes as create this list but personally think fillers rather annoying, so I'm with Kai.

*source of DBZ/Kai list:

...under construction...

  • Curse of the Blood Rubies - what if Gokou meet Bulma, Yamcha, Oolong, Puaru and Master Roshi a different way
  • Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle - what if Gokou meets Krillin and Lunch a different way
  • Mystical Adventure - what if Tien Shinhan, Chaozu, Crane Hermit, TaoPaipai, R&R and Pilaf's gang inserted in the story differently
  • Path to Power - and again a different retelling of Gokou meets Bulma and the R&R army
  • Dead Zone - I've put this on both my lists because there are minor contradictions, but fits in between DB and DBZ
  • World's Strongest, Tree of Might, Lord Slug - what if scenarios of Goku arrived on time and defeated Nappa and Vegeta before anybody had died, take place between the Saiyan saga and Freeza

..under construction..


In 2018 there was a remake with Bruce Willis, I obviously left it out from this list as it is not a sequel of the original story.


x Jay and Silent Bob in Walt Flanagan's Dog: a comic that leads into Mallrats
- Mallrats: takes place one day before the events in Clerks
- Clerks
- Clerks The Lost Scene: takes place in the same day that everything in Clerks happens
- The Flying Car: ?
x Clerks (comics): ?
- Chasing Amy: events lead to Dogma
x Chasing Dogma: a comic mini-series with the events between Chasing Amy and Dogma
- Dogma
- Clerks: The Animated Series: Dante claims to be a 27 years old, so it's after Dogma
- Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back: Jay and Silent Bob banned from the near of the Quick Stop
x Bluntman and Chronic: a comic, but ?
x Where's the Beef?: a comic follows how Dante and Randal find their job at Mooby's
- Clerks II: roughly ten years after Clerks.
- Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovie Cartoon Movie: after Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
- Jay and Silent Bob Reboot:


maybe later will be renamed Law and Order universe, but I am watching Chicago series right now...
update: sorry but Chicago Fire and PD only except the crossovers bc the Med and Justice series not my cups of tea, maybe later I will update this list or feel free to suggest where to insert those episodes.

my watching order is focused on grouping series instead "real" timeline by switching between series, so you can binge-watching one series till crossovers.

CF s01 - Voigh (s01e02) and Antonio (s01e06) of later show CPD are appear through the entire season
CF s01e23 - Chicago P.D. backdoor pilot
L&OSVU s15c15/CPD s01e06 - two parts crossover
CF s02e20/CPD s01e12 - two part crossover
CPD s02e03 - Sylvie Brett pops up (the new character was introduced in CF s03e01)
CPD s02e04 - Mills already in new position (resolution of CF s03e03)
CF s03e07/L&OSVU s16e07/CPD s02e07 - thee parts crossover
CF s03e13/CPD s02e13 - two parts crossover
CPD s02e18 - Will Halstead is yet to decide to work for Chicago Med, so before CF s03e19
CF s03e19 - Chicago Med backdoor pilot
CF s03e21/CPD s02e20/L&OSVU s16e20 - three parts crossover
CF s04e10/CM s01e05/CPD s03e10 - three parts crossover
CF s04e11 - Hermann gets back to work
L&OSVU s17e14/CPD s03e14 - two parts crossover, connected to last season crossover events
CPD s04e01 - Julie's first day at CPD
CF s05e01 - Burgess and Julie works together
CPD s04e05 - Julie's last day at CPD
CPD s04e08 - Antonio's last day at CPD
CF s05e08 - plot starts with Severide that leads to the crossover
CF s05e09/CPD s04e09 - two parts crossover
CF s05e15/CPD s04e16/CJ s01e01 - three parts crossover
CJ s01e01 - Antonio already works with CJ
CJ s01e02 - Law&Order and Chicago P.D. guest characters
L&OSVU s19e13 - Law&Order and Chicago Justice guest characters
CPD s05e16/CF s06e13 - two parts crossover


Chronological stories of the original K9 created by Professor Marius and given to the Doctor.
Unfortunatelly Trakt is for tv series and movies only...

Before the Doctor
- PROSE: Tautology
- PROSE: One Man and His Dog

Travels with the Doctor
- TV: The Invisible Enemy
- PROSE: Crimson Dawn
- TV: Image of the Fendahl
- PROSE: Hamlet
- PROSE: People of the Trees
- PROSE: Christmas Every Day
- PROSE: The Dogs of War
- TV: The Sun Makers
- PROSE: The Roots of Evil
- AUDIO: The Exxilons
- AUDIO: The Darkness of Glass
- AUDIO: Requiem for the Rocket Men
- AUDIO: Death Match
- AUDIO: Suburban Hell
- AUDIO: The Cloisters of Terror
- AUDIO: The Fate of Krelos
- AUDIO: Return to Telos
- COMIC: A Rare Gem
- COMIC: Endgame
- TV: Underworld
- AUDIO: The Time Vampire
- TV: The Invasion of Time

- PROSE: Jealous, Possessive
- PROSE: Affirmative
- AUDIO: Weapon of Choice
- AUDIO: Square One
- AUDIO: The Inquiry
- AUDIO: A Blind Eye
- AUDIO: Lies
- AUDIO: Pandora
- AUDIO: Insurgency
- AUDIO: Imperiatrix

K9 Unit
- TV: Regeneration
- TV: Liberation
- TV: The Korven
- TV: The Bounty Hunter
- TV: Sirens of Ceres
- TV: Fear Itself
- TV: Jaws of Orthrus
- TV: Dream-Eaters
- TV: Curse of Anubis
- TV: Oroborus
- TV: Alien Avatar
- TV: Aeolian
- TV: The Last Oak Tree
- TV: Black Hunger
- TV: The Cambridge Spy
- TV: Lost Library of Ukko
- TV: Mutant Copper
- TV: The Custodians
- TV: Taphony and the Time Loop
- TV: Robot Gladiators
- TV: Mind Snap
- TV: Angel of the North
- TV: The Last Precinct
- TV: Hound of the Korven
- TV: The Eclipse of the Korven

After the K9 Unit
- COMIC: Short Circuit
- PROSE: Peaceniks
- PROSE: Interstitials
- PROSE: Stranger On The Train

Currently Unplaced
- PROSE: K9 and the Time Trap
- PROSE: K9 and the Beasts of Vega
- PROSE: K9 and the Zeta Rescue
- PROSE: K9 and the Missing Planet



Shared universe with minimal crossovers.
Both Eureka and Warehouse 13 have scrambled chronology, that I could not untangle. Examples:
Eureka s01 - the production order was the original chronology, but aired episodes are out of order, that's why character development not seems right
Warehouse 13 - at least s02e13 takes place before s02e11-12 double episodes
Warehouse 13 - s03e13 out of order too

WH13 s02e05 / Eureka s05e05 - two parts crossover
WH s03e06 - Claudia helps Fargo and multiple references of Eureka characters
Alphas s01e05 - Vanessa Calder, the warehouse doctor pops up in Alphas


1973: Kong: Skull Island
2014: Godzilla
2019: Godzilla: King of the Monsters
?: Godzilla vs Kong

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