Doctor Who: 7x05 The Angels Take Manhattan

the weeping angel episodes are always the best, but I'm heartbroken about Amy and Rory!
the friendship was one of my favourites.

rory and amy were really endgame, it was a quiet love, unlike most tv shows where it has to be over the top but there love was truly epic

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WU Assassins

The acting is pretty bad, the CGI is laughable, the story doesn't appear that original to other Netflix Originals where a hero with new powers has a parental figure/family friend that has to be defeated (The Protector, Iron Fist, The Order) but I'm going to continue to give it ago, in the doubtful hope that it improves.

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Jane the Virgin: 5x18 Chapter Ninety-Nine

This is cute and all but should definitely be a special.
If they wanted 100 episodes they could have had a 100 real episodes rather than this cheap cop out.

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Veronica Mars: 4x08 Years, Continents, Bloodshed

I'm just so heartbroken.
Logan's death felt so unnecessary... Or more, him dying minutes after being married felt unnecessary. If they killed him off that would have been one thing but to do it after the wedding? It felt like a massive screw you to the fans.

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Stranger Things: 3x08 Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

The series could end here and it would be a perfect end (but boy do i hope its not) because this season was phenomenal and by far the best one yet.

When Jim died by heart broke but the post credit scene has given me some hope, because there's no way they can take the only real parent she's ever had away right??!

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The Big Bang Theory: 12x24 The Stockholm Syndrome

This show has been with me for so long. I remember when i was just 14 and would see it on tv and wouldn't give it a chance because i thought it was a documentary on the big bang. Then one day i accidently clicked it, laughed until my belly hurt and fell in love.

Thank you for 12 amazing seasons, 9 years of laughs and joy and a perfect finale. Really couldn't have asked for anything better.
This show isn't just 12 years of good tv, it's one of the few shows that you can watch again and again so it will be with us for a very long time.

Thank you big bang theory for ending with a big bang.

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Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists: 1x08 Hook, Line And Booker

can't believe the student teacher relationship is happening all over again :rolling_eyes:

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The Resident: 2x20 If Not Now, When?

what an emotional episode, done so perfectly!

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Lucifer: 4x07 Devil Is as Devil Does

i truly cannot stand dan, he's always been annoying but season 3 has him worse than ever.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: 13x10 Mac Finds His Pride

That ending was very surprising and not something i expected at all but damn was it a beautiful sight to behold.

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Grey's Anatomy: 15x19 Silent All These Years

Such a powerful episode. In all 15 seasons, i've never been so emotional.

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The Umbrella Academy: 1x04 Man on the Moon

why has their always got to be incest in shows???
it feels like its happening in more shows than ever! - got the vibe from episode one

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Midnight, Texas: 2x09 Yasss, Queen

Glad everything wrapped up nicely at least without a cliffhanger. Seems they had planned from the getgo to cancel this.

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Midnight, Texas: 2x07 Resting Witch Face

I just honestly cannot believe they killed chuy

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Black Lightning: 2x06 The Book of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi

That definitely felt like a pilot for a spin off of a new show.

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Charmed: 1x02 Let This Mother Out

Just like episode one this feels like they're doing things for the sake of doing it. I spent so much time cringing at the bad acting and the forced social issues.

Feeling more and more like this remake is only here to show how awesome phones are now and to have a lesbian and non white female actors.

Anyone else notice that in this episode a phone saved the day and in the last episode their phones were everywhere?

It feels like the brief wasn't "make a charmed remake" it was "make a remake of any show but make sure we address x, y and z"

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Charmed: 1x01 Pilot