The Kissing Booth

This one is sooo bad. All the trashy romance cliches are in this movie. I am forcing myself to finish it, because I only rate completely watched movies.

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Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

Not cute! Come on, how can any of this be acceptable behavior? And that ending.. ugh!

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Stella Blómkvist: 1x02 Murder at the Ministry - Part 2

I figured what kind of blue bag they were looking for in part one, but the blonde woman fooled me. Hope to see more of her. And to learn her name.

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Stella Blómkvist: 1x01 Murder at the Ministry - Part 1

She's so smart but didn't figure out the guys at the end. Unbelievable.
But I'm intrigued so I'll continue watching.

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Please Like Me: 3x07 Puff Pastry Pizza

Can't pinpoint what it is about this one, but it made me feel very weird.

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Please Like Me: 3x05 Coq au Vin

Really loved the end of this one.

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Please Like Me: 3x01 Eggplant

so many adorable scenes. why the hell did I wait so long to watch this..

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The Great British Bake Off: Season 3

is it necessary to name the winner in the description?

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The Fault in Our Stars

if you feel the need to cry, watch this movie

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Far from the Madding Crowd

it's watchable, really like the cast, but the story is meh. the choices she makes are frustrating to watch just like the ones from the other famous Miss Everdeen. but the movie is well made so I'll give it 7/10

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The Wedding Video

this movie will brighten your day. thumbs up

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I didn't expect to like it this much. Maybe it's because I was in a very good mood, maybe it was caused by some childhood memories, whatever, I was entertained and amused.
And now I want to watch something else with Noel Fisher.

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The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them

If you have watched Him and Her versions forget about this one. Nothing new and scenes are badly put together. Too many sudden cuts, and changes of scenes and moods, no explanations. If you wonder which scenes are used that are in both movies, here it goes, class- from Him, car- Him, apartment- Her, ending- Him.
Even if you haven't watched first two, skip Them, you really don't need it, and instead watch Him and then Her. I think it would feel wrong to watch first Her and then Him.
And yes, as others here have said, this version is boring, but I have enjoyed Him + Her.

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Queer as Folk (US): 2x06 Mixed Blessings

First ep with Ben ♥

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Queer as Folk (US): 1x03 No Bris, No Shirt, No Service

♪Let's hear it for the boy...♪

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Shameless: 5x05 Rite of Passage

good one

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Don Jon

Barbara and Jon reminded me of this post on 'Stuff no one told me' :) http://www.snotm.com/2010/06/blog-post.html

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The Body

Great movie. Watch it, you won't regret it!
Don't watch trailers or read reviews, one wrong word can spoil entire movie..

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Untamed Heart

"the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.."

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