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Hellboy did not need a reboot what it needed was a sequel or two. Doubt any reboot can do it better than Guillermo.

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Never heard about this movie before so it was a random pick and I have to admit that this was a huge suprise. The story kept me interested throughout the hole movie. The writing and acting was great.

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The Foreigner

The trailer looks promising. Seems like it has a little bit of Bourne and Taken in it but with Jackie Chan style action.

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Insider: 1x34 34. Bölüm

Amq the show is complete mess... At this point I'm only watching to finish this show. If they try throw in a second season im done.

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Heard allot of bad about this but I got bored and just needed something to watch.

Well I got allot more than I expected.

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Black Mirror: 3x02 Playtest

Wow. This episode was really disturbing.

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It is just brilliantly disgusting...

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Seksenler: 5x27

Bu sezon sonmy acaba? Inshallah devam eder.

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Sherlock: 1x01 A Study in Pink

Ok. Just watched the first episode. If the rest is like this I'm hooked already.

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11.22.63: 1x01 The Rabbit Hole

You shouldn't be here ...

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The X-Files: 10x03 Mulder And Scully Meet the Were-Monster

Funny episode it doesn't have to be all serious all the time.

But sadly this probably won't last long. Today's Fox just don't know what to do with sci-fi shows.

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Is there any where I can watch this good sub's or dubs? The once I found has the worst sub titles ever.

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Second Chance

Interesting show looks good however Fox has let me down too many times on sci-fi shows.

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Minority Report

Fox and sci-fi... Probably another unfinished story... I gave up on fox after Almost Human

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Wish this show would come back... I miss it :(

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Wayward Pines

My first thought was Person Unknown and I like this :)

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Death Note

I loved this short series...
Anyone know more short series like this?

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Typical Fox. Why do they even try in Sci Fi?

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Edge of Tomorrow

I was getting tired of Tom and his scifis but i was realy suprised of this one... Great movie

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Just watched the extended trailer to this and I gotta say this looks promising...

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That '70s Show

I miss this show :(

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Almost Human

This was my favorite show and when they cancelled a show like this i was chocked... How can a show like this end :(

I swear this is the last time i watch any show comming from Fox no mather how great it is... Third show they cancel i was happy with...

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