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Mitsudomoe: Season 2

2x03 At the Height of Your Perversion

  • Aired2011-01-23T13:00:00+08:00
  • NetworkMBS
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Runtime42 minutes

Futaba decides to draw an erotic manga for Yuudai, roping in Shinya to help her learn to draw underwear on her figures. The school practices a fire drill, with Yabe's imagination getting the better of him. During a sports event, Soujiro ends up losing his clothes in preparation for a three-legged race with Hitoha, landing him in an awkward predicament. Yuudai invents a new move to unhook girl's bras, which leads to various misunderstandings while trying to find someone who actually wears a bra. While over at the Marui house, Mitsuba's friends find an old photo of Soujiro when he was more handsome, with Mitsuba claiming him to be her boyfriend.