Automatically track what you're watching.

Find where to watch TV & movies and discover what's hot.

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Scrobble & sync
from your media center.

Track every TV show & movie you watch, automatically from your favorite media center. We call this scrobbling. Keep all your devices in sync, even across different apps. Get started by installing the plugin and connecting your Trakt account.

Find where to watch TV & movies.

Direct links to hundreds of streaming services and all the major TV networks. We make it easy to discover new things to watch.

Apps for all
your devices.

Beta test our official Trakt iPhone app
BETAor connect your Trakt account with our awesome community developed apps. Check in from the movie theater or when you're watching live TV. Get your calendars at a glance. See what's trending and popular. Manage your TV & movie lists.

Create using the

The Trakt API powers thousands of apps like media center plugins, mobile apps, watch apps, command line utilities, and smart home integrations. Learn how to make your own.