Branding Requirements

The Trakt API is free to use, but we do have a few requirements.


Use these Trakt logos to clearly identify your app is powered by Trakt (but don't name your app Trakt). Please don't alter the logos or colors. Each logo pack includes vector & pixel images. If you have questions or want us to review your app, please email us.

Trakt Authentication

Integration with Trakt is a core feature that many users look for when choosing their media apps. Trakt is the glue between different devices and allows the user to quickly onboard with your app. We can also serve as a cloud backup for your user's data.

Mobile apps use OAuth and the integrated web browser to connect with Trakt. Media centers (and other apps without an integrated web browser) display an activation code and instruct the user to visit the Trakt website to complete the process.

Scrobbling & Checkins

Media centers should automatically track and scrobble what the user is actively watching. The scrobbling methods attach to the play, pause, and stop actions when watching media and is seemless to the user.

Mobile apps should allow the user to manually check in and indicate what they're watching right now. Once the runtime has elapsed, Trakt automatically adds it to the user's watched history.


Please email us with any questions about our branding requirements or if you'd like us to review your app. Check out the API docs and developer forum to see how Trakt can help you out.