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5 Broken Cameras 2011

Five broken cameras – and each one has a powerful tale to tell. Embedded in the bullet-ridden remains of digital technology is the story of Emad Burnat, a farmer from the Palestinian village of Bil’in, which famously chose nonviolent resistance when the Israeli army encroached upon its land to make room for Jewish colonists. Emad buys his first camera in 2005 to document the birth of his fourth son, Gibreel. Over the course of the film, he becomes the peaceful archivist of an escalating struggle as olive trees are bulldozed, lives are lost, and a wall is built to segregate burgeoning Israeli settlements.

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A documentary made from a Palestinian's perspective on the conflict in the West Bank. A good film, and told from a personal point of view rather than a national one. But I do have some reservations. There are two sides to every conflict, and it does portray the Palestinians as nothing but victims, which while I'm sure most of them are and just want to live in peace, there are still instigators on both sides. So, it's a touching if lopsided documentary.

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Powerful, moving and precise, this documentary is a must view.

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