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A.I. Artificial Intelligence 2001

  • Steven Spielberg
  • June 29, 2001
  • 146 mins
  • English
  • Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction
Journey to a world where robots dream and desire.
Eleven-year-old David is the first android with human feelings. He is adopted by the Swinton family to test his ability to function. Before they are done testing him though David goes off on his own following his wish to be a human. He is on an odyssey to understand the secret to his existence. A science fiction film from Steven Spielberg taken over from Stanley Kubrick.


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the story in this movie even though seems light but its rather deep, a journey how a robot with artifical intellegence seek a way to become a real boy so that his mom can genuinely love him, inspired by the classic story of carlo collodi fitted in post apocalyptic modern society theme, some audience probably think this movie is boring and the ending rather perplexing than revealing which I totally agree, but the whole story is great, the music is grand and spielberg did a great job presenting a "what if movie" about the future society where human and robot live side by side and its social and norm impact

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Pelicula muy buena que recomiendo totalmente, excelente guion , es una obra muy sentimental y emotiva, además de que nos muestra lo que pasaría en un hipotético futuro con la creación de la I.A.
Esta nos muestra varios dilemas morales como el amor, el cariño, el engaño, el dilema de la delgada línea que separa lo humano de lo no humano, surgen muchas preguntas morales, pero que quedan por responder a merced del espectador.
Nos muestra todo lo que se es capaz de hacer para poder ser amados, todo esto bien equilibrado con grandes lineas de ciencia ficción, al final eso mismo que impulsa a David (Haley Osment), es lo mismo que impulsa a los últimos robots a buscar el origen de ellos dando con el. En fin es una pelicula muy emotiva, muy sentimental, con muchos dilemas morales y bastante compleja la cual recomiendo abrir totalmente tu mente para un mejor entendimiento.

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Profound! I enjoyed this movie when it was released and enjoyed it again tonight. Interesting if slightly 'creepy' topic of substitute robotic children. Probably more sinister to be honest is the fact that humans cease to exist by the ending. The cast are great and 14 years on now from it's release the CGI stands the test of time; my DVD's print quality does not :(

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